santo domingo engagement {keyry + andy}

April 18, 2016

Keyry and Andy met at a party, exchanged numbers and instantly bonded. Keyry shares, “We both had similar interests and could talk about anything, basically we became the best of friends for the next four years before we actually started dating.”

Rob & I felt how special these two were right from our first email exchange, and knew we had to drive all the way to the capital, Santo Domingo, to document their love with an engagement session. Just WOW, what a gorgeous set of humans!!! Two people couldn’t be more perfect for each other, more genuine or loving.

We explored Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo at sunset: I’m in love with the colours and textures we captured! My favourite moments: watching Keyry & Andy feeding pigeons in the main square … oh, and when Keyry picked up our baby boy Zion to snuggle.
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“We fell in love naturally. We hung out so much, talked about everything, knew everything about each other and before we knew it, we had formed something more than a friendship. There was always an attraction but I guess neither of us wanted to go down that road and ruin our amazing friendship. We both took the risk and here we are… less than a year away from getting married!”

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Keyry on the Proposal:

“In October of 2015, Andy had a business trip to London, so of course I hopped on board to join him. He actually planned a nice weekend getaway in Paris after finishing work, so we can enjoy some quality time together. I was so excited since it would be my first time in Paris. It had been 4 years since we started dating so of course it was only natural for me to start expecting a proposal at this point. We had a wonderful trip but sadly there was no romantic proposal in Paris, and no ring. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed. I get over things pretty quickly but it definitely sucked getting back home to all the “I thought he would propose on vacation” comments…

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… The weekend we got back I was so excited for Halloween coming up. I was planning an awesome Netflix binge-worthy evening. Not only is Halloween one of my favourite holidays but it is also our dating anniversary. I kept trying to make the perfect plans of watching scary movies while eating junk food. However, Andy’s enthusiasm didn’t seem the same. That upset me and I started to just get annoyed about the whole situation. I decided to do some baking the night before Halloween and was so upset at Andy that I wasn’t even thinking of going along with plans and hanging out. Although I wasn’t in my best Halloween spirit, he FINALLY convinced me to come over, so I gave in. I get to his house and see he’s all ready for us to have a nice evening in, watch TV in our jammies and just relax. I was STILL in a bad mood, and on top of that, I felt chilly and asked Andy for a blanket. (Side story: about 5 years ago we had gone shopping and I saw this blanket I absolutely needed in my life and I asked Andy to buy it for me but he said ‘I will buy it for you when you get your own apartment’ and we just kept on walking. I never forgot about it and I guess neither did he) …

santo domingo engagement session

… At this point Andy proceeds to tell me he was going to wait for my birthday but felt like this is the perfect moment for a gift he bought me! Of course my frown turns upside down and I am ECSTATIC over this blanket from 5 years before.

What a nice gesture, he remembered! He brings it out wrapped nicely in a bow and explains how long it took for him to actually find it… as the blanket falls open, my heart completely drops. It reads “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I must have read it twenty times in the seconds he was standing there. Then Andy went down on one knee and took out the ring. It was beyond what I had ever expected, I had imagined the way it would happen a million times in my head and NOTHING compared to how perfect the moment was.”

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“I don’t know why, but I started feeling a bit nervous before our session. Maybe because Andy and I are not the type of people who just do lovey-dovey poses, we were so worried we were going to suck. Then, we arrive to Pate y Palo and meet you wonderful people. Our experience hanging out with you guys is like we met up with old friends and had a great walk around town with even greater conversations. I think this might have been the first time we ever felt so comfortable in such a short time, especially with us getting our pictures taken. It was such a great time. Baby Zion is too cute for words!”zion the baby lion

“We are so excited about our wedding at Jellyfish in Punta Cana and our wedding plans are going smoothly. I think we might be the most relaxed couple planning a wedding (so far). We picked the same venue where Katya & Rob got married! Jellyfish Restaurant just caught our attention and we both instantly loved everything about it based on online photos; then we physically went to see the location and knew we HAD to get married there.”

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“Andy & I are looking forward to celebrating the story of us. The beginning of our marriage alongside the most important people in our lives. Uniting our families is so special to us, we look forward to having tons of fun, doing lots of dancing, eating great food and drinking the night away. We cannot wait!”

katya nova belovedDearest Keyry & Andy … you two are such a joy to be around!! Thank you for a magical afternoon in Santo Domingo, thank you for sharing your love and making beautiful memories with us!!! Looking forward to your Big Day! xoxoxo Katya, Rob & baby Zion. 



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