paradisus palma real wedding. {myla-ana + curtis}

July 17, 2014

Their love story is similar to ours – Myla-Ana was the wedding coordinator at a friend’s wedding, where Curtis was a groomsman. (Rob was a wedding guest at a friend’s destination wedding where I was the photographer!) 🙂 

Curtis remembers, ‘I was coming off a break up and literally prayed to God for a new woman. I was specific with my requests and approximately 4 days later I met Myla! She embodies every important quality that I could ever want in a woman.’

Myla & Curtis are one of those couples who make people turn their heads as they walk past – their radiant love and passion for life are contagious. Myla-Ana is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met, and that beauty is not just skin-deep.

Here’s the Feature of their amazing destination wedding at Paradisus Palma Real! As always, with so much love. Enjoy… 

P.S. Warm shout-out to Mariela, the extraordinary wedding planner at Paradisus + Diego Pocovi & his team, who flew in from Miami (they are super talented and we look forward to seeing Myla & Curtis’ film!) 🙂 

paradisus palma real

Their Wedding festivities started with an All-White Welcome BBQ the day before the Big Day and it was SUCH a blast!!all white welcome party

Myla-Ana has a nickname for Curtis, ‘Sitruc.‘  She explains, ‘we have known each other for 9 years, but I knew about 3 years ago how serious he was about me and how deeply in love he was with me. I could tell by the way his behavior changed towards me. So, I turned his name around the way his behavior changed and started calling him ‘Sitruc,’ Curtis backwards.’

Below is the ‘Sitruc‘ Bear they brought with them to Punta Cana! Apparently, the ‘alyM’ Bear is too big and had to stay home! 🙂 

gorgeous wedding paradisusparadisus palma real welcome party

‘I love that Curtis is great at writing me love notes and showering me with flowers.’

bridal boudoir punta canapunta cana bride boudoir

Top three things Curtis loves about Myla: ‘What’s NOT to love about Myla-Ana? Here are my top 3: 1) I love her optimism and positive attitude 2) I love that Myla and I can do absolutely nothing and feel like we’ve had the best time simply because we’re together 3) I love the effort that she puts into making our relationship work. She’s totally invested into ‘us’ and her actions reflect it.’

punta cana intimate portraitsparadisus palma real bridewedding board games

A pre-wedding gift from Curtis arrives: fabulous Gucci shoes and a diamond tennis bracelet. Spoiled! 🙂paradisus palma real bridegroomsmen socks

Top three things Myla loves about Curtis: ‘I love his personality, he is so funny and fun-loving. Curtis starts telling jokes the minute I open my eyes in the morning. Oh yea, and he has to kiss me on my face at least a dozen times before I get out of bed. I love how romantic he is. From the small things to the big things, he is always thinking of creative ways to show he cares and put a smile on my face. He is amazing!’

paradisus palma realparadisus palma realparadisus palma real brides

Curtis proposed to Myla-Ana in a beautiful restaurant in Barcelona, Spain. ‘I was so nervous and practiced 100 times what I was going to say. When I finally got the nerve, I got down on one knee and expressed my love for her. I told her that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and that I could not ask for a better life partner. The entire restaurant exploded with cheers and began taking pictures with their phones. Coincidentally, actors Sean Penn and Idries Elba were at the restaurant having dinner. They heard the applause and congratulated us on our engagement!’ 

gorgeous black bride

A touching wedding ceremony at the Paradisus Palma Real garden gazebo. paradisus palma real garden weddinggarden gazebo wedding paradisus

‘Myla-Ana had restored my faith in the prospect of having a committed relationship. I was a notorious bachelor – a single guy to the max!!! I didn’t think that a serious relationship was in the cards for me until I met Myla. She gives me hope that I will have a family one day. My relationship with her has matured me and given me balance. Daily her presence is teaching me about sacrifice, unconditional love and protection. Also, my relationship with Myla has kept me close to God.’

best destination wedding photospunta cana gazebo weddingparadisus bridal partyparadisus palma realpunta cana wedding photos

