paradisus palma real wedding. {christine + ramón}

August 20, 2014

Christine & Ramon are kindred spirits, and their wedding was so special. We’ve been following each other’s lives on Instagram (what the heck did we do before social media anyway!?) and meeting them at their pre-wedding BBQ at Paradisus Palma Real felt totally surreal!! They are such a beautiful Couple, even moreso in person. Even moreso … when you get to experience first-hand the love, intensity, loyalty, and sincerity with which they give themselves to the people whom they care about. 

Ramon shares the story of how they came to be: ‘We met in our parents’ neighborhood after Christine began to walk her dog on my block to grab my attention. Nothing really came of it when we were much younger though, because I was rarely home and busy doing my best to grow up as quickly as I could. We reconnected on the platform of a train I rarely took on the most random of mornings. She made a powerful impression on me from a distance and I approached her to say hello. We took the train together and by the time I got off, I had her mobile number and she had mine. She called me a few times, as she’d tell it, before we conversed after linking up again and I invited her to have dinner. The rest, as we so often hear, is history. I fell in love with her presence immediately and it didn’t take long for me to understand that she was someone who I could spend time with and not grow tired of being with, someone who I could like and love incredibly and immensely.’  

Christine remembers always seeing him on the phone (she assumed, with other girls): ‘when he would see me, he would always come down, say hello, and kiss me on the corner of my mouth. I was so confused, but walked off giddy. Years passed before we met again on that train platform! It’s true, I called him once and he never responded. I called him again days later to leave a not-so-nice message and he picked up. He asked me if I was hungry and to be ready in 20 minutes! That is world record time for any girl to be ready for a date, but I’m proud to say I did it. There hasn’t been a day since that we haven’t been together.’

Their Paradisus Palma Real wedding was off-the-hook amazing and ridiculously fun. Christine & Ramon went ALL OUT! We love you guys and can’t wait to hang out in New York… let’s see who’s bigger foodies!!!  🙂

*** huge THANK YOU to one of our amazing new associates, TAMARA, who poured her heart into documenting this Wedding with Rob & I! She’s so talented it blows my mind ***

paradisus palma real photoswedding photojournalism punta cana palma real groomsmen

Top three things Christine loves about Ramon: ‘His smile. His lips.  And his determination.’ 

handsome dominican groom

Top three things Ramon loves about Christine: ‘Her smile and her energy, her love for me, and her sense of how to make the world around her better are the things that I most love and admire about her.’  emotional bride

You know what it sometimes takes to make the world go round? A little Hennessyparadisus palma real spaparadisus brides

Oh Christine … I see this and I just wanna hug you so bad!  🙂
gorgeous paradisus brideparadisus palma real bridal room

Here’s our Tamara in action  🙂 katya nova associate tamaraparadisus punta cana dominican republic wedding photographer

Christine: ‘I really appreciate that we never stay angry at each other. Our rule: never go to bed upset – it’s just not good for the soul! Talk it out. Fix it, make up and move on.’

sexy bride punta canasay yes to the dress punta cana

Ramon, on the Proposal:

‘I bought an expensive bottle of Perrier-Jouët champagne and with my champagne carrier & cooler bag in the trunk of my SUV, her engagement ring in one pocket and my camera in the other, we headed to Central Park to do what seemed to her as ‘nothing out of the ordinary’ for us. (Katya’s note: damn, that’s how us ladies need to be treated!!! 🙂 ) After enjoying some brunch, we headed to the Central Park Loeb Boathouse for a tour on the only authentic gondola available in the United States (a gift from Venice, Italy) which was a complete surprise to her. Christine’s excitement erupted as she realized what we were about to do. We toured the lake for about 10 minutes before I began my spiel. The moment was amazing…’

Christine: ‘So the gondolier is giving us the history, we’re talking, taking pictures, and then there comes a weird awkward moment I never had with Ray. He faces me and professes his love. I see other boats are getting closer and see him struggle with his zipper to get something out of his pocket. I start thinking, could it be?! He’s asking me to marry him? OMG, that’s crazy…Ray is always so confident and poised, this was the only time I ever saw his nervous and shaking. He popped the question and everyone cheered and congratulated us! It was the best day ever.’

puerto rican gorgeous bride

Gorgeous First Look. Just perfect. Tamara & I were both crying like lil babies. first look wedding photos

Ramon: ‘I love how Christine makes me slow down. With her by my side, I appreciate everything we work hard for. She makes the world better. Everyone she meets loves her instantaneously. That’s incredibly rare.’

first touch wedding photos

Most romantic memory according to Christine: ‘Our first trip together to Mexico. That first couple’s trip is scary, but dreamy.’

