melia punta cana + jellyfish wedding. {susie + hiran}

June 11, 2013

Susie & Hiran first met while working at a part-time job in London, England to help them get through university. The friendship was instant. As time went on, they started hanging out more, cooking for each other and training for the Nike 10k marathon together. Shortly afterwards, Hiran had the opportunity to move to New York for work. ‘That’s when I realized how special our friendship was and that I wanted more,’ Susie recalls, ‘so we agreed to give a long distance relationship a try.’  That was 8 years ago and they’ve been together ever since. Susie & Hiran have known for a long time they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together…

The joyous celebration of their love started at Melia Tropical Punta Cana resort, with traditional Chinese games to win the bride. What a riot their bridal party were! I remember laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. Susie & Hiran are so beautiful together, so easygoing and loveable… Even despite the drizzling afternoon rain, they were perfectly content. And it made all the difference!

Susie hides behind the curtain, sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi tub… 

Three things Susie loves about Hiran:‘he makes me feel safe; he is assertive and gets things done; Hiran takes care of me and cooks my meals.’ 🙂

Three things Hiran loves about Susie: ‘she lets me be myself; she challenges me; and last but not least, Susie is a nerd at heart, just like me.’

One for the road, before heading over to Jellyfish Restaurant…

‘Hiran proposed in a way that was really ‘us.’ We had just moved into our newly purchased home and Hiran hid the engagement ring in one of the moving boxes, on purpose. I found the ring while we were unpacking and Hiran got down on one knee to propose!’

‘For years I never fully understood what it meant to really love someone. Love is the greatest gift Hiran has given me.’ 

‘Our most romantic memory must be the trip to Capri, Italy that I surprised Susie with. I told her the night before we were due to fly what I had planned for our long weekend.’

‘My favourite gift that Susie’s ever given me was an amazing hand-crafted book that depicted our first year together. It was made up of plane ticket stubs, photos, receipts etc…a truly heartwarming gift.’

‘Susie is the rock in my life.  She keeps me grounded, honest and true to myself.’

‘Hiran has made me more confident, I never would have come to New York if I didn’t have his support and example to follow.  He gives me courage to try new things.’

Mayte, the superwoman of Jellyfish… ‘moving mountains’ to make the day perfect 🙂 

Susie & Hiran hired babysitters so that the guests could party to their heart’s content! 

Lots of love to you guys – and most sincere CONGRATS!!! xoxo

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