now larimar wedding photographer. {lisa + mike}

November 20, 2012

What a love story. Lisa & Mike met through mutual friends when they were just 16. ‘I took one look at his baby blues, and I was hooked,’ says Lisa. Shortly after, Mike moved to Halifax and the universe wouldn’t reunite them until year 2000 … they have been inseparable ever since.

They have artfully weaved the tapestry of their relationship for well over a decade and still find utmost joy in the little things… Like indulging in sweets and making up songs with silly lyrics at the top of the sugar fix; racing through volumes upon volumes of adventure and fantasy book series; snuggling with their two adopted cats whom they call ‘The Tuna Boys’; and nurturing each other’s free-spirited nature and love for life.

Mike made my heart melt even before we met on their wedding day with this little confession: ‘Lisa bought me a fake plastic rose to help make up for a fight we got into, and before we moved in together, I had kept it for 10 years’.

The proposal finally came on Christmas Eve, when they were getting ready to go for family dinner. Lisa noticed Mike on the couch, and he looked really nervous. She asked: ‘What’s wrong with you?’ He kept saying it was nothing, but then he got up, walked over and said ‘I can’t take it any more.’ Lisa had rollers in her hair, still in underwear, as Mike dropped down on one knee and asked, ‘Wll you Marry me?’

Our favourite moment of the day was definitely the First Look. It was the first time we’d seen them together and it felt as if they got reunited after weeks, if not months, of longing for each other!! As Lisa walked up behind him, Mike gazed out to the garden, listening to a surprise we had prepared on our little boombox – their song, Somersault by Zero 7. I get shivers thinking about that moment!

Here’s their beautiful Now Larimar wedding…

Nothing but love for you guys!!! CONGRATULATIONS! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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