royalton punta cana + jellyfish wedding. {vibianna + mike}

May 10, 2014

Vib & Mike are two amazing human beings that were clearly meant for each other, in every way. They first met an a friend’s dinner party, but didn’t connect till a few months later, at a bbq the same friend was hosting. This time things were different… They talked for hours, the world fell away, and they started holding hands on the couch by the end of the night.

‘One of the sweetest things Mike did at the beginning of our relationship for me was …  he bought me these chocolate penguins (I LOVE chocolate and I LOVE penguins).  I later found out that he had to bus to find them and refused to let my girlfriends to have any. 🙂 I can’t say when I exactly fell in love with him, but I knew from the beginning that we had something special together.’

Their Royalton Punta Cana  + Jellyfish Restaurant wedding was amazing. Vibianna is a wedding planner in Canada, so I knew it would be! She was also among the last lucky Brides to have her Big Day taken care of by Mayte Marie.

royalton punta canaroyalton dominicandestination wedding dressunique wedding robescalla lillies

Top three things Vib loves about Mike:I love the way he looks at me and how I can be myself around him (he would be the only one that thinks I am funny when I do really stupid and silly things, then he would join me). I also love how he takes great care of me and my family. Mike is compassionate towards others and has this limitless kindness for everyone around him.’

blue wedding shoes

Our good friend & awesome videographer Diego of Punta Cana CoresFilms, doing his thing! katya nova weddings

With Krystie-Ann doing make-up & hair, Vib really did have the dream team. krystie ann punta canabridal boudoir

Top three things Mike loves about Vib: ‘I love how we share a silly sense of humour, and how she laughs and smiles. I love how much she cares about everyone and everything – how considerate she always is. I also love her passion for what she enjoys – food, travelling, children, sports.’

punta cana groomroyalton weddingasian wedding punta cana

Vib loooooooves the colour blue. She even found a rare bottle of blue (blueberry) bubbly to celebrate with! weddings royaltondominican republic weddingsred wedding dresschinese wedding games

Traditional Chinese games before revealing the Bride involved eating big spoonfuls of wasabe, drinking strong black coffee, doing push-ups, serenading Vib, among other funny and silly tasks!chinese destination weddingred wedding gown

The effort and attention to detail that Mike had put into the proposal was absolutely amazing. He came up with the idea to ask her friends to invite them for a (fake) double date somewhere near Toogood Pond in Ontario (where they officially became an item), so that he could surprise her. How else was he going to get her to wear a nice new dress & heels near a pond?! 🙂

royalton beach wedding

I’ll let Mike take over from here: ‘Now, it’s harder than it sounds to coordinate our friends, our photographer, flower preparation and good weather together for an hour on a very specific day. The first time, it was raining. Then, the photographer was unavailable. 4 cancelled attempts and a fake double date later, I couldn’t wait any longer!

Finally, it all came together. As we approached Main Street, Helina, her best friend, made up an excuse that she would be half an hour late. Given we were almost there and driving back home didn’t make sense, I made the suggestion that we should go for a walk by the pond. I was very careful to make sure the bulge in my pocket from the ring box was facing away from her. I texted to let the others know we’d arrived, prepared myself, and did my best not to grin and give it all away. I then lead her towards the walkway, where I held her hands and let her know how I felt. Dropping down on one knee, I did what I’d been waiting to do for a long time – and asked her to marry me.’

first look wedding

Vib was wondering why all of a sudden her friends wanted to dress up and go out for dinner… But didn’t think much of it. ‘When we got down to the end of the bridge by the pond, I saw some bubbles coming from underneath the it,’ she remembers. ‘I said to him “What the heck is that?!” Then I saw a photographer snapping pictures of us as we approached, and I had no clue what was going on. I turned to Milo and asked the first of many “What is happening?” … He then led me to this beautiful area with flowers around a walkway right next to the pond. I obviously didn’t notice any of those things at the time because I just began crying and shaking. Milo began with “Wong Suet Ying, my best friend…” then all I could hear was “blah blah blah” because everything became such a blur. I could only look into his eyes and couldn’t believe what was really happening. After a speech that I couldn’t process much of, he dropped down on one knee, pulled out a ring box (I still have no idea how he hid it in his pocket since we left the house together) and asked “Vibianna Wong… will you marry me?”

Of course it was a big fat “YES!” Tears flowing down her eyes, she finally saw their friends gathered nearby.

red wedding dressred destination wedding gownasian caribbean weddingunique destination wedding photos

Most romantic memory together: ‘when we travelled to a “dark reserve” several hours north of Toronto. It’s a provincial park that has zero lighting within 5km, so the other area is complete darkness.  It was a beautiful (if not slightly chilly) autumn day, and we had a long and relaxing hike during the day. When nighttime came, we made our way through complete darkness with flashlights to this dark reserve to stargaze. It was amazing – we were able to see the night sky in much more crystal-clear clarity. It felt like we could see the cosmic dust of the Milky Way!  Something we don’t have the luxury of living in the city.’

colorful beach wedding

‘Vib is so considerate, she always puts toothpaste on my toothbrush for me. And she gives me hand massages, since I do a lot of typing when I work!’

best groom photo

Vib’s guilty pleasure: waffles with ice cream! Also, lobster.’

