paradisus palma real wedding {dee + jeremee}

April 4, 2015

Dee & Jeremee were always meant for each other. I’ll let him tell you why: ‘we grew up together, so I guess we met when I was a cute 16-month-old baby and she was a weird alien-looking newborn. The first clear memory I have of her is when I was 5 and we were playing tag; she grabbed my arm like a crazy wild animal and bit me. I had her bite mark scarred onto my arm for about 11 years before it faded (insert love-at-first bite joke here). She was always one of my closest friends, so the truth is, I’ve loved her forever.’

They finally tied the knot at one of Punta Cana’s most fabulous resorts, Paradisus Palma Real in Dominican Republic. What a perfect wedding!! My favourite moments: when Dee hooked up her phone to my boombox and we listened to Nas all the way from her bridal suite … down the aisle; stealing Dee & Jeremee away from their bridal party and capturing their love in the last golden rays of sun; laughing till we cried at all the wild dances during their Crazy Hour… So good.

What inspired this fabulous destination wedding: ‘we’re just beach bums at heart, probably because we’re both water signs (she’s a Pisces and I’m a Scorpio). We’ve gone on so many beach resort vacations and from the first one we always said how fun it would be if our families and friends were there.’

Dee & Jeremee – you two are such beautiful people, inside and out!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing this incredible Day with us, it was magical! (And thank you so much for the gift of my favourite snack in the universe, dried mangoes!) xoxo K+R. 

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Top three things Dee loves about Jeremee: ‘He makes me laugh. He makes me try new things. He makes me feel safe.’

paradisus palma real brideparadisus palma real bride

Top three things Jeremee loves about Dee: That she is crazy/silly/funny, but only in front of a select few and I’m one of them. I love her freakish devotion to her family. She’s tough, but can cry in 1.2 seconds.’

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Jeremee on the Proposal:

‘We went to Dominican Republic for what was supposed to be my birthday trip. So we spent my whole birthday doing our typical vacation routine – drink, eat, swim, repeat. Early on in the day I planted a seed about watching the sunset on the beach and it became our plan. When the time came she picked the perfect spot, a little cove with palm trees right on the shore line. We watched the sunset and I asked her to put my sunglasses away in their case. She turned around to rummage through her bag, and the ring box was hidden inside the sunglasses case. When she turned back around, I was on my knee in the water. And then she cried.’

Dee adds: ‘There was a LOT of crying. A lot of questions, like if he had asked my dad, and what my mom looked like when he asked her. And then I was on a mission find wi-fi so I could tell my brother and sister!’

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Ideal day together according to Dee: ‘Having a drink on a beach, making up pointless games to play, like trying to guess what time it is. It never fails, no matter how wrong or right we are, it keeps us entertained throughout the day!’

paradisus brides

The processional music for the mass included Bob Marley and the recessional included Jay-Z and Nas. Oh yes.

paradisus wedding gazebo

Traditional Filipino Catholic ceremony: with two ‘sponsors’ for each part: two to light a candle, two to place a veil around the Couple’s shoulders, and two to place a cord around them, symbolizing their eternal bond.

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Dee: ‘I’m always rushing to do things, so when I’m going somewhere I’ve never been, he’ll text me a link for the google map directions, and I love it. It saves me about 9 seconds, but it reduces my stress by a million.’

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Ideal day together according to Jeremee: Waking up super early, sharing breakfast and a cocktail at a time considered too early by normal standards, and doing a whole lot of nothing. (This applies to whether we’re on a luxurious beach vacation or just stuck in our tiny apartment).’

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Dee: ‘There’s nothing better than a back massage from Jeremee. Not just because massages are the damn bomb, but also because he always agrees to do them even when he’s exhausted from his long work days.’

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Dee’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Doing nothing; laying in bed, watching TV, and not even thinking about showering. I absolutely love doing nothing.’

Jeremee’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Drinking too early, eating too late, and watching horrible TV shows, like the entire Bravo lineup.’

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Jeremee: ‘I love that she always steps up to the plate for customer service issues. I hate dealing with customer service and she has no problem getting on the phone or in someone’s face if some skulls need to be cracked.’

punta cana beach wedding

Jeremee: ‘Dee can always make me melt just being herself. When I’m upset or irritated, she’s good at setting a timer for my diffusion process and jumping in at the perfect window when she knows she can change my mood.’

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Dee: ‘One of Jeremee’s hidden talents is his ability to make up a song about nothing at any time of day. The second he wakes up, or when I’m trying to have a serious, meaningful conversation. Its a blessing, really.’

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Dee: ‘Once on my birthday, Jeremee once planned a whole day of things that I had no idea about. May seem kind of typical, but no one’s ever done that for me before. I thought I hated surprises, but I loved every second of it.’

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Jeremee: ‘Dee’s hidden talent is that she secretly understands Spanish because everyone assumes she’s Latina. She is also strangely excellent at parallel parking and has an underused artistic side.’

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Jeremee: ‘When I think about life with Dee by my side, I make a smiley face and when I think about life without her I make a sad face. So my life is different because she’s one of the biggest reasons why I love my life and am thankful for it.’

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Dee: ‘Jeremee taught me how to see the world in a different way, to be less selfish and more open.’

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First dance song: “Nothing Even Matters” by Lauryn Hill & D’Angelo.

gabi beach paradisus wedding

Dee’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Birthday cake truffles!!!!! Also, Nestle coco milk. And cold pizza.’

Jeremee’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Leftovers from Lucky Foo or beer we forgot we bought.’

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‘For a mini honeymoon, we’re going to Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado in Samana, DR. Our big honeymoon will come later, destination choice still in progress…’

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What did you love most about your Wedding?

‘When we and the bridal party walked out at the reception; the ceremony was special and sacred to us, exactly how we wanted minus the sun beating down on us and the guests (so sorry, guys). But once the bridal party’s names were called out one by one with Nas playing in the background, I thought, ‘now this is the damn wedding of my dreams; this is exactly us!’’

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could? 

‘We had already extended the reception by one hour, but I wish we did 2. I was having so much fun! And I thought a 5 pm ceremony wouldn’t be as hot as it was, so I should’ve arranged for some kind of shaded area/umbrella. 5 pm in DR in a bathing suit vs a long wedding gown are very different things.’

Most memorable moments from the Day /  Wedding week?

‘Seeing our family and friends arrive in the hotel lobby; each time someone came I got more excited but I had to pretend I was just moving things along with check-in.

Walking down the aisle with my mom and dad.

The night after the wedding; we met for drinks in the courtyard, so I assumed it was going to be a short night since we were all tired from the night before. Apparently all it takes is a drink, a shot, and a portable speaker for us to forget that we’re exhausted.’

Comments about vendors, resort etc

‘Katya and Rob are the best, no reason to shop around. There’s no one better. And Paradisus Palma Real made a wonderful impression on all our guests; those who were there for the first time can’t wait to go back, and those who have been before and weren’t impressed with DR, Paradisus changed their opinion completely. And our wedding coordinator, Raquel, was and absolute blessing to have. Any question or concern I had was answered promptly. She had a resolution for anything and everything, and made sure our guests were always satisfied.’

Any advice for future Brides?! 

‘Don’t sweat the little things, no one notices. Take in every second as much as you can, you can’t get it back.’



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