now larimar + jellyfish punta cana wedding. {tammy + michael}

February 10, 2015

When friends invite you to come to Vegas for the weekend and you can’t come up with a good enough excuse not to go – there’s a pretty good chance it’s meant to be, right?! Tammy can tell you all about it. ‘Michael and I are both from Oklahoma, we went to the same university and had the same group of friends, but didn‘t know each other until our mutual friends invited us on that trip to Vegas. At first I wasn’t sure about going since I didn’t know everyone… but it turned out to be the best trip ever. I got to meet a new friend who was sweet, cute, and intelligent. Since Michael lived in Austin and I lived in Oklahoma, we had some doubts about a long distance relationship, but we were willing to try and work it out. Every other weekend he drove back to Oklahoma for a couple days and when it was my turn, I drove to Austin. Two years later we decided that in order to move the relationship forward, l had to move to Austin. So, I sold my house and started making the big move. It was scary at first but knowing that we had each other made it all worth it.’

Here’s their perfect Wedding at Punta Cana’s Now Larimar resort & Jellyfish Restaurant!!

Tammy & Michael, you are perfect sweethearts and soul mates – it’s so beautiful and obvious! We are so grateful to have been a part of your magical Wedding, wishing you so much love!!! xoxo K+R
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Top three things Tammy loves about Michael: ‘I love that Michael always tries to clean up the house and do the laundry right before my day off so I can have a relaxing day with no chores to do. I love that he loves me so much, that he’ll save the best part of a meal for me even if it’s his favourite too. Lastly, Michael is very romantic; he’s always trying to surprise me with special things to make me happy.’ 

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Top three things Michael loves about Tammy: ‘I love that Tammy loves to feed me. She understands that the path to my heart is through my stomach, but despite my insistence that she shouldn’t worry about me going hungry, she always wants to pack me a lunch and make me dinner. I also love how she understands me and deals with all of my eccentricities because I’m definitely a Type A personality. Lastly, I love and admire how ambitious she is. She’s always shooting for the stars and wants to be the best at everything she does.’

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Tammy, on the Proposal:

‘It was awesome, I was totally surprised! Michael had planned out a month long vacation to Vietnam, but before we left he contacted our cruise company and set up a romantic private beach area for us. When he took me to the private beach area, he told me to close my eyes until he came back. He then walked me to the center of the beach where they had set up a heart in the sand and he pulled out his phone to show me the video that he recorded of himself playing the ukulele and then he sang my favourite song. At first I thought it was my late anniversary present, until he got down on one knee, told me how he felt about me and asked me to marry him. I tried to say “yes” but all that came out was “uh huh”!’

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Michael, filling in a few blanks about the Proposal:

‘Tammy was born in Vietnam and hadn’t been back since she was a little girl, so it was a long time goal of mine to eventually take her back there. We decided to take the trip of a lifetime to Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. By that point, we had been together for about 2.5 years, and I was sure that Tammy was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so I decided to propose on this vacation. 

One day she joked that she didn’t even need a ring, as long as I would play and sing a song for her – this was all the inspiration I needed! The next day I bought a ukulele and over the next month, spent 1-2 hours each day after work secretly practicing playing one of Tammy’s all time favourite songs, Bruno Mars’ ‘Just the Way You Are.’

The cruise dates coincided with our 3rd year anniversary, which was perfect. The tour company set everything up! After we had toured a floating fishing village, our boat docked near a beach where we would have our lunch. The guide and the boat’s crew left on small motorboat under the guise that they’d be setting up the area for our beach BBQ lunch, when in fact they did their best to clean up the beach, created a heart shape out of small white stones, filled it with rose petals, and then spelled out our names with more stones. 

As we got closer in our little kayak, I suggested that the beach looked like a nice area to hang out. As we got closer, Tammy could see that there was a heart shape in the sand, and she assumed that the crew had set this up as part of our lunch. We landed the kayak on the beach and I told Tammy to wait there for a few minutes, as I had a surprise for her. I then ran off and set up a camera on a tripod. When I brought Tammy closer and had her open her eyes, she was in shock when she read our names. I then pulled out my phone, and started playing the video of me playing the ukulele to the song, and started singing the song to her live. After the song ended, we hugged and kissed as she thought this was the late anniversary gift I had promised. Then I got down on one knee, told her how I felt about her, and asked her to marry me. She didn’t quite say yes right away, but managed to choke out a tear-filled “uh huh” as we hugged.’

