now larimar punta cana wedding. {allison + pedro}

January 5, 2016

Allison: “Pedro and I met while working at a restaurant as servers – our uniform was white button downs and American flag ties – sexy, right? …but he still fell for me! Haha – actually neither of us had an interest beyond coworkers initially, and we were both in separate long term relationships. Years later, both of our relationships ended around the same time, and we had a pretty solid friendship at that point. It blossomed into something more when Pedro asked me out on a date – to watch “a scary movie” – I think he wanted to “keep me safe.” We ended up watching The Ring, and have been inseparable since!”

Pedro: “I always had a secret crush on her, even though I always doubted if she even acknowledged my existence, due to the fact that she likes to keep quiet, and well, so do I. She went away to Indiana for a while, and when she came back it was a whole different story, we actually started speaking to each other. I remember she said she liked my Mohawk, and I finally got up the courage to ask her out on a date. The date was one to remember along with the many more we had, which led to our love forever.”

Such a beautiful Couple. So much love…

And here’s their gorgeous Now Larimar destination wedding in Punta Cana paradise!

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Top three things Pedro loves about Allison: “Top 3 things I love about my blondie: I love the caring and mature person that she is, let’s start off with that. I love that she looks out for the better interests in me instead of just letting me settle. I love that she’s a great cook, as well as a great baker, I love that she can be a couch potato with me on a Sunday and hitting the gym hardcore with me on Monday. I love her because she’s my best friend.”

now larimar brides now larimar bridesmaids

Allison, on having a destination wedding:

“About 8 years ago, my mom and dad went to St. Thomas. When they got back, my mom raved about all the beautiful destination weddings that had happened at their resort, and told me that when I get married, I should seriously consider a destination wedding. I remember telling her NO way, I knew I didn’t want a small wedding far away from all my friends. Then I met Pedro, and got a bit older. A few months before we got engaged, it dawned on me how incredible it would be to go away with just our closest people and have an entire vacation celebrating becoming married. I brought it up to Pedro, and he LOVED the idea.”

Pedro adds: “I never thought she’d want to do something like that! I never wanted a big wedding either. I was so glad!”

now larimar details

Top three things Allison loves about Pedro: “1. He’s so accepting, I always feel adored – he loves me no matter how moody or messy I am, and I love that.  2. He is incredibly giving and the hardest worker! I didn’t realize until recently what an asset to our relationship that would be.  3. This sounds weird, but I love how different he is from me! It both challenges and balances me.”

now larimar groomnow larimar bride

Ideal day together according to Allison: “I’m ALWAYS planning for us, so it would probably be an activity packed day time (wine tasting, apple picking, kayaking) followed by cooking dinner for Pedro and lounging on the couch all night while watching marathons of a new favourite TV show.”

now larimar bridenow larimar bride

Ideal day together according to Pedro: “It all depends on our mood (and I love that we have this in common), an ideal day for us might be hanging out with a bottle of wine, some homemade food or take out, and a lifetime movie. Sometimes, we are in the mood to go out and have fun, whether it’s  trying out new exciting places to eat (we love food as you can tell), also discovering new places with fun activities.”

now larimar bridenow larimar bride

Allison: “Pedro has a LOT of nicknames for me.  He mostly calls me “his blondie” and “babe.”  I always wanted him to call me some cute Brazilian pet name, and somehow we ended up with “Bebezones” and “Boo-zinhas!”

now larimar bridenow larimar bridenow larimar bridenow larimar bride

Allison on the Proposal:

“Dec 15, 2014! Pedro says he had a lot of fun planning it, but he was nervous about everything going the right way. We went out for “Sunday Funday” – not out of the ordinary for us, we both work two jobs each and Sundays are our day together. We went out to lunch at Faneuil Hall in Boston, then Pedro said he had a “cool place” to take me. We walked to the Marriot Custom House, and when we got there, he told them we were there for the 3 pm tour. The ladies at the desk acted confused – they said the last tour for the day went out already but that would ask the tour guide to bring us up anyways. They also said he might be cranky about it – which he was. I was annoyed that Pedro had been half-assed in his planning and didn’t confirm the tour times! So the guide brought us up to the top floor where there’s a 360 degree observation deck and led us outside. He then left us there, telling us to just come back down when we were ready, and rushed off. I remember asking Pedro if it was ok for us to be there, because the guide seemed mad. He assured me it was, and led me over to look through the observation binoculars. When I turned around, he was on one knee! Pedro was so excited he forgot to actually ask “will you marry me” – but I got the point. He surprised me again that night with a hotel room and dinner cruise on the Boston harbour to celebrate. It was a beautiful day!”