Ideal day together according to Myla-Ana: ‘We love to watch movies together. We have this secret place where we like to go. We will pack up the picnic basket and grab blankets, to spend the evening watching movies together. It’s our own secret place.  If I tell you what the secret place is, Curtis may call off the wedding (haha).’paradisus palma real

Ideal day together according to Curtis: ‘Football Sundays. When it’s the NFL football season, every Sunday we cook a lot of food, eat all day and lay around watching football together.’

unique destination wedding photosparadisus palma real loungeunique punta cana wedding photosgabi beach paradisus weddingparadisus palma realparadisus palma real wedding menugabi beach weddingfirst dance paradisusweddings in lovepalma real paradisus

Favorite gifts:

Myla-Ana: ‘When Curtis gave me the keys to his place: they were on a key chain that said “I love you” … INSIDE OF A GUCCI HANDBAG.’ 

Curtis: ‘Black diamond earrings and ice tea maker.’

sexy wedding photos

Sunrise Rock the Dress / Intimate Portraits session the next day… AMAZING.punta cana sunrise

‘We have too many romantic memories to name. Curtis is the ULTIMATE in romance. But if I had to choose one it would definitely be our private dinner on the beach in Bermuda. It was a complete surprise. He had a horse and carriage (complete with my favorite champagne) pick us up from the resort to take us on a tour around the island. They took us to a private beach for dinner – Curtis had the chef bring out our favorite foods. And oh yeah, more champagne! It was very romantic. There were tons of candles and flowers that the waitstaff set up around and on our table.  We literally were the only ones on this beach!’

sunrise rock the dressparadisus trash the dresssexy couples portraitsparadisus palma real

Myla-Ana’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘champagne, pineapple, pizza and soft chewy cookies.’

Curtis’ favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Harold’s Chicken, Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant, Old Fashioned Doughnuts and a shot of D’usse.’ 

intimate portraits punta cana  intimate couples photos punta cana

‘I appreciate the way that Myla makes every special occasion special with a capital ‘S.’ During the Christmas holidays she’s totally immersed in the holiday spirit. She sings Christmas songs all month long, wants to watch holiday movies and the entire house is beautifully decorated. Christmas is just an example of how Myla goes that extra yard. She always has a theme for every holiday or special occasion. From family brunches to hot chocolate bars, my Boo Boo Child is the best!’

sexy punta cana photosbridal boudoir punta cana intimate portraits katya novabest couples boudoir


 What did you love most about your wedding, SPECIFICALLY?

‘I loved that we were able to party with our wedding guests for 2 nights. We had a Welcome BBQ the night before the wedding, so it gave us a chance to greet and hang out with our guests before the wedding day. This gave us a chance to focus more on one another without the pressure of worrying if our guests were waiting to greet or speak to us. Highly recommended for large weddings.’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

‘I supplied bug repellant in the welcome bags for all my guests, but forgot to apply my own. The mosquitoes/bugs were not really a problem but because I am allergic, I was swollen in a few spots the morning of the wedding. I had to take a few Benadryl the day of the wedding to reduce the swelling. I obviously would have preferred not to have been a medicated bride the day of my wedding!’


Most memorable moments from the Day / Wedding week?!

‘The surprise dance that my groom choreographed for me with his friends… the many tears that were shed during our ceremony… and opening my AWESOME wedding gift surrounded by my closest girls.’

Comments about vendors, resort etc

‘Words can’t describe how grateful we are for all of our vendors. Our wedding guests are still talking about how awesome everything turned out. Please remember not to take shortcuts when it comes to your photos. You only have 1 day and 1 moment that you can’t get back. After your day and moment is over, one of the things you can count on to relive your special day are your photos. Katya Nova & Rob are so amazing at what they do, you are guaranteed to have high quality lasting memories.’


Advice for future brides?

‘Take a moment with just you and your groom after you take all your photos and exchange vows. My groom and I took about 15 minutes to ourselves and had a glass of champagne together away from EVERYONE before we were introduced at our reception.’


Myla-Ana & Curtis: you two are an awe-inspiring source of LOVE. Rob & I are so blessed to have had the chance to spend time with you and document your Wedding – wishing you a lifetime of pure joy and harmony!!! xoxo K+R. 

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