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October 10, 2012

Amy & Erik’s beautiful destination wedding took place at Now Larimar Punta Cana resort and our favourite reception venue, Jellyfish Restaurant. This wedding was so alive … mostly because of the wildly funny lovely and loving people in Amy & Erik’s lives (ahem, especially Erik’s sister Hannah and their precious niece, Kinsley!)

Amy is a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse and is a paragon of beauty and kindness. And Erik is not only special enough to deserve her, but also special enough to get quoted in the post… Erik is hilarious. Here’s his account of their love story: “I had just purchased a new Express shirt with shiny blue markings on it and was wearing my brother’s nice beige jacket.  I had just started growing out my hair on top to cover up the fact that it was receding and it worked.

I was at Bogarts-Raleigh with my friend, Billy.  We saw two beautiful women walk into the bar (Amy and her friend Maria); so, I slid my whole body down the side of the bar as they walked in, looked at Amy, and said, “Hello Ladies” in a Pierce Brosnun type voice and manner.  Amy was very impressed.  So impressed, she walked away from us and disappeared into the back of the bar.  Being the skillful ladies man I was, it didn’t bother me so I moved on. About 20 minutes later, “hot stuff” was sitting in the back corner of the bar not socializing. Amy and Maria were doing some serious people watching. How dare this people-watcher dis me? So I approached her and said, “Hey loser, you diss me and then sit back here and people watch all night? You are lame.” That turned into a conversation where I acted like I was interested in what she and Maria were talking about. So I asked her on a date. We went to the Cheesecake Factory, had a good conversation and then went to a bar where we had even better conversation.  While she was talking to me, I carved “Amy and Erik” into the table. I cannot wait to marry this woman.”

Amy gets the proposal story, which made me tear up:

“After I finished my last exam for the semester last December I got in the shower to get ready to go to his family’s house for Christmas. While I was taking my exam Erik had left to “get his hair cut.” He had really gone to the jewelry store to pick up my ring, which he had been spent months saving for.  I got out of the shower, wrapped my hair in a towel, and had my toothbrush in my mouth when Erik opened the door and got on one knee. I didn’t have my contacts in and had forgotten to turn the fan on in the bathroom, so the room was steamy and I could barely see him. After getting down on one knee he recited several heart-felt phrases he had rehearsed. I didn’t believe he was actually proposing until I got close enough to see the tears rolling down his cheeks.”

I’ve always wanted to do a First Look like this… It was even more special than I imagined. We hid Amy behind the curtain in the Now Larimar Spa where she was getting ready. I put on some touching beats on our little boombox and let Erik have a moment with his wife-to-be. It seemed like time stood still for a while.

Getting ready for the ceremony at Jellyfish Restaurant.

Our amazing Mayte, the creative genius behind all Jellyfish weddings! 

We ask our couples to write each other a love letter if they wish. Amy & Erik did. What an amazing memory, to slow down and celebrate each other like this, in the chaos of the wedding day! Amy & Erik, you should buy a special bottle of wine and lock these letters up along with it, to be opened on your 10-year anniversary! 

This dance floor was on fire after dinner!! 🙂

Told you the dance floor was on FIRE!

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