royalton punta cana + jellyfish wedding. {crystal + simon}

July 9, 2014

‘After being hounded to add Star Power to Ray’s Dodgeball team – “Dodge Me Maybe,” Simon finally caved in to the idea of joining the team and since his Thursday night hockey was cancelled, it gave him the opportunity to venture into new hobbies,’ Crystal shares. Right around the same time, she came across a posting from her friend on Facebook, looking for Elite Female Fire Power to add to “Dodge Me Maybe” … Thus, Crystal & Simon joined their mutual friends’ Dodgeball team in hopes of finding a hobby to keep them busy and out of trouble… little did they know, their paths would cross and the start of something ‘Awesome Sauce’ (you’re such a cutie, Crystal!!) was just around the corner…

Crystal & Simon are such sweethearts and put SO much love into their Big Day… Here’s the story of their fabulous Wedding Day at Royalton Punta Cana & Jellyfish Restaurant… Enjoy!
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Crystal, you’re absolutely stunning… On that note – sweetest shout-out to Anna Nuet for the hair & make-up!
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If you haven’t heard of Love is Art, look it up. I’m dying to do this with Rob one of these days!!! love is art

Beautiful First Look at Royalton…
royalton punta canafirst look royaltonroyalton wedding photos

Crystal on the proposal:

‘On a breezy May 3rd 2013 afternoon, Simon, armed with a ring and the love of 1000 poets, took me to the Lakeshore Promenade – the same place I sailed out of and hold dear to my heart. He knew that this day would be the best day in our lives… the day he asks his best friend and soulmate to marry him. He took me to the edge of the water where the channel meets the lake and asked me to marry him. I hugged him tight and said “Yes!”  We were engaged! Woohooo! 

Being travel enthusiasts, we quickly decided that the only option for ‘our big day’ would be on a beach in front of our loved ones… A destination wedding it was!’

royalton beach wedding

Top three things Crystal loves about Simon:

  • ‘His sense of Humour and Wittiness: When Simon and I first met, he was teasing me that the next day he was working from home and I had to go into the office. He emailed me that day to rub it in: he was enjoying the comforts of home working in his underwear while I was slaving away at the office. We started talking via email for a week or so after that until the next time we saw each other. We had friendly banter going back and forth. There was one email that he made me laugh so hard I almost peed myself! It was then that I knew I wanted to see what this guy was all about!
  • Perfect Balance of Sweet & Spicy: Simon is such a chivalrous, sincere person. He is non-judgmental and really cares to listen. There is something about him that you trust. From the start, I was very impressed by him!
  • Quiet Confidence: Simon has this quiet confidence and charm about him that I LOVE! He is very humble in his encounters with people, down to earth and easygoing, which is why people want to be around him. I have never met someone who doesn’t LOVE Simon, but I was the lucky one who got to marry him!’

beach wedding royalton

Top three things Simon loves about Crystal:

  • ‘Her infectious Personality: Crystal has a way of owning the room. Everyone is attracted to her personality and are drawn in. I love watching her from across the room doing her thing… and I think to myself: “That’s my Sunshine!”  
  • Big Heart: Crystal wears her heart on her sleeve. She feels everything. It is what makes her such an amazing person. She cares for everyone and everything.  I don’t know how she does it sometimes… it must be so exhausting!
  • Inner/Outer Beauty: Not only is Crystal beautiful to look at, bust she’s just as beautiful inside.’

royaltonjellyfish royaltonjellyfish punta cana

Crystal’s nicknames for Simon: ‘BamBam: Simon started to call me Pebbles so I started calling him BamBam because it was Pebbles’ soul mate. Also, I call him Babe.’

Simon’s nicknames for Crystal:Sunshine! Because Crystal’s spirit shines brighter than the sun! Pebbles: because Crystal puts her hair up in a bun on top of her head and it reminds me of Pebbles. Monkey: because Crystal seems to always be itchy when she is tired so she scratches herself like a monkey! Plus, she really loves animals.’

jellyfish punta canajellyfish restaurant

Crystal’s favourite guilty pleasures:Trashy TV! (WWE Divas Reality TV anyone?)