now larimar groom

Allison’s favourite guilty pleasures: “Laying on the couch for way too many hours and watching lifetime movies. Making WAY too much food for one sitting. Like really..one time for Sunday breakfast we made egg sandwiches, banana pancakes, bacon, and mimosas… and ate all of it while watching a Harry Potter marathon.”

now larimar first look

Pedro’s favourite guilty pleasures: “Hanging out at home on a nice quiet Sunday enjoying many delicious meals. We love to cook our own meals, so we get pretty creative. In addition, of course movies… nothing beats that combination.”

punta cana first look first look punta cana wedding

Most romantic memory together according to Allison: “I think my most romantic memory of us was one of our trips to California. I wanted Pedro to see scenic route one, but it was POURING out. I was upset, and irritated because it NEVER rains there – except the one day we had planned a fun road trip. I HATE it when my plans go awry. Pedro convinced me that we should go anyways, so we drove up to half moon bay, then drove from there to Santa Cruz along the coastline. It was torrentially raining but we stopped every mile or so and ran outside in the rain, to admire the views, take pictures, and make out.”

now larimar first look

Most romantic memory together according to Pedro: “The day we got engaged, I wish for that day to be repeated over and over again, not that we don’t have any other romantic days!”

now larimar beach weddingnow larimar wedding ceremonynow larimar

Allison: “One Valentine’s day, Pedro made me a scrapbook commemorating our entire relationship.  He got a blank journal, printed out pictures from all different stages of our relationship (first pictures taken, first vacation, our cat, our first apartment, etc), made drawings, wrote funny memories in. He filled the pages with incredibly touching and personal memories. It’s beautiful, and one of my most prized possessions.”

now larimar fountain ceremony

Pedro: “Favorite gift I have ever gotten would have to be the day we got ‘paper’ married, I woke up to surprise breakfast in bed, a lovely morning kiss, and my favourite Cologne, along with one of the best cards with a personal note ever. It was very sweet and I cherish that moment a lot.”

now larimar punta cana punta cana now larimar

Allison: “If Pedro had magical powers, it would be the power of irresistibility! People are drawn to his charismatic ways and always LOVE Pedro when they first meet him!” 

Pedro: “If Allison had a magical power, she’d be a wizard, just like Harry Potter – one of her favourite movies!”

now larimar wedding

When you are upset or irritated, what’s a way your fiancée can make you melt?

Allison: “Due to my Irish temper, Pedro’s had to come up with a lot of ways to make me melt. He’s so good at it! To be honest, he’s almost always the one that diffuses the situation. He always comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek, wraps his arms around me, and doesn’t let me go. He literally smothers me in hugs until I melt.”

now larimar beach wedding

Pedro: “When I’m feeling upset throughout the day all I need is for Allison to get me a drink, rub my feet, or rub my back …. no, all I really need is her presence and it makes me feel better, as cheesy as it may be, that’s all I need, my wife.”now larimar wedding now larimar destination wedding

Pedro: “My life is completely different in many ways. I find myself thinking all the time about how much I changed into a better and more responsible person. I was never the brightest kid growing up, a bit of a troublemaker, and up until I met Allison I think that if asked to my family they would have the same response. I’ll tell ya, this lady really swept me off my feet.”

punta cana beach wedding

Allison: “My take on life is different because of Pedro. I’m an incredible type A/planning type, and Pedro is definitely a “type B” go with the flow kind of guy, which has been frustrating at times but really valuable too. I’ve learned to relax more, roll with the punches, and be more patient.”

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Allison: “I really appreciate Pedro’s laid back nature. Also his thoughtfulness – like when I’ve had a stressful day, he’ll leave dinner in the fridge, sweatpants laid out on the bed, and a sweet note on the fridge for me. He can always put a smile on my face.”

Pedro: “What I appreciate most about Allison is her presence, whenever I have long shifts at work, and I have to close and get home with not much time to enjoy her, I find myself feeling that something is missing. There is nothing like having my babe around.”

punta cana wedding reception

First dance song … Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes: “40 Day Dream.”

now larimar first dance

Allison’s favourite things to find in the fridge: “Seltzer. We are both obsessed with cans of pink grapefruit or raspberry lime seltzer. Iced coffee. Red pepper jelly and goat cheese when I’m feeling fancy. Pedro’s mom’s potato or pasta salad.”  

