paradisus palma real wedding photographer. {martha + charlie}

October 31, 2012

Martha & Charlie met through work and had an amazing connection right from the start. They are both nightclub managers in New York – every time they bumped into each other, sparks flew. Like crazy! Charlie’s heart soon opened and throbbed with love and appreciation for Martha’s unique beauty, sharp wit, graceful poise and contagious laugh… ‘I love Charlie’s positive energy! He is also one of the most generous people that I’ve ever met,’ says Martha.

Although Martha knew a proposal was coming, Charlie managed to surprise her! For their anniversary, he took Martha to the beautiful Mandarin Oriental restaurant and pretended that they were just going home afterwards. The surprise waiting for his Beloved was a luxurious hotel suite, where he got down on one knee! Charlie says, ‘I started laughing when I was that she wasn’t even paying attention to what I was saying because she was too focused on the ring.’ I say, that’s a good sign, Charlie!! 🙂:)

The greatest blessing in their lives is their beautiful son, CJ, also known as Jude. He is continuously strengthening their relationship and bringing so much joy to their family. Other joys in their lives – delicious food (it’s a tie between Spanish and Filipino!), quality time at the beach & in the safe haven of their home, finding champagne in the fridge, traveling, laughing, and confiding with each other.
On their wedding day, Martha & Charlie were surrounded by SO many amazing people who love them. I mean, of course that happens at every wedding, but … the amount of unspoken generosity, unconditional love, support and tenderness that day was intensely palpable!!

Paradisus Palma Real and the amazing wedding planners, Miguelina & Laura, did a fantastic job on the wedding. The ceremony set-up was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!

Martha’s stunning Christian Louboutin wedding shoes.

Mid-afternoon Catholic ceremony in the shade of Paradisus Palma Real gardens at the Reserve. 

Cocktails at Gabi Restaurant, the Reserve at Paradisus Palma Real

One of my faves…

Our first reaction to seeing the lavish reception ballroom was a gasp! Just wow. Magical. 

During the couple’s first dance – surprise fireworks around the stage!!

The way to my heart – mouth-watering lobsters! 

The party was quickly off to a wild start with this unique entertainment … A robot and some sexy dancers quickly filled the room with noise, colourful masks, dance moves and excitement! 

More surprise to follow – fire dancers and Martha’s exciting dress change!!

Last, but certainly not least – leaving the party IN STYLE! 

Warm thank-you to my great friend & photographer Margo Klimowicz of Eyelush Photography! Thanks babe, from the bottom of my heart!!

Another uber warm thank-you to Martha & Charlie for treating us so well – let your marriage keep blossoming … YOU BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. See you in New York! Love, Katya.

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