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June 2, 2012

Joe was the talented cute drummer in this little ‘hole in the wall’ St. Louis bar, whom Christy noticed, rocking out to all the Grateful Dead songs played that night. By the end of the show she had enough courage to come up and talk to him. As they say, ‘the rest is history.’ Christy & Joe have had so many adventures together, each time learning that indescribable joy awaits when they let the world fall away; when they simply are by each other’s side. Joe proposed marriage in their favourite blues bar on their 5th year anniversary. Christy was content with great music & their favourite, Schlafly beer, when Joe spontaneously sat in on a ‘blues standard’ song “Something You Got” … at the end of the song Joe walked over to her, dropped down on one knee in front of a room full of strangers and asked, “Will you marry me?

Some 6 years following that one blues-bar night, here they were, gleaming with the anticipation of seeing each other for the ‘first look’ on the sandy beach of Jellyfish Restaurant – their perfect wedding venue. Drizzling tropical rain didn’t stop us. With Ben Harper murmuring in our little boombox, Christy & Joe laughed, kissed & held each other, enjoying their gloomy-romantic wedding day to the fullest. We ADORE you guys.

As always, Mayte did an amazing job on the decorations – turquoise & lime green, colourful & chic. Here’s how the story goes:

So the cigar – was a gift from the owner of one of the shops. He insisted on having Joe enjoy it. He also insisted we come inside his dark packed dusty store for some great wedding photos. Ah, the disappoinment on his face when we politely refused!

The rain came down hard and we were stuck by the souvenir shops. It was really romantic… until the cigar guy decided it was time to be a little less subtle in getting us to buy something from the store! We ran across the sandy stretch to Jellyfish for refuge. Despite the rain, I love how the portraits turned out. I got soaked, wearing just a plastic sleeve around the camera and my arm for protection – so was worth it! 

Taking a break from the rain at a lounging area at Jellyfish.

Guests begin to arrive, greeted with a delicious mojito.

The rain wouldn’t let up, so the ceremony is moved inside. Elegant, intimate – another reason we looove Jellyfish. Here’s Pastor Rick York – leading the best, most touching and smooth ceremonies! 

Joe is a talented musician. Check out these unique boutonnieres!

Of course the rain gives us a break following the ceremony! 

Love the warm ambiance… 

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  1. Acadia

    June 6th, 2012 at 07:56

    Thanks for the great shots of our hand made guitar pick boutonnieres. Your STUNNING photos really did this lovely couple justice. I love how you captured every detail of the day. Bravo!

  2. Catherine Winze Sheets

    June 21st, 2012 at 19:12


    I love the fantastic way you have captured the moments in time for
    Christy and Joe

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