Most romantic memory according to Ramon: ‘There are so many. Many trips overseas, countless romantic dinners, and of course, moments in bed together.’ 

bride groom toast

Ramon shares shortly after the Wedding (about the First Look): ‘I remember the way she looked and felt and the fun she had. I want to always remember the way I felt for her and how lucky we were to share this moment.’

Christine adds, That moment alone was incredible – everything slowed down and nothing mattered but him.’  

first look paradisus

Ramon: ‘What do I appreciate about Christine? Everything. Especially the way she laughs.’ 

paradisus destination wedding

Sunset ceremony at the Paradisus Palma Real garden gazebo. garden gazebo paradisus ceremonyparadisus garden gazebo weddingparadisus garden weddingparadisus palma real

Christine’s favourite gift from Ramon: ‘Although we never openly say it, we always try to one-up each other in the gift department. My ring has to be the most thoughtful – he actually went to our jeweller and made it.’

Ramon’s favourite gifts from Christine: ‘She’s given me Gucci loafers, many Burberry shirts, plenty of expensive nights out, but nothing compares to her love, her kisses, and her attention.’  

paradisus sunset wedding

Oh yeah.

unique sunset wedding photos

Gabi Beach reception dinner. palma real gabi beach receptiongabi beach wedding receptionparadisus gabi beach weddingparadisus palma real weddingsteak lobster palma real

Christine’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘There’s always Speculoos (cookie butter) from Trader Joes in the house. I also love having some alone time with my mani/pedi, and trying out new restaurants.’ 

Ramon’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘I love ice-cream and Trader Joe’s Speculoos cookie butter. I love driving down the Westside Highway with Christine in my BMW listening to great music and holding on to her hand while we sing and laugh together. I love great restaurants. There’s really no limit to how much I’d spend for great food.’ 

paradisus reception

‘Our First Dance is to, Beyonce’s ‘Hello.’ I think that song was written about us!!’  🙂

paradisus palma real reception

* Christine!!! I just realized that you’re the ONLY Bride (other than me) who rocked these bunny ears at the reception. You’re my hero!!  🙂palma real wedding cakepalma real wedding receptionpunta cana fun weddingswedding gamesdollar dollar billSunrise Rock the Dress. WOW.
punta cana sunriserock the dress punta cana

Ideal day together according to Christine: ‘Waking up to kisses. We really dislike being home, so as long as we’re out and I get to steal more kisses throughout the day, I’m having a great day!’

Ideal day together according to Ramon: ‘Being together is an ideal day. We always find a way to enjoy each other. As long as we’re together, life is good.’ 

paradisus palma real trash the dress punta cana

Christine’s nickname for Ramon: ‘Not so much a nickname, but I call him Papi. Now that we’re married, he’s my Hubster!’ 

Ramon’s nicknames for Christine: ‘I have a ton of nicknames for her. I just make them up as I go. Sexy Lexy is the main one (her middle name is Alexis). But there are a ton of playful ones that I think sound sweet or make me crack up that are pretty unique.’

trash the dress punta canatrash the dress photosbest sunrise wedding photosunique trash the dress photos

As a little girl, Christine always dreamed of being a ballerina. Life (and, ahem, her parents) had other plans and she ended up with a successful career working for the NYC Department of Education .. but the love for the Arts never left her. ‘Any excuse to see a ballet or visit the museum, we’re there!!’ she says.  

