la barcaza punta cana wedding photographer. {hilary + sam}

December 13, 2012

It was the week before their junior year of college that Sam was presented with a very unusual opportunity to impress Hilary. One of their mutual friends hit Sam with a car that Hilary was in…  Seriously! She accidentally hit the gas while Sam was walking around to the other side of the car. Luckily, Sam was okay and Hilary was very impressed with the calm and collected way Sam handled himself. Sam later talked the very same friend who had hit him into taking Hilary to Petsmart to get her a pet fish and the rest was history!

To propose to Hilary, Sam got a hold of her boss to surprise her with a couple of days off work.  He came early and whisked Hilary away without disclosing where they were going.  They hit all of their favourite places in the Bay Area: V. Sattuii vineyard, a drive down I-5, and her favourite place of all, the Adobe on Green Bed and Breakfast in Santa Cruz.  The garden was all lit up and Sam proposed in front of the fountain. (Rob & I also have a weak spot for charming B&B’s – we’ve added this one to our bucket list!)

When asked, how their lives are different because of one another, Hilary says, ‘My life is definitely funnier, more adventurous, and much more balanced because of Sam.  I think I would probably be a crazy work-a-holic if he didn’t keep me so balanced and help me appreciate just living.’ Sam:  ‘I wake up in the morning with a giant smile on my face when I see Hilary next to me.’ 

Their intimate white wedding started at the fabulous Dreams Punta Cana with a touching gazebo ceremony and continued on the La Barcaza (Punta Cana Wedding Boat). What a fun life-loving group of friends Hilary & Sam have!! Before dinner, nearly everyone got into the water at the natural pool and after dinner – busted out some smooth moves on the dance floor!

Hilary & Sam – thank you so much for sharing your amazing day with us… we are so honoured to have had a chance to connect and look forward to seeing you across the Bellvue border in Vancouver, maybe this summer?! 🙂

Amazing shoes. Hand-crafted by Hilary!! The bedazzlement took her MANY episodes of Big Love 🙂

Sneaking in some quality time alone with the First Look before the ceremony.

Fun ride to the La Barcaza Boat…

* if you’re a bride thinking of choosing La Barcaza Punta Cana Wedding Boat for your Punta Cana destination wedding, we have some important info to share. the boat has recently changed owners … email us for details!

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