zoetry punta cana wedding. {samantha + greg}

June 1, 2015

Samantha & Greg met online. They both did not want to be on a site in which just anybody can search and see pictures; therefore, they created profiles on a site that would first match members, only then share potential profiles. Samantha recalls, ‘It just so happened on a Sunday in June 2010, Greg emailed me after receiving my profile. I immediately recognized him because he owned a competing business! The real joke was that he didn’t recognize me! I think there were many moments in which I fell for Greg, but the one that stands out is a time when we were shopping for his new house. We were at Bed, Bath and Beyond and he needed to buy A LOT of things; among the items were hair brushes for his daughters. I remember that I selected two brushes and threw them in the cart, and immediately he told me that wasn’t the right kind. He wanted them to have what they were used to. I remember a distinct feeling came over me. It wasn’t anything that I felt before, and not something I have been able to put into words. I just remember thinking that he must be someone super special because he knew the type of hair brush his daughters use. And, that I should pay attention because I sensed that he was unlike any man that I had ever met before. (I still continued to play hard to get, which Greg now teases me about!)’

Greg: ‘Our first date was at a local restaurant. When I first saw her, I could not take my eyes off of her. That was it.’ 

Their soul connection is palpable, undeniable. It’s so beautiful and obvious to see how effortlessly they give love – not only to each other – but everyone around them; with a rare care and kindness. It really blew Rob & I away, and we are so grateful to have shared in these special memories of their oh-so-deserved beginning.

zoetry punta cana

Samantha: ‘I love how Greg lights up when I walk into the room. He writes me the most beautiful poems just because. He will rub my feet because he knows I love it (and he hates to). I know I said it before, but he is so kind and caring.’

zoetry groom

Samantha, on having a Destination Wedding: ‘Greg & I wanted something that was not about the day, but about us and our MARRIAGE! We wanted something small and intimate. If we were to have a wedding at home, we knew the guest list would become huge. In a way, this was almost an elopement! We invited a few close friends on very short notice and we were delighted several dear friends shared in our celebration. Greg’s youngest daughter Ashton also came, which was the greatest gift.

Zoetry Punta Cana was the perfect resort – we wanted something that was all-inclusive, but not with the usual “all-inclusivness cheese.”’

zoetry punta cana zoetry destination weddingdestination wedding

Greg: ‘If I am really hurt or struggling, Samantha always holds me. But if I am overreacting or just grumpy, then she either laughs at me or lets me calm down on my own. I usually say “Choose Happiness” so she will throw that back at me.’

zoetry wedding

Samantha: ‘When I am upset or irritated, Greg calls me Assistant Wilson and tells me that he forgives me!!! Even though I am not asking for forgiveness – as he was clearly the one in the wrong!!! I just start to laugh. Other times, he tells me to Choose Happiness! Works like a charm.’

choose happiness candle

Top three things Greg loves about Samantha: ‘Her smile – it lights up the room, and sometimes makes me feel like we are the only two people in the room. Her sweetness – Samantha has a way of laughing off things. She truly makes the good things in life better, but she also makes the bad things in life a lot less bad. She is my lighthouse. Her sense of humor – she does not always try to be funny, but she adds just the perfect touch of humour to any situation. She can also make fun of herself which is a magical quality. (Like when she walks into furniture and says “excuse me.” She makes me laugh and also laughs at herself.)’

zoetry brides

Top three things Samantha loves about Greg: ‘there are so many things… his kindness – he is a genuinely kind person. Also, I love when he dances. He looks somewhat like Elaine on Seinfeld when dancing, yet he somehow makes it look “cool.”  I love that he passed my Father’s test – my Dad always showed my baby picture to any guy that I brought home. I never knew it was a test – I thought it was my Father just being cute or trying to embarrass me. When he took the framed baby picture of me off the shelf and handed it to Greg, Greg remarked that I was even beautiful then. Apparently, my Dad wanted the “right” guy to say something along those lines. I guess what I am really saying is I love how Greg loves me.’

zoetry wedding first look

Greg: ‘I love that she… is the first person I want to see when life seems bleak and she is the first person I want to share my victories with.’

