one-on-one mentoring session. chelsey.

February 6, 2011


Am I really going to talk as fast as I can for 4 hours straight? Rob found it really funny that I was doubting that I could. Chelsey made it so easy. She is warm, funny, and determined. I know she will have many loving raving clients! But first, a few important decisions to make…

In this mentoring session, we talked about the importance of setting goals for your business, getting found by the right clients, staying sincere and memorable, making the best of your photo gear, tips and tricks for shooting on the fly and using your environment creatively, and many mistakes I’ve made that she doesn’t have to. We talked and laughed about things big and small over coffee and panini lunch at the quiet cozy Tesoro cafe. Despite the inhumane cold, we pulled off a quick photo session right outside the coffee house. Here is Chelsey, surrounded by snow 🙂

I’m really excited to see her brand and blog soon!!

Here is Franco, slaving away at another impeccable cappuccino. This place is a gem!!view portfolio   |   connect with us on facebook & twitter |   email us




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