megan & cam. edmonton mayfair wedding.

October 6, 2011

I sit here in our new Punta Cana home under a fan, looking out to the palm trees under the dawning sky. Megan & Cam’s wedding was our last one of the season in Edmonton … and I feel so overjoyed at the memory of the day. It seems so long ago now, probably because I’m an ocean away – but looking through these images, I’m flooded with the feelings of warmth and beauty, from Meg, Cam, their families and friends. And oh, the details!! The details blew me away. From Meg’s most thoughtful gift of Pandora (which I proceeded to photograph because a pretty bag like that must be for someone special), to the ‘traveling trunk’ of antique furniture, to the breathtaking reception decor. Meg and Cam don’t sweat the small stuff, but they pay attention to the little things, the little things that emanate love and make life worth living. I love how Cam gives a damn (!) about the world at large. I love how caring and light-hearted Megan is, his extraordinary grounding force and muse. We want our future babies to be friends with their future babies. That’s how much we love them!

The awesome videographers we worked with on the day, Maclean & Erin, said they would be Meg & Cam’s guides in their home city of Vancouver anytime. Well, Meg & Cam, let us just say that when you come to Punta Cana for your next romantic vacation, we’ll take care of you, BIG TIME! 🙂 Ha! By the way, here’s the video story from Hello Tomorrow, you guys rock!

While I hung out with the girls, Rob caught the LRT train to the ‘first look’ location with the boys. So handsome! 

The ‘first look’ to Alexi Murdoch’s , “All My Days.” Perfect.

The wedding party was a BLAST!

Megan & Cam wrote love letters to be opened along with this gorgeous bottle of Barolo on their 10th anniversary… love the idea!

A few more portraits beside the Law School building…

Stunning reception at the Royal Mayfair Golf & Club

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