As a young man, Ramon wanted nothing less than to make his parents proud. He did just that, landing a great career in Law, and all the while keeping his life goals & priorities straight. He adds, ‘I also attended Juilliard for trumpet. I don’t play as much as I’d like, but that’s an old hobby. I’ve played baseball since I was 4 years old, and am usually better than most people I play with every time I step on a field. More importantly though, I have a real talent for making Christine happy!’ (To this I’ll add that both Ramon & Christine have a unique way of catching people off guard with their profound magnetism. I don’t even know if they realize how loveable and magical they are.)

punta cana sunrise photospunta cana intimate portraitspalma real wedding photos

What did you love most about your Wedding?
Christine: ‘We loved our First Look session. That moment alone was a special one. We also loved seeing both sides of our family and friends coming together to celebrate us. The love in that room was overwhelming – it really touched our hearts.’
Ramon: ‘I also loved how flawlessly everything seemed to go because of how wonderful the team of people we worked with were. The resort was amazing. The team of photographers and cinematographers were off the hook!!’

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?
Christine: ‘You want to make sure everything is perfect – I wish I had taken more time to slow down, but the moment you see him nothing matters!’
Ramon: ‘There was really nothing I would’ve done differently. I like perfection so I would’ve brought the other pair of socks that would’ve matched better with the suit (I thought they didn’t fit but the Saks guy told me it was one size fits all when I returned them – so I never tried them on (that’s how perfect the wedding was that I’m writing about socks), and I wish I hadn’t gone to the restroom when my dad won the dancing competition, and I wish I would’ve had a better sense of where Christine’s phone was leading up to the wedding so that she wouldn’t stress about that.’


Most memorable moments?!
(1) Meeting Katya & Rob during our Welcome BBQ. I didn’t want to let them go…You guys are amazing!
(2) Seeing my father-in-law win the dance contest,
(3) Reading our vows – it was such a magical moment for us. We were just in our own bubble.
(4) Sunrise ‘Rock the Dress’ photoshoot – we were tired, but it was so worth it! Can’t believe I ‘trashed’ my dress! eek!’

(1) Seeing Christine for the first time in her dress.
(2) Dancing our first dance in front of our loved ones.
(3) Taking a moment to stand outside the circle and take in how amazing everything turned out to be before it was all over.’


Comments about vendors, resort etc …
Christine: ‘Ask for Mariela to be your coordinator – she is honest and thoughtful. She just gets it! The resort is breathtaking. The food, even the buffet, is delish. The service is impeccable. We have nothing but great things to say about Paradisus Palma Real. I’d recommend having a wedding at PPRR anytime.’

Ramon: ‘Mariela was amazing – the best! The grounds of the resort are amazing. I recommend The Reserve, although it’s out of the way, because you get to experience the whole resort and you have privacy. We got the best room The Reserve had to offer with the pool right outside and a private lounge area which was key when we decided to have a pool party in our room. The waiters brought us drinks, including a whole liter of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Those are the little things about the resort that are amazing. We tipped really well for all of their troubles but they were incredibly accomodating and never denied us anything that was doable. I also recommend Royal Service for guests because our families really took advantage of the butlers they got and of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Hennessy XO along with all of the other great wines and spirits they have in the Royal Service Lounge (that are only available for an extra fee everywhere else in the resort). We really enjoyed every bit of the resort because we had access to everything. Having a really fun group, if blessed to have one, is paramount, too. We took over the whole place! We had loads of fun every single night. The restaurants, pools, lounges – everything – were plentiful and accomodating enough to keep everyone happy.’
Advice for future brides?!
Christine: ‘Research. Research. Research. Although closer to the date, it’s all about the Wedding, pick days that you don’t have wedding-related conversations – have fun with each other. AND…be CONFIDENT in your choices and don’t listen to anyone. It’s about you and him!’
Ramon: ‘Don’t go with what seems better at first glance. There are a ton of places that may offer better prices for certain things to start and then hit you later for things that don’t turn out to be that great. Too often what is cheaper ends up costing more in the end. You get what you pay for in most cases. In this one, we got much more than we paid for. The BBQ with our package was brilliant. So, for example, we came prepared with a portable music player (with iPad adaptability) that was super loud and clutch because there was no music included with the BBQ. Look into everything! It’s your wedding day. You don’t get do-overs. And, finally, it was essential for us that we both were involved in the process and that WE were always more important than everyone else. We never waivered and established a true conviction when it came to everything we wanted.’


Hugs & kisses, dear Friends. Christine – Ramon – have a fabulous honeymoon … and get busy making a baby! You will both make such wonderful parents. Love you guys and can’t wait to hug you again. xoxo K+R.

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