jellyfish punta cana wedding. {yulissa + adrian}

September 16, 2014

Love, love, love these two.

You could say Yuli & Adrian are high school sweethearts… They rarely spoke at school, but one day Adrian bumped into Yuli at a bus stop and had the courage to ask her for her number. Adrian remembers: ‘I actually started falling in love with her (or at least confirming my love for her) while on our ride back from Six flags (amusement park) the summer of 2005. I was sitting in the front passenger side of the car and she was sitting behind me. Through the side mirror, I could see her sleeping, tired from the long fun day. I noticed how beautiful she was and then I was hooked!’

Yulissa & Adrian are such a precious Couple – you’ll see their radiance in the collection of images below!

Here is their beautiful Jellyfish Punta Cana Big Day!!
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Make-up & hair by the fabulous Anna Nuet.anna nuet punta canagorgeous jellyfish bride

Top three things Adrian loves about Yulissa: ‘she’s beautiful, smart and resilient.’jellyfish bridal suiteunique wedding ring shotskatya nova weddings

Top three things Yulissa loves about Adrian: ‘he’s honest, loyal and a great listener.’

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Ideal day together: ‘Taking a long walk on a nice day and chatting about random things… just being together doing anything.’

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Yuli, on the proposal:

‘He scheduled a photo shoot with our friend around the Golden Gate Bridge the week before our wedding. We were supposed to have a photo session some time ago, but there was always a conflict with scheduling. So while our friend took pictures of us in awkward and funny poses, I turned my back on him to look at the scenery, when I turned to face him, he took out the ring and got down on one knee. I started laughing uncontrollably due to excitement. I couldn’t stop laughing and couldn’t believe it because I didn’t expect it at all. Adrian always said he dislikes diamonds and that the whole engagement thing is a business to sell over-priced diamonds, so I didn’t think he was going to do it! People starting clapping and I just kept laughing. Our friend recorded it! It felt like an out-of-body experience, I finally understood why its so emotional when your partner proposes to you.’

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Most romantic memory together according to Adrian: ‘our ride back from Six Flags amusement park.’

Most romantic memory together according to Yulissa: ‘Our first Caribbean cruise vacation.’

jellyfish beach wedding

Adrian: ‘she has shown me true love and understanding. I have learned to communicate and express my emotions better. Yuli also encouraged me to move to California which has completely changed my life for the better. She always encourages and supports me in trying new things, especially with food (I am no longer such a picky eater).’

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Yulissa: ‘My life is different in many ways because of Adrian. We are now living in San Francisco which I love! Adrian was hired and relocated from NYC to California in 2012. More importantly, he has supported me with having a more positive outlook in life.’

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Adrian’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Ice-cream, bacon & doughnuts.’

Yulissa’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘In-n-out burger, sour skittles, sour worms, gummy bears, & salty potato chips.’

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Sunrise Rock the Dress next day…
macao beach couples photos

Adrian: ‘I love that she’s able to prepare a meal out of scratch. She’s also a great storage organizer!’

rock the dress sunrise

Yulissa: ‘I love that he is a handyman who is able to do anything and everything around the house. He also makes a delicious flan.’

macao beach photos

Yours truly, from behind the scenes.katya nova photos

Adrian’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Ice-cream! Also, Granny smith apples.’

Yulissa’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘cheese, wine and cilantro.’ (Yuli, ME TOO!!!!)  🙂

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trash the dress punta cana


What did you love most about your wedding?

• ‘I loved spending time with my family and friends, especially after experiencing the recent loss of my mother. Since I live in San Francisco and all of our family members live in New York City I felt the wedding helped facilitate some quality bonding time with some of my closest friends and family members.’
Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?
• ‘I do not have any regrets about anything. However, as many brides have previously mentioned it would be a great idea to have all your guest stay at your same hotel for coordination purposes and to spend more quality time with them, although we understand that is not always possible.’
Most memorable moments from the wedding?

• ‘The First Look was memorable and amazing. I felt butterflies flapping in my stomach when I saw Adrian calmly standing and waiting for me to sneak behind him. Once I hugged him and felt his heart beating quickly I felt like I was falling in love with him all over again. I loved his reaction when he turned around and saw me for the first time that day. I will never forget that moment and I am glad Katya, Rob, Lacy and Diego were there to capture the moment.
• When I took some time away from the party to walk with my 18 year old niece on the beach at night. We had not seen each other or spent quality time together in a long time. Those few minutes we escaped from the party and sat in the sand having an intimate conversation about life while looking at the water was priceless.
• Getting ready the day of the wedding with my girls from the moment we woke up until approximately 3:00 pm was one of the most memorable moments I have of that day. I had a very long time since I experienced an all girls bonding time and it felt great to talk about girl stuff and act silly while being beautified by the lovely Anna & Barbara. My girls made that day run so much smoother for me, without them I would’ve probably been a nervous wreck. The chats we had at the Jellyfish bridal room are memorable, like they say in Vegas “what happened there stays there”’  🙂
On Majestic Resort:

• ‘All the guests seemed to enjoy the Majestic Colonial especially those that stayed in the adult’s only side. There were a few guests that did not stay in the adult’s only side and they had some room maintenance complaints. Some guests developed stomach illnesses during their stay but they were unclear as to what caused it. One severe case occurred where one of our guests was hospitalized because they had food poisoning. Other than that, since Adrian and I do not consider ourselves picky, we were satisfied by the hotel especially when we upgraded to Majestic Elegance for our honeymoon.’
On Jellyfish & vendors:

‘When we found out Mayte was no longer working for Jellyfish we were anxious and worried but when we met with Isaac and his father, they assured us they will make sure everything ran smoothly. The day of the wedding I forgot my cell phone at the restaurant and I appreciated that it was kept safely stored until we were able to pick it up several days after the wedding. Katya, Rob, Lacy and Diego were excellent. As everyone mentions, Katya Nova has a serenity and peaceful way of being that is soothing, relaxing and most importantly makes you feel comfortable on a day that can be very stressful for brides. Many guests commented on how great and cool Katya and Rob were. One guest even said she was inspired by them and wanted to begin practicing yoga. Make-up artist, Anna and her assistant Barbara were more than great, they did not only do an amazing job with our hair and makeup but they treated us so well and all the girls had a blast chatting and laughing with them.’
Advice for future Brides?

• ‘My advice for future brides is to really enjoy your day to the max, and believe when people say the day goes by in a blink of an eye, because it literally does and then it all feels like a dream. Make sure to remember that you are celebrating the love you feel for each other and don’t focus too much on the little things like decorations or how the cake tastes. One tip I would give which unfortunately I was not able to do, is to escape from the party for a few minutes with your significant other and take a romantic walk on the beach to remind yourselves why you are there.’

Yuli & Adrian – what a pleasure and honour it’s been documenting your love! You two are amazing!!! xoxo K+R.

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  1. Arlene Polanco

    September 18th, 2014 at 00:39

    Whoa!! your work is amazing. These pictures brought me back to that moment. I was one of the bridesmaids (baby crier) this day was a day i would never forget in my life.
    Yulissa is my cousin (more like a sister) we grew up together in the same building. we were always together. i love her so much. and i thank and love adrian for being there for her and being such a great man.. Love YULIISSA & ADRIAN

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