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July 24, 2013

Rob & I love our Caribbean life… but my oh my how excited we were to fly back to Canada for Randene & Tyler’s wedding last month! They chose to have a very unique destination wedding – in paradise some call ‘West Coast Hawaii,’ a gem town called Tofino on Vancouver Island. Tofino holds a very special place in our hearts, as that’s where Rob & I really fell in love, it was our first trip together as a couple. Maybe that’s why these images are extra juicy – you be the judge!

Randene & Tyler went to school together, but didn’t really notice each other until after high school, when their mutual friends started dating and encouraged them to connect. Tyler’s determination, family values, integrity, sense of humor and the ability not to sweat the small stuff swept Randene off her feet long before he proposed… but the way he did – was one of the most romantic and memorable moments of their lives.

It was Christmas Eve. Tyler arranged a helicopter ride and surprised Randene with this slightly terrifying activity (her dad had to convince her to go!) ‘Once we got up in the air,’ she remembers, ‘we were hovering over our home and on the (snow covered) beach area Tyler had written “Randene marry me” and when I looked over he had the most beautiful engagement ring.’ Once they landed and got home, friends and family were all waiting outside with champagne.

Randene was such a warm, elegant, sweet and gorgeous bride. As a kid, she always wanted to be a ballerina… She danced and taught until recently. This poised, radiant elegance comes through her every move and every smile, in a magnificent way.

Their Tofino Botanical Gardens wedding was breathtaking – lush green vines wrapped around ancient trunks, pillowy soft moss filling crevasses, moist light reaching through the high tree tops. I seriously wouldn’t have been surprised if at one point or another, fairy dust fell around us!

Biggest thank you to the wonderful Sheila of Rare Earth Weddings, an extraordinary local wedding planner who put so much love, care & meticulous details into this wedding. Just WOW.

Road trips through British Columbia are amazing, especially once you take the ferry over to Vancouver Island. Before we take you to Randene & Tyler’s wedding, here’s a shot of the coolest picnic spot we’ve been to this year so far! 

And this is how I felt the entire time we were in Tofino 🙂

Randene & Tyler chose Long Beach Lodge Resort in Tofino, British Columbia for their Big Day. 

The day before the Wedding, Rob & I scouted locations for the First Look and found this INSANE pier overlooking the lake.

Before the ceremony, we surprised Randene & Tyler with a quick stop at Shelter Restaurant … because they love their Coronas! 

Can you see the fairy dust? 🙂

Moments before the ceremony started, I realized I better take a risk and climb up onto this big log to get the best view of Randene & Tyler… With all the guests’ eyes on me, of course I wiped out and landed on my bum! On the second try though, I was like a panther (okay, maybe not quite as smooth) 🙂

Cocktail hour … complete with fresh oysters, champagne, and live music!

Jess & Kelsey, we LOVE you guys! Thank you for raving about us to Randene & Tyler after your amazing Punta Cana destination wedding!! We want more adventures with you! 🙂 

Intimate reception at the Long Beach Lodge Resort, beachfront. 

The best vegetarian meal we’ve ever had as ‘vendors’! (grilled eggplant canneloni with herb tomato sauce – yum) Oh Randene & Tyler (and I guess the chef), you really know the way to our hearts 🙂 

The sunset, nearly 10 pm! 

And now, if you’re not too tired, a bit from ‘behind the scenes’!!!

The day before the Wedding, Rob & I joined Randene, Tyler, Tyler’s mama, and Sheila, their wedding planner, at the Gardens. I’ll confess, this was actually THE most profound experience of the entire weekend for me. Why? Imagine slowly following the boardwalk in this timeless, larger-than-life forest. From all directions, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons resonating with every cell in your body. Loud. It BLEW MY MIND! What? Classical music in the forest?! Yep. The speakers are hidden in the trees and you can barely see them. It was wild. Rob & I felt so fortunate to be there and witness Randene & Tyler’s vision come to life. We could tell it was more than what they could have dreamed of. 

Yes, chickens in a tree. If I were a chicken, I would most definitely want to be one of these lucky birds!  🙂

Rob & I put down our gear and did a happy dance on the pier when we found the First Look location. 

We are the tree-hugging kind. 

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