paradisus palma real wedding. {diana + felix}

June 19, 2014

Diana & Felix live life with unapologetic passion and artfully rebel against arbitrary societal norms. Rob & I can SO relate! 

They started out as friends, and over time became partners in crime when it came to so many things they had in common. Their friendship grew over the last 14 years, until they became inseparable. 

I knew Diana & Felix would put on a killer party, and they didn’t disappoint! Their Paradisus Palma Real wedding in Punta Cana was all about fun and family: and for this particular group, that also meant … wild dancing, amazing singing surprises & spontaneous karaoke, indulging in black caviar & non-stop vodka shots, hugging, kissing, and a LOT of laughter. 

I want to share with you what Diana & Felix had written on their wedding website, because it’s brilliant and represents them perfectly. Here it is: 

‘Please join us for an #awesome wedding with sea, sand and unlimited cuba libres, unsolicited karaoke,  inebriated parents, old people dancing, childhood friends, stinging sunburns for some and raging hangovers for most – as well as, with any luck, lots of unsolicited advice, questions about when we plan to breed, and far too many soft-focus iPhone photos that no one will ever want to look through… plus, of course, a celebration of our love and commitment and an excuse for friends and family from far afield to come and engage in all of the above with us and for us. We can’t wait to make wonderful memories with our hometown friends and family in New York, neighbors and loved ones in Miami, family from London to Canada, to San Fransisco to St. Louie, family from Florida to Israel and friends far in between from Australia to Ohio. Set your SPFs to 30 and your Instagram filters to Romance. See you there. We’ll be the ones under the palm trees, in white dress and bow tie, in love.’

Diana & Felix… we friggin LOVE you two. There is so much to love!!!

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Amazing Anna Nuet on hair & make-up.paradisus palma real wedding paradisus punta canaparadisus palma real bridesparadisus palma realpalma real weddings

Diana on the proposal: ‘I did not see it coming, that day or that week or really at ALL. He proposed about a month into us seriously dating with the gf/bf title. I knew he was shopping around for a ring, but I guess till it’s there in front of you, nothing is really certain. He proposed in bed, I was tired and reluctant to open my eyes and get out of bed. He asked me if I will be his “spoonie” for life, and asked me again to please peel my eyes open… That was the start to the happiest days of my life.’paradisus palma real brides

Diana has the most captivating, gorgeous eyes, doesn’t she? (Rob has different coloured eyes too!) So beautiful.

different colored eyes bride

Perfect ‘First Look’ … comes with a funny story! So, we blindfolded Felix and had Diana come up and tease him while beautiful romantic music played from our boombox. I had whispered to Diana something like ‘whenever you’re ready, go ahead and take off his blindfold’ … but she didn’t hear me and misunderstood, thinking Rob & I would tell her when to take it off. Ha! It took all of 3 songs for all of us to clue in what was going on … a pretty long time for poor Felix to stand there are receive soft kisses from his Bride whom he couldn’t see! It was perfect.  🙂 blindfolded first look photos

Top three things Diana loves about Felix: ‘his pure kindness, silliness, and his ability to always make me smile.’

Top three things Felix loves about Diana: ‘she is so caring, passionate & motivated.’

punta cana wedding photos

Favourite guilty pleasures: ‘without a doubt, spooning… and well, alcohol!’  🙂gorgeous punta cana brideparadisus palma realbuddha garden wedding photos

Ideal day together: ‘A day filled with spooning, naughty pleasures, eating good food prepared by Felix, and watching different series or movies, preferably glued to each other and naked!’

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Stunning Gabi Beach Paradisus Palma Real wedding reception. gabi paradisus wedding

Black caviar, rye bread, mustard & ‘salo’ … They really know how to spoil their guests!! (The last time I had black caviar, I must have been around 10 or 11 … it’s considered such a delicacy, a big treat!) black caviar weddingpalma real gabi weddinggabi beach wedding first dance

I love how Diana & Felix were so busy partying with their favourite people, that they didn’t even have time to eat. (I hope at least now you guys can salivate over this beautiful table!)  🙂
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Mariela & the entire wedding planning team at Paradisus Palma Real is AMAZING. Love them! mariela palma real wedding coordinator

Ridiculously awesome photobooth fun!photo booth punta cana

I don’t know if our Lacy thought this would just be a test image – but it’s made it onto the Blog…  (I think she’s trying to tell us something!)  🙂
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What did you love most about your Wedding?

‘Not in specific order, but things which I valued most:
LOVED my team 🙂
… our photographers, Katya & Rob, acted also as my mental prep team and kept me cool, calm & collected.
Loved the unity amongst the guests, which I think was created by a playlist which was created and altered to the 96 guests!
Romance team would pop in every few minutes to let me know they are there to assist both Felix & I, with either reminding us to eat, or bringing a quick beverage to the dance floor! Made a world of difference!
Photobooth, was a great hit – it allowed “crazy time” to be more or less the entire time! Loved having my best friend with me for the entire ride, and then taking that best friend home with me, to spend the rest of our lives together as husband & wife.’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?



Most memorable moments?

‘First look with Felix was very emotional!!! Also, First dance with Felix. And, First dance with father!’


Comments about vendors / venue etc?

‘Love my romance team, hotel (Paradisus Palma Real) … not so much! Hair by Anna Nuet, recommended by Katya Nova was a hit! Again, not only was she a great stylist, but she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable & to help out in whichever way she could. Felt like she was one of my friends whom I knew forever!’


Advice for future brides?

‘Whatever craziness you are dealing with before the wedding, promise yourself and commit to let go the day of the wedding. It is out of your hands, no one will notice the little things. This is your day to enjoy with your life partner!’

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  2. Roman

    July 14th, 2014 at 18:55

    Diana, great pictures and congratulations! Just two quick questions: (1) what rabbi did you use for your ceremony, is he a native of DR; and (2) did you ever spend a summer in Monticello when you were younger – at the Ideal Bungalow Colony?

  3. Katya Nova

    July 17th, 2014 at 14:34

    Roman! The Rabbi was Ancel Salamon (ancelsalamon@live.com) … he is fluent in both English and Spanish and lives on the North Coast of Dominican Republic. I’ll have to ask Diana about Monticello! Hugs from here!

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