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December 12, 2016

This surprise proposal photographed by our brilliant associate photographer Tamara was as magical and intimately unique as Lynn & Lindsey’s relationship. Tamara was hiding out at Macao Beach, Punta Cana with a long lens, waiting for Lynn to get down on one knee. Everyone had butterflies! We are so SO honoured to share our favourites along with their love story!

How did you meet and fall in love?

“Tinder. Swipe right if you like the person you see!! It’s a dating app that we both downloaded kind of out of a joke. Lindsey on her end was joking around with her roommate and downloaded the app just to “see what it was all about.” I was hanging out with one of my best friends, and she was on the app. So I started “swiping right,” and got scolded as I was swiping the wrong people according to her! Reluctantly, I got the app and started swiping for myself. Lindsey and I matched and the rest is history! We texted back & forth for about 8 months before finally meeting in person. Our first date was taking our puppy babies for a walk to a local coffee shop. We didn’t spend a day apart after that. It was instant chemistry and love at first sight!punta cana beach proposal ideas gay proposal punta cana

Top three things Lynn loves about Lindsey: “I love Lindsey’s compassion, strength and determination.  She is such a strong woman and she continues to show this to me through her daily life and career.  Lindsey’s unconditional love is inspirational and something that I adore.”  

surprise proposal punta cana

Top three things Lindsey loves about Lynn: “I love Lynn’s generosity, her adventurous and playful spirit, and how understanding she is.  Lynn would help a complete stranger without ever judging them.  Since we met, my life has become so exciting.  Whether it’s a tropical vacation, or just walk with the dogs…we have FUN! Lynn has brought so much laughter and passion into my life.”

punta cana proposal photosunique gay proposal

Lynn on the Proposal:  “Omgosh, this was just PERFECT!  With the help of Tamara, the vision was completely made captured in real life!  It was even better with Tamara wanting me to propose again for the pictures sake… and the surprise factor of the “real” ring was magically captured!  Perfect, just perfect!”  

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Lindsey on the Proposal: “I had that gut feeling that something might be going on… Lynn woke me up at 6am and had a cute outfit and makeup on.  Which was bizarre because we were on vacation and had been beach bums for days.  But I was VERY surprised when she got down and proposed with my engagement ring.  A little back story on that… we had been burglarized prior to the proposal and my original engagement ring was stolen.  So I was under the impression that Lynn was still in the process of getting a new one!  The quiet beach, walking barefoot in the sand, and the breathtaking view of the ocean made the proposal above and beyond anything I could have expected.

punta cana beloved session

Lynn’s favorite guilty pleasures: “Ice cream.”lgbt punta cana prosal

Lindsey’s favorite guilty pleasures: “French press, Marlboros, and PS4.”

same sex proposal punta canasame sex wedding proposal beach

Most romantic memory according to Lynn:  “Honestly, our fist date was one of the most romantic memories.  Just a couple of girls and their dogs, hanging out and getting to know each other. Lindsey was so real, and so refreshing to talk to! Walking with our coffees as it started to sprinkle, it was so romantic.  I could have listened to her all day! Lindsey brought me back to her house a year later and proposed to me on the front steps, just solidifying how romantic of a walk that first day really was.” 

same sex wedding punta cana

Most romantic memory according to Lindsey:  “Well, the proposal takes the cake.  But other than that, probably my birthday 2 years ago. Lynn brought me to a quaint little place called Aster Cafe in Minneapolis, MN.  She packed a picnic basket with my favorite dessert in it (key lime pie).  We sat on my old front porch while I opened presents and ate dessert.  It was so simple and intimate and made me feel so special.”

macao beach proposal punta cana

Lynn’s fave gift from Lindsey: “Another puppy baby in my life! And my engagement ring. And my apple watch. And her love of course!”

Lindsey’s fave gift from Lynn: “She has given me so many wonderful gifts; my engagement ring, a trip to the Dominican, a laptop, an Apple watch, the list goes on and on.  But my most favorite gift is that she writes me love notes almost everyday and leaves them for me to find.  I have a huge stack of them I have collected and will save forever.”

macao beach photos

Lynn: “How my life is different with Lindsey by my side? I’m madly in love! I am so so happy, happier than I ever thought possible! This has changed my outlook on so many different things. She lights up my life, and I think people can sense that and notice it throughout the daily grind.  I have officially come out to all of my family members and not hiding that has allowed me to truly be myself.”  

Lindsey: “With Lynn by my side, I have never had so much excitement, hopes, and dreams about my future.  I never believed in the idea of everyone having a soulmate until I met Lynn. The vision of my future is limitless now.  I suddenly aspire to do so many things together in our life that I never thought possible when I was single. Like having a family, traveling the world, pursuing my dream job, and so so much more.”

same sex love session punta cana

Lynn: “I love it when she just holds me. And kisses my forehead. She has such a calming presence, and she always knows how to calm me down. Lindsey listens with an open heart and a nonjudgemental soul.  She’s just amazing!”  

Lindsey: “If I’m upset or irritated, she will sit me down, ask me what’s wrong, and listen until I am done. Usually while she is listening, she is cooking me a quesadilla because if I am irritated, it probably means I am hungry haha.”

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Lynn: “I really love and appreciate my babe’s sense of humor.  And that we can relax on any day, have a cup of joe and just talk.  I love that my babe always is striving to make my life a little less stressful or hectic by her doing little things around the house, or cooking us supper.  God, she’s amazing.”  

Lindsey: “I really love and appreciate that Lynn is genuine.  And that she doesn’t allow me to settle for anything in life.  She pushes me and sees potential in me that sometimes I don’t even see.  She challenges me to follow my heart, pursue more education, and strive for my dreams.”

punta cana gay wedding

What are your wedding plans?  “October 2017, so excited!!!  We found a perfect little barn about an hour away from our house!  It’s going to be so so lovely!”

DEAREST LYNN & LINDSEY … from the bottom of our hearts … thank you for sharing the beauty of your souls with us. Your love is so inspiring. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, joy, abundance and unconditional understanding. Please come back and visit us in Punta Cana! xoxo Katya // Tamara. 



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    All the smiles are just so sweet and full of love.great work!

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