Mike’s guilty pleasure: a glass of nice scotch. And ketchup chips. Not necessarily together! Also, shrimp.’

royalton punta cana wedding

Arriving to Jellyfish Restaurant, view from the top level.jellyfish punta canajellyfish bridal roomjellyfish maytebridal room jellyfishpunta cana calla lilliesmayte marie designslove jellyfish

First Look. jellyfish first look

Mike truly had breathed new life into me when life was rough.  He was my constant and normalcy for three years and helped me through the most difficult time in my life.  Before his existence, I was always very independent.  Also being the oldest child, I was used to being the rock for everyone else. He allows me to become more dependent while letting someone take care of me. I am also not so adventurous at times, but he pushes me to try new things!’

punta cana cupcakesbest destination weddings

‘With Vib my my side, I’m now much more level-headed and approach things with more rational thought rather than being impulsive and having assumption-based thinking. She’s made me appreciate the treasures of life much more, and the importance of spending time with family. I feel I’ve become more assertive, expressive and strong-minded about what I feel is important to me.’

caribbean wedding photoskatya nova jellyfish

‘We kiss and say I love you every morning after we wake up and every night before we go to sleep.  We fall asleep every night holding hands and steal kisses whenever we can.  I can’t imagine not doing those little things.’

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‘We love to share. When we’re eating, we always share our food (because we love to have a little taste of everything). When Vib gets something, there’s always something for me too!’

jellyfish foodemotional weddingsjellyfish shoe gamejellyfish partyjellyfish fire showjellyfish fire dancersjellyfish wedding partyvb-3309 bl


1) What did you love most about your wedding, specifically?
Everything was PERFECT!  But we both agree that sharing our personal vows and declaring our love for each other in front of our loved ones was the best.

2) Any regrets? What would you have done differently?
The one thing we wished we had was more time for photos with each other and with everyone in the beautiful environment we were in.  The day just went by soooooooo quickly and you really wish you can just pause and stay in the THE MOMENT. Bottom line: we wouldn’t want our wedding to be any other way.

3) Most memorable moments:

#1 Mike: ‘The First Look was what did it for me because it felt like everything was finally coming together. Seeing her after the games was great, but it was about the experience of being on the beach at Jellyfish, a warm beach, and hearing the waves. It was the idea that after all these years of saving, planning and anticipation, it was all finally coming to fruition.’

#2 Vib: ‘The first dance was one of the moments that I looked forward to the most and it’s everything I dreamt of and more.  Dancing under the stars on the beach with the love of my life and with our loved ones surrounding us.  It gives me chills every time I think back to that moment and hear our song “Can’t help falling in love with you” by Ingrid Michaelson.’

#3 ‘We had a catamaran excursion with our family and friends after the wedding, and it was so much fun to be able to let loose and just enjoy the beautiful sun and ocean. Here’s one of our own pictures, it was taken after the excursion with our guests, and we had everyone wearing a t-shirt that we prepared for the plane ride.  It was a bonding experience that we’ll all remember and share for the rest of lives!’

punta cana destination wedding

‘Words cannot describe how AMAZING everyone is!  BIG BIG BIG thank you’s to Mayte, Krystie Ann, Pastor Rick, Diego & Luis, Lacy, Rob & Katya!  This is the DREAM TEAM.  We were very confident that our day would be perfect; especially knowing that everyone has worked together before.  It made the planning and the actual wedding day so much easier and worry free.  Each vendor knows what to expect from the others and they are able to work together as a unit, so as bride and groom we didn’t have to worry about anything.  Everyone is so professional yet we felt like they are our friends from the very beginning.  Like I said before, words just cannot describe how much we appreciate their passion and love towards our special day.  We LOVE everyone so much!’

5) Any advice for future brides?!

‘Do not worry and stress over the little things.  It is your big day and everything will be amazing.  You are marrying the love of your life in a very beautiful surrounding with all of your loved ones.  These are your family and friends that have travelled far to be with you, and this is an experience you will share with them for the rest of your lives.  Enjoy every moment and take a second to yourself to look around and appreciate everything around you.  It’s an indescribable feeling!’

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  1. Vibianna

    May 10th, 2014 at 22:30

    THANK YOU Lacy, Rob & Katya!!! What an awesome way to celebrate our one month anniversary! We love the pictures and it brings tears to our eyes looking back to the day. You are amazing and we can’t wait to see the rest of them. Sending love from Toronto!!! Vib & Mike 🙂

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