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August 17, 2014

‘When people say they find love in the strangest and most unexpected places, it really does happen!’ Vivian laughs. Fate *literally* knocked on her door one fateful day, when a handsome internet / cable technician was dispatched to her house. Yes!!!!! What started out as innocent flirting led to a beautiful partnership and eventually, to a touching wedding ceremony on one of the loveliest beaches of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Vivian adds, ‘that was 8 summers ago and it is incredible to look back and see how much we have grown individually and together as a couple…and there is still so much more to learn!’

Doesn’t this love story remind you of Nadya & Damir? Pretty cool! Both couples have the Calgary / Toronto connection too!!! Single ladies reading my blog (oh yeah, you know who you are!): the only logical conclusion is that you should periodically pretend that your wifi doesn’t work and see if your perfect prince comes over to save the day.

Vivian & Gordon are absolute sweethearts and compliment each other so well – tender and quirky, laid-back and kind, it’s so obvious they are perfect for each other.

Here’s their dream wedding at Now Larimar Punta Cana & Huracan Cafe next door … one of my favourite set-ups EVER by Mayte Mari & Nati! Enjoy!
now larimar bridal suite

Vivian, on the proposal:

‘He proposed to me at a restaurant called Sunset Mona Lisa in Los Cabos, Mexico. It was on my birthday, so he surprised me with reservations off the resort, which was already a super nice gesture. The restaurant was situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It was during sunset, so it was very romantic! We were waiting for our dinner and looking out to the horizon when I jokingly nudged him and said, “Wow, wouldn’t this be a nice time to propose??” Low and behold, he got down on his knees and asked! I was really taken back by how much planning he did – getting the ring in time for our trip, hiding it the whole time (!!), making reservations and getting the staff in on the secret way ahead of time.’

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The moments right before the rain are so magical. Just look at the water in comparison to the sky!!
huracan dancefloor

Mayte & Nati’s stunning decor…huracan cafe wedding photoshuracan cafe weddingshuracan punta cana wedding

Vivian changed into a gorgeous traditional Chinese dress for the tea ceremony. chinese dress destination wedding

Tea ceremony in the Huracan Cafe Bridal Suitechinese tea ceremony punta cana

Ideal date together: ‘anywhere with yummy food, craft beers and good wine!’

huracan dominican wedding

What did you love most about your Wedding?!

Vivian: ‘Besides saying I Do to my husband 😉 … Our families and friends meeting for the first time! I was super nervous and worried about whether everyone was going to get along the days & weeks before the wedding. But there must have been something in the water (and the beautiful sunshine!) because everyone took right off, laughing and enjoying each other’s company all week long!’

huracan cafe portraitshuracan wedding foodhuracan wedding receptionhuracan fire showvg-5693 blhuracan cafe wedding receptionBRIDE & GROOM POST-WEDDING REFLECTIONS:

Any regrets, what would you have done differently if you could?

Vivian & Gordon: ‘No regrets! Everyone was so kind to us. Our most favourite people in the world made the trek to witness our special day plus we had beautiful weather and lots of laughs all week long. Even the bit of rain we had during our reception didn’t faze us at all!’ 


Vivian, on the most memorable moments from the Wedding:

‘One big moment has to do with my mom. I am really glad I stuck to my gut and incorporated some of the more traditional Chinese elements into the wedding. We took part in a hair ceremony the night before and a tea ceremony the day of. My mom really surprised me by how much prep she did and the wonderful keepsakes she passed down to me from my grandmother, and the blessings she said to me.

Two…The girls planned a bridal shower for me at the resort! I was so spoiled with an album of personalized notes from everyone with Polaroid pics, presents, games, and so much love. 

And Three…Waking up next to each other the morning after and knowing things have changed.’


Comments about vendors, resort etc

‘Luisa (Now Larimar) 

Luisa was our wedding coordinator at the resort. She was fantastic! She responded promptly to my emails and answered all my questions. It was so nice to meet her in person when we arrived at the resort. She was so nice and professional and we had no worries about how our big day would turn out! I dropped off a suitcase full of decorations for the ceremony with very little instructions and she did an amazing job decorating – everything was exactly how I envisioned.

Katya & Rob (Katya Nova Photography)

The kindest & coolest people we have ever met! My girls loooooved you Katya! They had so much fun taking pictures and getting to know you and your awesome song choices! The boys really appreciated your help too Rob, even though they needed a bit more push getting into it 😉

Nati & Mayte Mari (Huracan Café)

Such a lovely pair of ladies! Hard working and so dedicated to making sure you are happy with your choices every step of the way. There was nothing I asked for that could not be done – what a way to make a bride happy! Very professional and so easy to work with. The venue was perfect, the food was delish, and the staff were incredibly helpful.

Our Travel Agents: Ruth & Theoni (Crowfoot Travel)

Another team of awesome ladies that took care of every little detail for our group travel logistics and booking. 

Pastor Mark Lykins

Very happy we decided on finding a pastor to perform our ceremony! He did a wonderful job and was so personable even though we met him just minutes before the altar!’


Any advice for future brides?!

‘The worries and the stress of it all leading up to the Big Day is so minor compared to the joy and love you feel the day of. Remember to look around you and take in everything there is to see, the smiling faces and the personalized touches in the décor; take in the sounds of the music, the laughter and the conversations, and smell the wonderful foods, flowers and the air in front of you. The day goes by so quick so you don’t want to miss a thing!’


Vivian & Gordon, you two really know how to celebrate what’s most important in life – we sincerely hope you ALWAYS do! Hugs & kisses from Edmonton! K+R.

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