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December 6, 2013

Our last Jellyfish wedding of the season – and SUCH a sweet one. We’re still reporting from Rishikesh, India. It’s the end of the 5th week of our intensive YTT500 and there’s one more week to go… I’ll be blogging about our experience soon, for now, if you want to see what we’ve been up to, follow us on Instagram (@katyanovaphoto) … now, Alicia & Drew!!!

Once upon a time, Alicia & Drew worked together at a nightclub called Republik in downtown Toronto, on top of their full time careers to make extra money. She was a bartender and he was a doorman. The perfect cliché!

 ‘One evening before the club filled up, Drew approached me,’ Alicia remembers. ‘I immediately swooned and after he introduced himself, I said to myself … PLEASE let him have a girlfriend! (I was dating someone at the time and didn’t want the temptation despite being breathtakingly and undeniably so attracted to him). Once things fizzled out with my then boyfriend, we reconnected just before Drew left for a Mexico vacation with his friend. As we chatted, he grabbed my hand to say goodbye and we both felt the proverbial *spark* —sounds corny but it felt very real, like they say in the movies: when the future flashes before your eyes. When he came back he set up a sneaky “meet cute” through the bar manager who asked me to skip a day at work to attend a trade show representing the club. When I arrived, Drew was there too. Later I learned it was all carefully orchestrated and soon after he asked me out on our first date to a Moroccan restaurant The Sultans Tent. The rest is history and we’ve been together happily for 7 years.’  

Drew proposed to Alicia in their kitchen over coffee. ‘It was right before we left for Miami to celebrate Drew’s birthday on Friday the 13th (I had always said that 13 was my lucky number – funny enough though Drew never knew that). It was around 6 am and he called me into the kitchen … I came in and found him on bended knee! With a  toothbrush in mouth I said, “is this happening, now?!” hair dripping from the shower, I spit my toothpaste into the sink as Drew proceeded with some beautiful words, which I only half remember from the shock! We kissed and passionately expressed our love, barely making it onto the plane.’ 🙂

Besides the fact that they are an insanely hot couple, Alicia & Drew are also incredible human beings. They are so kind, caring, compassionate, generous, and they both wear their heart on their sleeve. Of course their wedding would be magical! And who better to host their dream Day than our amazing Mayte at Jellyfish Restaurant.

Alicia & Drew – please PLEASE come back and visit us in DR! You blew our minds with your awesomeness, authenticity, and genuine hearts… even before we met you! (to confess, it started with a shared love of Sigur Ros) 🙂 We hope you feel our love through these images! xoxo K+R.

Alicia and her gorgeous baby’s breath bouquet (her favourite flowers since she was a child)… ‘They’ve never been a filler flower in my mind,’ she says. ‘They are the best part of a bouquet, always.’

An emotional First Look…

Drew loves about Alicia: ‘She inspires me to go outside my comfort zone and try new things.  Alicia is the most thoughtful person I know and and consistently puts others before herself. She’s very humble and generous to a fault… Alicia is also very independent, strong and career-oriented, she always wants to achieve things herself. I love and admire that so much. She’s unlike any woman I’ve ever met in that way. She works so hard and achieves so much on her own. Never quits. Never lazy. Works to the bone. Oh, and … some mornings she comes up with with the silliest of songs that make me laugh.’

Alicia loves about Drew: ‘without a shadow of a doubt, Drew is the kindest most loving person I’ve ever met. I love that we can be very silly together and sing along songs in the morning. He kisses me goodbye every morning at 5 am and wishes me a great day even when I’m a zombie. I love how much he ADORES our 5 lb Pomeranian Chihuahua and lugs her around on his shoulder throughout our condo like a newborn and puts her in what he calls the ‘football’ position on his forearm. Also, he’s my number one supporter and fan!’

The perfect menu: Arugula, Shrimp & Parmesano Salad with Balsamic Vinegar   |   Portobello Risotto   |   Lobster Tails in Champagne Butter Sauce   |   Beef Filet with Rosemary   |   Carrot Wedding Cake 

Drew loves about Alicia: ‘She is the most creative person I’ve ever met and has the best ideas for everything. She is so musically inclined and introduces me to new interesting music constantly. Her voice on the phone… adorable! She is the best shopping companion and fashion consultant to me! I am happiest when I’m with her… One more great one – Alicia makes me put the children’s station Treehouse on TV for our dog Ella during the day so that she’s not lonely! Any scary-sounding channel will not do. So protective of her little fur ball.’ 

Alicia loves about Drew: ‘he makes the best breakfasts ever. EVER! Drew never tries to change me, he’s so chill and just rolls with my wackiness. I appreciate his laid-back, forgiving approach to life as sometimes I could use help managing my expectations and being more breezy (in certain respects) 🙂 He is also extremely humble and doesn’t even know how darn handsome and lovely he is!! Drew is soooo devoted to his  family and family life.. it warms my heart and makes me certain he’ll be the very best dad and husband!!!!!!’

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