ocean blue sand + jellyfish wedding. {heather + kyle}

May 27, 2014

I love Heather & Kyle’s love story. They initially connected on an online dating site, but were a bit skeptical. It wasn’t until both of their plans fell through one Saturday night that they decided to meet up for a coffee.  ‘From that moment, we were inseparable,’ Heather remembers. ‘Two blissful weeks later Kyle was offered a job in Vancouver at his Uncle Christopher’s software company and asked if I would move out there with him. We gave notice for our apartments, sold our belongings and 2 months later we were on our way to Vancouver, BC in my Honda Civic.  It was sporadic and out of character for me to take a huge risk like this, and throw all caution into the wind. I just knew there was something special there. Love makes us do crazy things!’

Here’s their gorgeous Punta Cana destination wedding at Ocean Blue & Sand all-inclusive + Jellyfish Restaurant … AND a sexy sunrise Rock the Dress session to top it off!

We haven’t been to this resort in a while and were SUPER impressed. I know the service can be hit & miss sometimes (as with many other all-inclusives), but the food was some of the BEST we’ve seen across Punta Cana and the resort grounds are gorgeous. Also, the internet was light speed in the lobby, so Rob & I were doing a happy dance around our laptops while uploading wedding files  🙂  The honeymoon suites are absolutely stunning, too (if you’re assertive and can get your hands on one!)

bridal boudoir

Heather, on the proposal: ‘After 5+ years of dating and becoming parents to 3 ‘fur babies’ (our dogs), I realized we didn’t have any nice family photos. I hired my friend Danielle who is a photographer to capture a fall family photo session as that is my favourite time of year. We took a few pictures of just the two of us, and as we were adjusting for the next shot, Kyle kneeled down and … I didn’t understand why until he pulled out a ring box. I was so shocked and confused I forgot to say yes! To this day I don’t recall a word he said – I just knew that my dreams had finally came true! It turns out that Kyle had let the photographer in on the secret that he had a ring and gave her a nod when the moment was right.’

destination wedding boudoir

Kyle on the proposal, ‘I have never been more nervous in my life as the ring felt like it was burning a hole in my pocket. We were planning on taking the photos in two locations. At the first location we took the dogs out and they got their pictures taken, and at the second location I told Heather we should leave the dogs in the car and get our pictures taken first.  When we were getting positioned for our second shot I knew this was it.  I went to kneel down and Heather in typical form says, “What are you doing, get up, we already had a pose where we were sitting down.”  

… I replied, “Heather Lee McArthur you make every day in my life better than the previous.  You make me laugh at things even when I feel down.  You’ve known me at my best and my worst and you have loved me no matter what. I need you in my life and love you with all my heart.  Most people don’t get the opportunity to find “the one” and I know you are my One.  I am so lucky to have you in my life and I want that feeling forever. Will you marry me?”  Heather just stood there, white-faced with her mouth open for what seemed like an eternity, until I said, “any day now” to which she snapped out of her trance and said, “Yes!!!!!” … and made an honest man out of me.’

bridal boudoir punta cana ocean blue sand resort weddingsexy bridesmaidsselfie bag

Kyle: ‘I can’t believe 7 years have passed as it seems like just yesterday I told Heather that I loved her.  I knew she was going to be an important part of my life very early on in the relationship and as she would tell you, I am always right!’

punta cana ocean blue sand

Arriving to the beautiful Jellyfish Restaurant for the ceremony and reception party. This was the very first of Jelly weddings done without Mayte Mari – and they’ve done so well! jellyfish new decorjellyfish decorpunta cana jellyfishpunta cana decorationsjellyfish decorationspunta cana weddingsdestination wedding decor

Most romantic memory together, according to Heather: ‘We went on a 2 week road trip from Vancouver to Tofino, to Long Beach Oregon. We camped on the beach and stayed at a quaint oceanfront bed & breakfast. It was a low key, no fuss, no cell phone vacation. Just the two of us and our dog, Boston. The whole trip was the perfect way to end our time living out on the west coast, as we moved back to Ontario shortly after.’

jellyfish bridesmaids

A beautiful, emotional First Look.