Pedro’s favourite things to find in the fridge: “Polar seltzer water. Beer. Allison’s home cooked leftovers. My mom’s meals that I bring home after a visit. Chalula hot sauce.”

now larimar wedding reception

Allison: “If Pedro had magical powers, it would be the power of irresistibility! People are drawn to his charismatic ways and always LOVE Pedro when they first meet him!” 

Pedro: “If Allison had a magical power, she’d be a wizard, just like Harry Potter – one of her favourite movies!”

now larimar wedding partynow larimar fire show

Allison: “I love it when he plays with my hair in the morning to make me fall back asleep. I love that he goes along with all my crazy plans without ever complaining. I love that he plays with my beloved nephews until they’re all shrieking with laughter.”

Pedro: “I love that she is my partner in crime. I love it when we shower together even though it’s uncomfortable in our tiny shower. I love it when she is sore from doing squats and I get to massage her sexy butt.”

fire show now larimar

Our dearest Allison & Pedro, thank you for your AMAZING energy and loving vibes! Wishing you many, many decades of joy-filled happiness!! xoxoxoxo Katya, Rob & baby Zion. 


What did you love most about your Wedding?

Allison: “Tough question, I loved everything! The best part would have to be how intimate it was – having our 30 closest friends and family members all together in an extraordinary place – we got to spend quality time with everyone, and that was so important and special to me. Also, I never thought I’d say I love the fact that it rained on my wedding day – but it’s true!”

Pedro: “That I got to marry Allison, with our family and friends present. And the weather! It was like somebody was controlling the weather according to our wedding plans – the rain and the sky made it as romantic as could be.”

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

Allison: “Stressing out about the rain, constantly checking the forecast the days leading up to the wedding. Realizing that I don’t have control over everything, but that’s ok – sometimes the things you don’t have control over end up being the best parts.”

Pedro: “Absolutely nothing. It was the best day ever.”

Three most memorable moments from the Day /  Wedding week?

Allison: “1. Hearing our ceremony and vows at the altar. We wrote our vows separately, and wrote the ceremony from scratch together. Hearing it all come together was beautiful and exciting!  2. Seeing Pedro for the first time at our First Look. I was so anxious, there was another wedding happening beside us on the beach and it looked like it was about to downpour – but as soon as I walked up behind him and put my arms around him, everything else just disappeared. I was literally shaking with excitement.  3. Partying all week with our friends and family! And the amazing support everyone gave us leading up to the wedding. Everyone played a part.”

Pedro: “1. Our First Look – there was a big build up and excitement. I remember Rob saying “I see her… She’s right behind you”. Allison came up from behind and gave me a big hug – I just wanted to see her already! She looked drop dead gorgeous, I couldn’t stop kissing her. 2. My dad coming from Brazil – I hadn’t seen him in 8 years, and Allison got to meet him, which was huge. 3. The party – everyone dancing outside, taking mamajuana shots, the surprise fire dancers.”

Comments about vendors, resort etc

“We thought Now Larimar was great. Really beautiful wedding/reception spots and amazingly affordable. The food at the wedding was much better than expected. We weren’t AS impressed with the wedding coordinators as we had hoped to be, we had to rally be on top of a lot of things and felt that they should have been the ones paying mind to details. But the staff in general at Now Larimar were extremely hospitable and friendly. Overall, we chose the best resort for us.

We paid to bring my fabulous hair stylist (Jill Ferguson of Jillian’s Hair) with us to Punta Cana, and I’m so glad! Hair is a big deal! Relying on the resort (which got so-so reviews with respect to their salon) without a hair trial was too much for me to handle. 

And of course, we can’t say enough about our fabulous photographers who truly made the day seamless.”

Any advice for future Brides/Grooms?! 

Allison: “Everyone always said “don’t worry, everything will turn out perfectly”. Well the truth is, it really doesn’t help to hear it – stressing out at some point is part of the process of a wedding for most brides (and grooms!). But the bottom line is: you control how you feel that day. You can either let details of that day ruin it for you, or decide that your day will be amazing no matter what. Tell yourself early on – it will be the best day of my life. Repeat it as your mantra, and wake up that morning committed to feeling fabulous all day!”

Pedro: “Be very supportive of your wife that day and the days leading up, she has been waiting for this day and preparing and putting a lot of work into it. And remember nothing can ruin that day, it will be special no matter what.”



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