Who’s Got Your Back?!

May 26, 2009

So Who’s got your back? On my recent trip to New York City I had the pleasure of attending a book tour lecture of an amazing man and author, Keith Ferrazzi

A warm still evening, my new friend Sana Ahmed and I are eagerly walking towards the Manhattan 92st Y, where Keith is speaking about his second book, “Who’s Got Your Back.” I find myself lingering over what flowers to get him, having stopped at a corner store on the way. I’m so glad I do, because as we approach the main doorway, Keith himself steps down towards us, welcome smile on his face. I let out his name as if he is supposed to recognize us, it’s great moment.

The room quickly fills with kind faces, and we modestly settle in the first row, a notepad and the faithful Canon 5D on my lap. Keith talks about the importance of ‘lifeline’ relationships in each one of our lives, encouraging to look for those who ‘get it’ and those who ‘care.’ He stresses that we all need more candor and accountability in our lives, and must thus find people who will hold us accountable – in our goals, promises, and actions. Keith also shares the irony of his own demons in his past inability to share his worries, doubts, and fears even with his closest friends. That’s right, the guy who wrote “Never Eat Alone,” the guy who inspires and empowers hundreds of people across the globe, was worried he was not the leader he wanted to be. Wondered if all this was enough. It took putting trust into his mentors and friends, to feel as if a ‘lifeline’ was thrown his way. The talk was incredible, and felt more like a conversation, as Keith encouraged us to share and gave feedback heartily. 

The treat in store for Greenlight members alike is an invitation to Keith’s presidential suite at W hotel for pizza and vino after the talk, the real treat being Keith’s presence and the incredible people to connect with!

At some point I maneuver my way to the couch to grab another business card from my bag, concentrated and a little flustered. As I lean over, I feel a warm momentary presence of Keith’s hand on my back – he was talking to someone, yet I felt him say “I’m glad you are here.” That Keith’s magic. Well, a sliver of it. And let me tell you, it made my night.




  1. Sana

    May 28th, 2009 at 13:44


    You take amazing pictures!

    I’m so excited to be your new friend, sister!


  2. Maxine Karchie

    June 16th, 2009 at 07:06

    As I mentioned, I would put the version you emailed me on the GC site and Kim and Sana have already commented. I would love to put a photo on of Keith too, please send me a pic of your choice and I will add it for you. Your work is so amazing honey!!
    love you lots,

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