zoetry punta cana weddingfirst look zoetryzoetry beach wedding

Ideal day together according to Samantha: ‘We would be traveling in Europe. We would wake up early and have a big breakfast, and then explore the city. We would get lost, and share a lot of laughs. Then find a great place for crepes for him and Granita for me. We would continue to explore. Naturally, a nap before dinner, followed by an amazing dinner and even better conversation. We would walk back to our hotel holding hands and not immediately go to sleep…’

beach wedding zoetry2015-05-26_0025

Ideal day together according to Greg: ‘That is easy – we have had so many.  My perfect day would also be in a foreign city. We would wake up a little late, get ready, and have a nice breakfast. Then explore the city and take in the culture. I think that is when Sam and I are at our best. We would have a nice lunch and then slowly work our way back to the hotel to freshen up for the night. This is when the sight of seeing Samantha all dressed up leads to a little pre-dinner fun. After we manage to pull ourselves out of the hotel room we head out and enjoy the nightlife the city offers.’

zoetry punta cana bride

Greg, on the Proposal:

‘I drove Samantha to all our special places around our city which hold a special memory for us. At each one, I believe she thought “this is where he is going to ask me.”  At  Chocolatea, I talked of how she was my strength when she dropped everything to meet me on one of my bleakest days. At Woodberry Kitchen, I talked about how it was during that date when I first realized she was the one.  And then, finally, we stopped at Mt. Washington Inn, a little bar that was our first date… for you always start at the beginning…’

zoetry punta cana beach ceremony

Greg: ‘Samantha is the most giving person I have ever met. She will put everyone first before herself.’

Samantha: ‘I love that he… is my home. Greg accepts me completely – even all the “secrets.”’

beach ceremony poetrypunta cana weddingzoetry punta cana

Most romantic memory together according to Samantha: ‘We were laying in bed, talking about everything. Literally, we were there for hours just talking. Greg & I told each other some of our most private thoughts. During a lull in conversation, he was rubbing my back and traced the letters L-O-V-E on my skin. I remember thinking that after 34 years, this was what I had been looking for.’

zoetry punta cana wedding

Most romantic memory together according to Greg: ‘I have many to choose from; it is difficult to say the most. Dining on the deck of the Windstar is one that keeps coming to mind. It was a combination of casual and romantic: a beautiful starry night and we were cruising in the Aegean. Samantha was looking beautiful as usual, and we were laughing about our day.’

zoetry destination weddingzoetry dominican republic wedding

‘We call each other Boo. It was a joke after watching some silly movie. It stuck. Sometimes, I call her Wilson or my Assistant Wilson to be funny.  Then I complain that we are in this mess because Wilson was not following directions.  It is funny.’

zoetry weddingpunta cana wedding photographers

Samantha’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘All the condiments. I love sauce, dressings, pickles… and I make my own strange concoctions.’

Greg’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘I love to put whipped cream and caramel over a bowl of fruit.’ 

zoetry punta cana wedding dinnerzoetry wedding receptionmacao punta cana wedding

Samantha’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Bad TV marathons, fast food, and sleeping in.’

Greg’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Nutella & Fruit crepes, and playing games on my phone.’

punta cana wedding photos

Samantha: ‘With Greg in my life, I am not as selfish. His two daughters are now a priority of mine. Their (and his) happiness are so important. I would do anything for them. Being a part of their family makes everything a little sweeter and more in focus.’

punta cana zoetry bride

Greg: ‘Samantha made me realize what it feels to be truly loved. She has brought so much happiness and understanding to my life. I knew I needed to find someone special, who truly understood that my girls needed time and were important to me. Samantha has been so kind and selfless. When it comes to my daughters, she never stops trying to be there for them. I appreciate that more than I can say.’

punta cana intimate portraits

Samantha: ‘I love it when he… laughs really hard – his shoulders shake, but he can’t make a sound.’

intimate couples portraits punta cana couples portraits

Samantha: ‘I love the way he looks at me when he is about to kiss me. Even 5 years later, for that brief moment, he makes me feel as if we are the only people on the planet.’

beloved punta cana

Greg: ‘I can never get enough of looking at Samantha’s face. Not only is she beautiful, but she looks half her age. Her smile dazzles any room and her eyes make you feel like you are the only one in the world. When she smiles, she smiles with her whole face.’

punta cana beloved portraits

Samantha, you had my heart from our first email exchange. What a remarkable woman you are – thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sincerity, openness, and trust… (And Greg, you’re pretty wonderful too!) Rob & I hope you feel our love in the story of these images! Until the next time … xxoo, K+R.



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