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May 22, 2017

Hey, Love.

I’m so embarrassed to admit, it took Rob & I nearly 5 years to get our butts in gear and print our beautiful WEDDING ALBUM. What I’m super grateful for (other than my AMAZING photos by Nordica of course), is that I got a chance to experience what it’s like for our Brides – for YOU. More Couples than ever are getting us to create a Wedding Album for them, which is fantastic, but there are still many who opt out for “just the files.” In the digital world that is our current reality this is all fine and dandy, but it makes me super sad to know some brides & grooms don’t ever experience their images the way they could be experienced: on high-end photographic print paper.

Nothing compares to feeling the weight of your beautiful custom leather-bound Wedding Book in your lap, and lovingly caressing the flushmount spreads.

This is your HISTORY … your LEGACY.

This is your BEGINNING – the beginning of your family’s love story, and the beginning of so many other love stories.

I get chills imagining our great-grandchildren looking at these books, cherishing them, and connecting to their roots through the emotions that transcend time.

This next one is the first baby book Rob & I made: it’s of Zion’s first year of life. The images inside made me giggle and tear up. It’s so beautiful. Before this, the photos have only been uploaded to a private gallery online, and shared on Instagram (@nurturingnova). Believe me, experiencing them in a gorgeous 8×8 book is a whole new level of precious! 

And this one is a PARENT BOOK. Also 8×8, 50 pages, 50 images. So, so beautiful and special. 

My fave. Makes my heart swell.  I know the sentimental value of these Books will only increase with time.

You might not know this, but high quality Albums like these are ONLY available through professional photography studios like ours. Other options are definitely available, but the quality won’t be the same, and the pages will be more flimsy.

As a mama of a 2-year old I REALLY know what I’m talking about: the soiled fingers of your little ones will find their way to the pages, and you want to be able to simply give the spreads a gentle wipe with a damp cloth for them to look as good as new. In other words … don’t skimp out and invest in this HEIRLOOM piece of art.

This is your HISTORY … your LEGACY.

This is your BEGINNING – the beginning of your family’s love story, and the beginning of so many other love stories. 



Katya, Rob & baby Zion.




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