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Michael: Without Tammy in my life, I would be a total hermit crab. She keeps me active and encourages me to go outside more.’

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Tammy: ‘Before Michael, my life was dominated by work work and more work. It was all I thought about. Now I have much more balance in my life. I want to come home and hang out with my fiancé more than anything in the world.’punta cana destination weddingskatya nova destination bride

Ideal day together according to Tammy: ‘My ideal day is to have a long sleep cuddling with Michael and our 3 dogs, wake up with breakfast ready and sit around with a cup of hot tea watching our favourite TV shows.’

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Ideal day together according to Michael: ‘Tammy works a lot, so we don’t get to spend as much time together as we’d like. My ideal day with her is just a lazy Sunday at home where we get to play with our dogs, make dinner together, and watch a movie.’

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Michael’s nickname for Tammy: ‘Donut.’

Tammy’s nickname for Michael: ‘Piggy.’

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Tammy’s favourite gift from Michael: ‘He hand-made me a picture frame with a small electronic display under the image that counts up by 1 every 24 hours. Underneath the display the text says “Days of Happiness” to signify the number of days since he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was the most amazing gift ever!’

Michael’s favourite gift from Tammy: ‘Since I wanted to be an astronaut as a kid, Tammy got me a huge 1204 piece Lego model of the Space Shuttle that I had a complete blast putting together.’

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Kids rule. Kids at weddings double-rule! best destination weddingspunta cana destination weddingjellyfish beach weddingsdominican republic wedding photos

Most romantic memory together according to Tammy: ‘We have a lot of romantic memories together, but my favourite was on Christmas Day a few years ago. He bought me 14 presents, each one of the items was something small that I really needed for my daily life, but something I was too cheap to replace with a new one! It was very thoughtful of him.’

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Most romantic memory together according to Michael: ‘My favourite romantic moment was sitting next to Tammy in a kayak, in a lagoon accessed through a tunnel called Bat Cave in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand. We had just finished building kratongs, a floating offering to the ‘goddess of the sea’ made of banana leaves and orchids. We were paddled into the lagoon in the dark of the night, lit up the kratongs, and sat together watching as they floated away.

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Tammy’s favourite guilty pleasure: ‘A good discount!’

Michael’s favourite guilty pleasures:Buying gadgets and eating bacon.’

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Tammy’s favourite thing to find in the fridge: ‘Sweet tea!’

Michael’s favourite thing to find in the fridge: Leftover pizza!’

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Tammy & Michael are huge foodies, so here’s something to make their (and your) mouth water!!jellyfish punta cana seafoodana bell cakesbavaro punta cana wedding cakejellyfish sparklers first dancefire show wedding jellyfish fireshowjellyfish punta cana weddingsjellyfish punta cana wedding party

Next day, an amazing trip to the not-so-secret Ojos Indigenas lagoons! punta cana lagoons wedding photos

Tammy: Michael is a caring man. He notices every little thing that I need before I even know it and he makes sure to take care of them for me to make my life easier. I really appreciate that about him.’

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Michael: The thing that I appreciate most about Tammy is how selfless she can be. She’s always putting me first, and worrying about what I want or need before herself even if I insists that’s often a bad thing. She loves feeding me, taking care of me, and showing her love for me, and I just couldn’t possibly ask for more.’

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What did you love most about your Wedding?

The greatest thing about our wedding was simply the fact that we got to spend an entire week with the most important people in our lives. We’re all scattered throughout the country, so it was a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity to have everyone be together to share our special day.’

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

‘Nothing we can think of! We spent a year meticulously planning out every detail, and it all went as smoothly as we could have possibly hoped for.’

Most memorable moments from the Day / Wedding week?

  • ‘The Crazy Hour was easily the most memorable part of our Wedding. We kept it a secret from all our guests, even our bridal party, and the look on everyone’s faces when the fire dancers, carnival dancers, and the guy on stilts came out in their crazy costumes was priceless!
  • At the Rock the Dress session with Katya & Rob: when Rob fashioned a flotation device for Tammy out of a trash bag, and we floated her across the lagoon to get some amazing shots taken!
  • At the end of our snorkeling tour with Sanael, Bruno Mar’s “Marry You” started playing, and all of guests sang along and held an impromptu dance party.’