Simon’s favourite guilty pleasures:Chicken Wings, Italian Sandwiches, and Beer.’

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Her favourite gifts from Simon: ‘he is so thoughtful when it comes to gifts. A few of the most sentimental ones are: Bamm Bamm and Pebbles snow globe, Book of Quotes, and the single rose he gave me for each month we were dating.’ 

His favourite gifts from Crystal: ‘she once surprised me with a record player and some albums (Beatles being my fave). I also loved the date night can and a journal in which we could write each other little love notes and memories.  She is really sweet like that.’ 

jellyfish wedding photos

Favourite movie at the moment: ‘Love Actually’ (side note: this is one of our absolute favourite movies of all time! Rob & I MUST watch it every Christmas, and a few more other times throughout the year. He’ll probably deny this, but this movie ALWAYS makes him tear up!)

jellyfish punta cana wedding

Most romantic memory together:The day I got back from Cuba! Simon & I were very fresh into meeting each other and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get into a relationship. While I was in Cuba, I started thinking about him and missing him. (It surprised me!) When I got back, we stayed up all night talking while Simon was icing down my sand flea bites! HA! We had candles lit, he taught me how to use his draft machine (which has been a pain in my ass ever since!) and we were both laying on the couch, talking the whole night through. We talked about our past and shared our most intimate secrets with each other.’


‘With Simon by my side, I am able to fully trust and confide in someone. I feel like I can accomplish anything and everything with Simon’s continuous support. It is so fulfilling and refreshing to know that someone loves me enough to watch me succeed in every aspect of life.’

jellyfish beach wedding

I loved to travel prior to meeting Crystal, but now that we are together I look forward to sharing those special travel moments with her.  It brings a new perspective to travelling when you do it with your soul mate, BFF, and one true love. Also, my eating habits have drastically changed for the BETTER. I am now a semi-foodie because of her. I didn’t know what good food was and I have really been adventurous with trying new things.’

jellyfish groom

I appreciate Crystal’s honesty and trustworthiness the most.  She is my best friend and we share everything with each other… even some things that we maybe shouldn’t, haha!’

I appreciate Simon’s loyalty the most. And not just loyalty as in ‘not cheating,’ but also loyalty in wanting to make our relationship work. He’s trustworthy; what you see is what you get (no hidden agendas or motives).’ 

love sign punta cana gabriel jellyfish punta canaall you need is love signjellyfish first dance

Crystal’s favourite things to find in the fridge:Organic fruits & veggies, Babybel Swiss Cheese.’ 

Simon’s favourite things to find in the fridge:Beer! Also, Peanut Butter.’

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What did you love most about your Wedding?

‘We loved how our wedding was exactly US! From the decorations, to the food to how much fun everyone had! We love that we made the decision to get married OFF RESORT, which resulted in us having flexibility with decorations, ceremony, food and of course, the venue was GORGEOUS! It wasn’t as cookie-cutter as the resort.’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?



Most memorable moments?!

‘We love how our family and friends were able to get to know each other better, it was really great! Most of us went on an excursion together and we were all laughing and carrying on. We ended up at a cave where most of us jumped into a super clear fresh water area from a cliff. It was scary for some of us but it was so much fun! We also had fun times at the pool, playing volleyball together and just enjoying each other’s company 🙂

We loved our First Look! It was lovely to have that time to see each other before the wedding and really feel the emotions towards each other that we wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to do … have we had seen each other at the altar first.

Speeches/First Dances were very emotional for us, but in such an amazing way. Weddings have a way of bringing out such raw emotion in people and we feel blessed every day to have such amazing people in our lives.’


Any advice for future brides?

‘I know this is hard to hear, but EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT! I was stressing about everything but everything worked out beyond my expectations!’


Our dear Crystal & Simon! Hope you ALWAYS feel as happy as you have on your Wedding Day… LOVE LOVE LOVE, K+R. 

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