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May 19, 2014


Rob & I are so excited to tell you about our AMAZING associate photographer. Tamara moved to Punta Cana from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) in 2014 and her calendar has been filling fast. She is a genius photographer, a seasoned pro, and has been documenting Weddings for many years. We just love her genuine loving heart and, among many other wicked traits, a very impressive work ethic.

She now calls Punta Cana home – so there are absolutely no additional travel costs to you.

Her wonderful partner Logan, who’s been mostly behind the scenes, is now available as her assistant / 2nd photographer, adding even more value to her Collections.

I LOVE my Brides and seriously cannot imagine NOT living & breathing weddings – so we’re expanding to offer the same timeless and sexy ‘Katya Nova’ flair. 

I will personally be behind the scenes on the post-production work, communication with You, and helping you plan Your Wedding! 

Plus, Rob & I will be there as back-up photographers, so you really can’t go wrong!!! 

10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TAMARA:tamara 2tamara logan punta cana photographers

– “Sometimes I eat dessert for breakfast, because life is short!

Yoga is my sweet space, my hour to slow down, and calm my puppy mind.

– Favourite things to find in the fridge: Leftover sushi and cold beer…a rarity to find both at the same time though…

– I have a great repertoire of bad jokes and puns.. you could say I’m very punny 😉 Groan worthy? Sure, but you’ll be smiling!

– I’m so inspired by relationships. When I was little, I used to sit and flip through my parents’ wedding album over and over. I think it’s such a powerful thing when two people can commit their lives to one another, and hold hands through the best and worst of times. Photographing people in love feeds my soul.

Harry Potter is my favourite book series of all time. I read through them at least once a year. Also, I’m obsessed with Breaking Bad. Best show ever.

– I’ll drink red wine AND wear a white t-shirt, sometimes you gotta live on the edge.

I love my dog, Luna-monkey. Funny story: in the summer of 2012 I apprenticed with Katya Nova in Punta Cana and fell head over heels in love with their tiny chihuahua/jack russel puppy. Luna followed me around everywhere I went while ignoring Katya & Rob, so it soon because obvious that I was meant to be her mom! She came to Canada to live with me and now, after surviving two long winters, she gets to be back home in the Caribbean!!

– Embarrassing memory from childhood? The time I pulled out all the birthday candles out of a cake and licked them before anyone had even sang ‘Happy Birthday.’ (All the more embarrassing because It wasn’t even my birthday!)

Why should you book me?! Because I believe that people’s quirks are beautiful. I get chills when I’m able to capture my Couples’ individuality AND their chemistry. I’m ALL HEART and I promise you’ll feel it from the moment we first meet until the time you’re writing me about how much you love your beautiful gallery of images! 🙂 “



jellyfish wedding photographer. {melissa + edwin}

jellyfish punta cana wedding. {susan + dan}

hard rock punta cana wedding. {jenna + john}

huracan punta cana wedding {mae + alex}

jellyfish punta cana wedding {natalie + lukasz}




There are many more galleries which haven’t yet been features, please request if you’d like to see more.



$2500 {6 continuous hours of coverage + undivided love, attention & creativity + stunning, password-protected online gallery: unlimited high resolution downloads, sharing & storage}

$2900 {full day coverage up to 8 hours + undivided love, attention & creativity + stunning, password-protected online gallery: unlimited high resolution downloads, sharing & storage}

– second photographer add-on $500 (complimentary for some Weddings) 
– additional hours @ $250/hr
– Rock the Dress add-on $550 (ask us when a complimentary session applies)
– Wedding Albums available



“The pictures are absolutely amazing!! Robert & I are so happy with how they turned out. I have shared them with many of my friends and family and they all agree I win for the best photos!! Oh, and the Rock the Dress photos… Some of them made me feel as if I was looking at photos of models in a magazine, but then realized it was us..haha! Didn’t know Robert and I had it in us, still trying to figure out how Tamara did that!! I am so happy we were able to work with Tamara, she is absolutely amazing at what she does, thank you for capturing so many wonderful moments from my big day!! Cheers, Kara & Robert.