jellyfish first look

Most romantic memory together, according to Kyle: ‘My Uncle was kind enough to gift Heather and I tickets to the opening ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.  We sat in the first row and could walk right up to the stage, it was a very surreal experience.  It’s a moment Heather and I will never forget. It may not have been your typical candlelight romantic date, but it’s a feeling I can’t explain; I was so happy we got to spend it together.’jellyfish ceremony photos

Top three things Kyle loves about Heather: ‘her attitude, her patience (which she needs being with me) and most of all, how nurturing and kind she is to our three fur babies.’ 

pink wedding dressjellyfish wedding beach party

Top three things Heather loves about Kyle: ‘his family values, his ‘gift of gab’ & ability to make friends easily, and how he’s so supportive in everything I do!’

dominican republic weddingsjellyfish shrimp punta canajellyfish restaurant foodjellyfish katya novanew jellyfish decorationsjellyfish outside first dancejellyfish crazy showtrash the dress punta cana

Heather’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘reality TV, pizza, and football sunday.’

Kyle’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘XBOX! I was never a “gamer” growing up but I see how people get pulled in as I am now an avid gamer.’

sunrise trash the dress

My absolute favourite out of the Collection… and can we talk about Heather’s amazing wedding gown for a second?! Wow! creative trash the dress dominicanrock the dress b wkatya nova behind the scenessexy trash the dress

‘With Kyle by my side, I feel like I have a partner for life who supports me in everything I do, and encourages me to reach for my goals when I feel like I have nothing left to give.  I value his opinion so much.  I have also inherited a 2nd family that I love as my own. Oh, and also, I don’t have to carry in the groceries or take out the trash anymore.’  🙂

caribbean wedding photossexy beach boudoir

‘With Heather in my life, I have learned to appreciate the quiet/relaxing time in a day and I feel like I live a much more complete life now.

pink wedding dress


What did you love most about your wedding?

‘We loved the venue!! A destination wedding at Jellyfish was the perfect spot for us and our guests.’

Any regrets, what would you have done differently?

Heather: ‘I should have had that champagne that Katya kept offering! I tried my best to let go of little things that went wrong, a drink or two would have helped’ 🙂

Kyle: ‘Everything went off without a hitch and as Heather said, there were small things that we noticed that were wrong but nothing that would affect our guests.’

Most memorable moments?

‘Our most memorable moment was by far the ‘First Look’! We agreed that it was the best decision and we are so glad Katya suggested it. Having that private moment together before the ceremony allowed us to cry, laugh and enjoy each other. It really took the edge off!’

Heather: ‘I remember my mom lacing up my dress, looking back and seeing my all my bridesmaids wearing their robes, sitting on the bed watching! Also, the moment before my dad and I walked down the aisle we saw all the guests stand and look back at us – it is something I will never forget.’

Kyle: ‘I remember not being nervous while getting ready with the groomsmen, we were laughing and there was no stress at all. As I am not a very emotional person I thought I would hold it together for the entire ceremony but once I saw Heather for the First Look, a wave of emotion hit me and I was in awe of how amazing & beautiful she looked. After that it was game over for the entire ceremony as I cried enough for the both of us! Another moment I remember is when Heather was walking down the aisle and I was hit with an emotion you can’t really explain until you are in that scenario of being married, it was truly a magical day.’

Comments on resorts / vendors?

‘I loved that when Katya, Rob & Lacy arrived they already knew about our love story, our personalities and our families (Rob was even able to recall the names of our 3 dogs!) It was like welcoming friends with fancy cameras. Katya has such a calming energy and it really helped me relax and enjoy our big day.

We were the first wedding at Jellyfish without our beloved Mayte. Gabriel, Isaac and their team worked their magic and we were so happy with the way everything turned out, small mistakes and all! Food, drinks, decor and entertainment were all excellent and I would recommend this venue in a heartbeat.

Hiring Krystie Ann for our hair and makeup was the perfect choice. I was nervous using the resort’s salon due to potential language barriers and also because the resort hosted 2 other weddings that day! Most of us brought pictures for her to reference and we were all so happy with the results.

Any advice for future brides?!

‘Dont sweat the small stuff, and remember to delegate – your bridal party is there for a reason! For any Jellyfish brides out there, get the Crazy Hour!! It was the highlight of our reception.’



Warmest congratulations! Heather & Kyle, you two are absolute GEMS!!! xoxo K+R.

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