Comments about vendors, resort etc

 ‘Katya Nova:

  • Katya and Rob are one of the warmest and loving couples we have ever met. Their passion for life, each other, and photography is evident the moment you meet them. They are truly professional, and we can’t even begin to tell you how many of our guests commented to us about how amazing our photographers were (this is before they had even seen a single picture that was taken). We were a bit nervous, it being our first time having professional photos taken, but Katya was incredible at giving us soothing calming instructions, that really helped us to feel at ease and to block out the rest of the world. Our Rock the Dress session the morning after the wedding at the Punta Cana lagoons is a memory that we won’t soon forget. It was an absolute blast, and we couldn’t recommend Katya & Rob enough. Fun fact: It was actually through Katya’s blog post about her own wedding that led us to discovering them and the Jellyfish.

     Cores Films:

  • Diego and Juan did a fantastic job and we can’t wait to see the footage they shot. They are extremely professional and fun to work with.


  • What can be said about the Jellyfish that hasn’t already been said? The venue is beautiful, the food is delicious (I’d highly recommend getting the seafood platter), and the staff is excellent. This place is certainly a well-oiled machine, and everything went smoothly. We were slightly disappointed by the cake though, and would probably recommend choosing your own cake vendor. Be aware that communication can also be extremely difficult, with many emails going unanswered. However, it was all worth it in the end and we have no regrets about choosing to get married at the Jellyfish.

     Pastor Mark Lykins:

  • Pastor Mark was amazing. He did a great job reading the ceremony script that we had prepared. He was constantly discretely giving us advice to keep us calm and relaxed, and made sure we understood what was going to happen next given that we didn’t have a rehearsal.

     Anna Nuet:

  • We can’t thank Anna enough for the wonderful hair and makeup job she did for all the ladies. Originally, she was unavailable for our wedding day, but was kind enough to postpone her plans for a day so she could fit us in, and we didn’t even ask her to! The makeup and hair for all of us came out perfect, exactly what I was picture in the beginning. Anna was even able squeeze my Aunt and Mother in-law in even though she had a fight to catch right after.  

     DJ Ariel Perez:

  • DJ Ariel is the house DJ at Jellyfish, and did a great job keeping the party going. We contacted him a few weeks before the wedding and sent him all of the music we wanted to be played. He nailed everything. 

     Now Larimar:

  • Now Larimar was our first experience ever at an all-inclusive resort, and we were extremely pleased with the choice. The service was phenomenal, the food was great, and the beach/pools were nice and clean. It was just the right size for our group of 50. No wrist bands and no reservations required at the restaurants were also a huge bonus. I’d highly recommend having all guests book at least a tropical view room, and to avoid the default garden view room.

     Patty Wright and Kristen Bullock (Travel Agents):

  • Patty and Kristen were our amazing travel agents, and worked with us over the course of a year to select a resort, and get all of our guests booked. I can’t recommend them enough. They are extremely knowledgeable about destination weddings in the Dominican Republic, and regularly travel there to keep up to date on resorts and venues. Patty walked us through the whole process of selecting a resort and understanding their promotions available for large group bookings as well as helping us to secure the group booking. Kristen then handled all of the communication and finances with our guests. They were constantly in communication with us, updating us on the status of our guest lists, and making sure that everything was going smoothly. I can’t believe how easy it was to organize 48 of our friends and family to another country thanks to the amazing work that Patty and Kristen did.

Dominican Favors:

  • We got mini bottles of mamajuana with personalized tags as gifts for our guests and they turned out great! They were extremely easy to contact and work with and if you are having your gifts sent to Jellyfish, Jellyfish will add the bill to your quote so you don’t have another vendor to worry about paying.

Sanael Carribean Boat:

  • We booked a 3 hour snorkeling tour with Sanael for all of our guests, and it was definitely one of the highlights of our week. Everyone had a blast, as it was really nice to get away from the resort for a private event. If you are staying at certain resorts (Now Larimar included), they can land directly on the beach in front of the resort to pick everyone up. It was definitely a sight to behold.’

Advice for future Brides/Grooms?

‘Planning a destination wedding can be difficult and stressful at times, but don’t sweat the small details. On the day of your wedding, no one will notice or care about all the minor things that have caused you so much stress, especially you. Just relax, enjoy the moment and focus on the fact that you’re marrying the love of your life, because time flies by incredibly quickly.’



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