punta cana wedding. jellyfish. {golnar + jack}

March 18, 2013

How did Golnar & Jack fall in love? “A first date that included the Vanity Fair Photo Exhibit I had been dying to see, me hijacking the car keys from Jack to change his swanky dinner plans to something a little more cozy – authentic Persian in the suburbs, to Jack trying to stretch the date by wanting to see the construction site of my new condo to thirteen hours later ending the night at a coffee shop – all was inevitably love in the making. I even put Jack to the test and told him no kiss till the fifth date, but I caved on date four. I really made him work for it.” 

From that point on, their romance blossomed, and one day Golnar accidentally caught glimpse of an engagement ring picture in an email from Jack to Golnar’s mom. Ah! Weeks later the couple was to take a romantic trip to Turkey and Greece; surely Jack would propose there. Golnar was now burning with anticipation. “We spent several days there, and I was growing annoyed with having to think about when it would happen and when I gave up on the idea that we’d be getting engaged under the perfect sunset and I was in my Pajamas, tipsy, playing backgammon, guard down, worries escaped, Jack dropped to one knee and proposed. It was perfect, private and captured behind a gorgeous background on our last night in Satorini. Even though my first words were a screaming, shocked ‘No’, I quickly followed with ‘I mean obviously yes!'”

Golnar & Jack had the most elaborate, beautiful ceremony, paying tribute to their Persian and Greek/Egyptian roots. What better venue than Jellyfish – Mayte surpassed herself once more. The elaborate table centrepieces reflected the couple’s taste and were also inspired by their first date to a photography exhibition. Instead of table numbers, the guests looked out for Albert Einstein and Sean Connery.

Golnar’s mom brought a whole suitcase of goodies to set up a traditional sofreh, a wedding spread including herbs, pastries, mirrors, blessed bread, fruits, nuts, decorated eggs, rosewater, honey, rock sugar, coins, a sacred text & prayer rug – to serve as blessings, reminders, and symbols of fertility & happiness in their marriage. Next, a silk shawl was held over them, and two cones made out of hardened sugar were ground over the couple, to shower them in sweetness.

Beautiful Golnar, behind the scenes at Jellyfish, sneaks a moment to read Jack’s love letter. 

Handsome Jack, getting ready at Dreams Punta Cana. 

“I love Golnar’s dimples because I know when they surface she’s happy.”

“With Jack in my life I’ve become more relaxed because I know that as long as he’s around we’ll figure things out together.”

The Photobooth was such a hit!

“Because of Golnar I feel like a complete person and like I’m not missing anything in life, everything I want I have with her.”

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  1. Mitsuko Lansing

    March 19th, 2013 at 21:35

    Love all the pictures!!
    All the best for your dream lives together…as long as you’re both together you can climb up the mountains strive with each others through love and strength!!
    Love you.
    Mitsuko and Louis.

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