Jodi & Lee. Wedding.

September 1, 2009

My memories of Jodi have always been that of the ‘girl next door,’ with kindest quirkiest smile. Having reconnected with her over the exciting news of her engagement to Lee, it was impossible not to notice something else – the calm blue sparkle in her eyes. She was already a Richardson. 

All my brides are fabulous, but Jodi received the special honorable designation of a ‘bride-chilla,’ as one of her bridesmaids called her. She spent the whole day radiating the most selfless and infectious love. After the ceremony she bought everyone in the wedding party Fat Frank’s hot dogs (including my very first vegetarian hot dog!) and later  – didn’t hesitate to take bobby pins out of her own veiled hair, to pin flowers into the locks of an adorable girl who was sad for not catching the bouquet. That’s Jodi for you. And Lee loves her so. With every warm look, enveloping her like a blanket. 

There is another heartbreaker in the picture … quite literally. His name is Wheezer and not only did he make a statement in the morning by hanging out on Jodi’s dress, but also by making a special surprise appearance at the reception!

I looooved the idea Jodi & Lee brought to life – that of a fun photo booth. All I had to do was slide against the wall behind it and peak in through the curtains with my lens. Nothing wrong with a little cheating, after all, no one makes faces like that for me without a few cocktails!  

Jodi & Lee, you are unstoppable and I can’t wait to see your family grow! 




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