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October 22, 2013

 ‘A Decade & Counting’ was the tagline for the celebration of Lindsay & Taylor’s love. They are high school sweethearts and celebrated their 10 year anniversary some 7 months before their Big Day… amazing!

Lindsay first knew one of Taylor’s sisters – they all grew up in neighbouring towns in Saskatchewan, Canada. It wasn’t long before Lindsay was making trips out to Taylor’s family farm to plant trees and drive tractors… Lindsay recalls, ‘I thought Taylor was really cute and we exchanged email addresses (this was the age of MSN messenger after all) after months of late night online flirting he must have been tired of fighting his sisters to use the dial up internet connection to talk to me because he dared me to call him, I finally muscled up the courage to do so and before long we were driving an hour to see one another every weekend with our hard earned gas money.’ The rest is history.

The day started at the Grande Rockies Resort in Canmore, Kananaskis Country. Lindsay & Taylor’s exquisite tasteful touches were felt everywhere, from the choice of this gorgeous mountain resort, to the hilarious tongue-in-cheek bridesmaids’ gift bags, to Lindsay’s magnificent floral crown and bouquet… I absolutely LOVED that the bridesmaids got to choose their own dresses, off-white and vintage.

Their ceremony took place at the historic Morleyville McDougall Stoney Mission Church, originally built in 1875. The floors creaked softly in anticipation under the feet of Lindsay & Taylor’s loved ones. Sunlight filtered through the shuttered windows and spilled onto the heads of angel-like flower girls in floral crowns resembling Lindsay’s. It was truly magical.

The party moved on to Camp Chief Hector YMCA, the perfect mountain wedding venue, which was a ‘big family all-inclusive type of affair.’

Oh, and we saw a BEAR!! 🙂

Lindsay & Taylor are SUCH beautiful people. Not only are they ridiculously hot, they’re incredibly kind, considerate, generous, gentle, and have a wicked sense of humour.

L +T, you make everyone around you feel so loved and appreciated! Your wedding was so unique and mind-blowingly beautiful, hope you feel our love in the images that follow. At times, they made us drool. xx K+R.

Unreal floral masterpieces by Willow Haven, Canmore (#104 – 602 Bow Valley Trail  Canmore  Alberta  Canada  1-403-678-6775)

Lindsay’s couture gown by Zac Posen, shoes- Coach.

Smudging our bride with sage.

 ‘I love how Taylor is my baseline. I tend to be a dreamer, always getting caught up in big ideas and wanting to start big projects, Taylor brings me back to earth and reminds to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.’

Clearing space…

Taylor on the proposal: ‘We have a chalk board wall near our kitchen and I wrote “will you marry me? “ on it, she came down the stairs and didn’t notice at first. She gave me a weird look and I told her to look at the chalk board. I can’t remember much after she just grabbed for the ring … After ten years together I wasn’t expecting to be as nervous as I was….I think I might have blew it and not got down on one knee, it’s up for debate. We spent the rest of the day walking around downtown in our own little happy bubble.’

‘I really appreciate Lindsay’s honesty and integrity. She makes me a better person and always makes me feel better.’

Morleyville McDougall Stoney Mission Church (Highway 1A – 40, Bow Valley Trail, Morley, Alberta Canada)

One of my favourites. Poor lil’ munchkin! 

Camp Chief Hector YMCA wedding reception. 

Perogies to the People Food Truck (Perogy Boyz, Calgary)

Photobolic Silly Booth 

FROM THE BRIDE: (favourite moments of the wedding): ‘I have never really been into the whole big white wedding thing, so I tried to avoid the wedding machine in every possible way. From side stepping the poofy white wedding dress shops and just ordering a gown online from a designer I adore to sneaking into my old architecture faculty late at night to laser cut wedding invitations. Of course by the last week before the wedding I was so exhausted from fighting the wedding machine and trying to do everything myself that I totally lost sight of what was important. By the time the wedding day rolled around and I was surrounded by people I love, I realized it didn’t really matter whether I won the battle against the wedding machine or not, it would be a magical day regardless; the details were just the icing on the cake.

Our favourite parts of the day were getting ready in the hotel, laughing, and helping each other do make-up and hair.  Taylor and I were both super nervous leading up to the First Look, I was an emotional wreck walking up the stairs to meet Taylor, but once we saw each other and hugged, all of the stress and turmoil leading up to that moment just dissipated and I could finally relax and enjoy the day. It made the ceremony much more enjoyable as I wasn’t so nervous and I could just soak in the moment. 

The church was an incredible place to get married, being the oldest wooden structure in Alberta it emanated history and its setting made the whole experience ineffable. It only sat one hundred people, so everyone was squished in like sardines, and since there was no power I walked down the aisle to one of my architecture school friends playing the bagpipes. At the end of the ceremony when the minister announced us a newly married couple, Taylor yelled out, what was supposed to be a barely audible, “yaay!” and the whole church erupted in laughter.

After the reception dinner, we danced the night away, eating perogies from a food truck that had come out to the camp. It was everything I could have imagined and MORE’

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