“We are absolutely SPEECHLESS! Words cannot describe how incredibly PERFECT every photo is!!!We spent hours reliving every memory of every photo. I definitely cried more looking at the photos than on the wedding day lol. The lighting, colors, angles were amazing. The candid photos were my absolute favourite to see!!! We loved seeing the genuine emotions, huge smiles and happy tears in every one of those photos. 

Tamara – you were absolutely amazing at capturing every moment of our special day. You were so much fun and our family and friends loved you! We loved how you were everywhere capturing memories! Thank you for attending to every little detail, from the attire to decor, white sand and Huracan Cafe, to my favourite, the pirate ship! The pictures show everything we love about Punta Cana.

Again, we cannot express how much we LOVE the photos and how grateful we are for your team’s impeccable talent!! And there aren’t any words to express how thankful we are to have met such amazing people!! You guys mean more to us than just being our wedding photographers, we absolutely love and adore you guys!! 

All the love in the universe, Mae & Alex.

“Wow. We are absolutely blown away by Tamara’s work! The day was captured perfectly. I’m even a bit lost for words. We have all the traditional wedding photos we want, but also have so many artistically beautiful shots. I smiled ear to ear looking through the whole album!! I just want you to know how much they mean to us and how wonderful it has been working with you and the team during this amazing period of our life. I wish you all the happiness in the world and look forward to following your adventures through social media! Love, Julie & Kyle.

“Words cannot even express how thankful we are to you guys! What beautiful pictures and what a large selection to enjoy, they are all breathtaking. We can’t wait to share with friends and family!! 

I truly feel like the whole day was captured perfectly and we could not be happier with how how pictures came out. The Rock the Dress pictures look amazing, I’m so glad we went to Macao Beach with Tamara to get those great shots, a wonderful location choice.

Looking back, I immediately felt so comfortable with our exchanges through e-mail. My gut told me to trust all the advice you shared, and I almost feel like you were my personal wedding planner! Thank you for making this process so smooth for me, I really appreciate it! 

Big hugs & kisses from New York, Teresa & Donny.

“Tamara was amazing! The Day was super hot and she never missed a beat. All our guests loved her. She made Casey & I feel very comfortable, as well as the rest of our friends and family. I know we didn’t get as many pictures as Tamara thought we should have, but I was definitely getting overheated. She got the best shots and couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. Love, Alicia & Casey.” 

“Tamara was my guardian angel. She helped keep me calm, took my annoying veil off when I couldn’t take it anymore, and was everywhere the entire night. We are so happy with our pictures and have heard from so many people we couldn’t attend that they felt like they were right there! So grateful, Melissa & Edwin.

“Robert and I are celebrating are one year anniversary today and as we look back through all of our beautiful photos we find they still take our breath away. Tamara, some brides come back and have a few good and a few bad photos, but I can honestly say I love absolutely every single picture. The moments that you captured through out that day were better then any video that could have been filmed that day. It was an honor and privilege to work with and get to know you both. Thank you again from the bottoms of my heart. LOVE, Kara & Robert.



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    May 19th, 2014 at 09:08

    […] katya nova associate photographers: meet our team!! […]

  2. Melissa Johnston

    June 19th, 2014 at 11:18

    Hi!! My fiance and I came across Katya Nova Photography website as we are planning our Dream Wedding at Dreams Punta Cana on December 12th at 5pm!!

    Katya explained they are doing another shoot that day but recommended Tamara as she will be in PC starting in October. After reviewing the pictures, we would be thrilled to work with you.

    Can you tell me if you offer a ‘trash the dress’ shoot and if so, how much would that cost additional to the wedding?

    My fiance and I hope to have a website up this weekend so you can get an idea of who we are and our style 🙂

    Thank you, in advance, for your help!


    Melissa and Alex

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