paradisus punta cana wedding. {katie + ryan}

November 25, 2013

Katie & Ryan are such beautiful human beings and truly make a flawless match. Ryan is a firefighter / paramedic, and Katie is a a physical therapist. ‘I don’t think either one of us expected to find our life partner and best earthy companion our freshman year of college,’ Katie smiles. Oh, that mesmerizing smile! The kind that could change the world.

For the proposal, Ryan, with the help of his family, had decorated the dock of their favourite lake with a white linen runner, dried hydrangeas, huge hurricane vases with candles and the lake water was filled with floating candles. What a dream!

Within minutes of meeting, Katie & I felt like soul sisters. Butterflies in our stomachs and vino in hand, we chatted away about what would be their Big Day a couple of days later, at the stunning resort of Paradisus Punta Cana.

Katie & Ryan – endless hugs and thank you’s your way … for all the magic, all the sincerity, and all the love. You and your families ROCK! 

Easily, one of my favourite candid moments caught at a wedding to date. Hehe! 

Ryan, on the Proposal: ‘I had wanted to marry Katie from the first time I laid eyes on her.  I’ve been ready to propose to her for a long time but wanted the timing, the proposal, the ring – all of it to be perfect. It also had to be a complete surprise,’ recalls Ryan. Each night they went on a walk around the neighbourhood lake and witnessed an amazing sunset, Ryan felt this just may be the right setting to propose. The lake was the one place where they always had memorable heart-to-hearts, de-stressed from a day’s work or warmed up with a hot cup of coffee.

‘I’d been working on getting the perfect ring for a long time because she deserved something amazing and I had finally bought it from a jeweller who is a great family friend. The day it was finally in my hands I was soooo excited. On the drive home, I even strapped my truck’s seatbelt around the box. I was that excited! It was so tempting to propose to her that very day, but I resisted. I decided that I would decorate the dock that sat in the cove at Skyview lake for the special moment, on the day of KT’s birthday. I had even spent time drawing how I wanted it to look and went as far as setting it up in the local hobby lobby just to make sure everything was going to be perfect. It worked out great on paper and in my head but then the day came and it felt like everything was going wrong. The wind was blowing harder than ever; in my preoccupied state I forgot to wish KT Happy Birthday (she wasn’t too happy about that) etc. I was so nervous and was hoping I wasn’t showing it.

 I’ll never forget what KT’s dad said to me as the girls were getting ready to go out for this ‘dinner.’ I am wearing a path in our carpet just pacing back and forth. Her dad looks at me with a smirkish grin and says, geese you think she’s going to say no, or what, let’s have a whiskey and celebrate.’ I pretty much just stop dead in my tracks and said ‘you know you’re right, whiskey’s it is.’ 

 We arrived at the lake and KT still really had no clue what was going on. I dragged her to the dock, which was decorated better than I could have ever imagined.  I got down on one knee and I told her how beautiful she was and how my life is so much more blessed with her in it … and asked her to marry me. Her Dad must not have heard her say yes because he had to ask one more time.  YES YES YES, she replied !!! It was so cute.

The proposal was everything I wanted. It was perfect with all of her family and friends there to help us celebrate. Love you KT always and forever.’

‘First Touch’ before their Paradisus Punta Cana gazebo ceremony.

Katie: ‘We have known for years that our wedding day was not a matter of “if” but rather, a matter of “when.” I knew I loved this man 8 years ago, I know I love him today, and I am certain I will love him 100 years from now.’

The prettiest gazebo in all of Punta Cana. 

Top three things Katie loves about Ryan: ‘really  only three?? I could name a million….  His heart, his genuine character, his loyalty and commitment.’

Top three things Ryan loves about Katie: ‘her laughter, her passion for life, and her drive.’

‘My life would be so empty without KT in it. Everything I do is for her and because of her I have never loved anything or anyone so wholly.’

Favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Starbucks, vino, ice cream.’

Ideal day together: ‘sleeping in, coffee, walks, laughs and friends.’

‘My life is complete. Literally. Ryan simply completes me in every single way.  He is my other half, the missing piece. The link I have always needed.’

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  2. Valentine Eberhardt

    March 18th, 2014 at 19:44

    I love these pictures and this setting! Was this all taken at the Paradisus? Was it the Palma Real or the other one? I’m looking to have my wedding there, and have you be our photographer if possible! I see that you will be in DR in November, any chance you will be there in October?


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