jellyfish punta cana wedding. {wendy + carlos}

September 27, 2014

Hi Lovers!! I’m so excited to share this Feature with you… As always, it’s composed with all my love. It feels extra special not only because this Wedding was incredibly beautiful and emotional, but also because it’s the last ‘Punta Cana’ destination wedding of our intense Caribbean shooting season. It’s been really nice to take a break from our sand-between-toes-sweaty-sunny-crazy life, as we’ve enjoyed spending quality time with dear friends in Canada, and traveling across the US. It’s now jacket & boots weather — and we’re almost ready to fly back to Dominican, marking the 3rd winter without snow!!

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Wendy & Carlos co-existed in high school, and their interaction was limited to saying “hi” and “bye” in the hallways. Wendy: ‘we had the same friends but never had the opportunity to speak or really become close. We bumped into each other 8 years later at a local pub and began getting to know each other. Carlos told me then that he always had a crush on me in high school, but that he would not dare to speak to me. The funny thing is, I felt the same way towards him!’

Please enjoy their gorgeous Jellyfish Punta Cana Wedding through our eyes  🙂

jellyfish punta cana

Wendy’s sister-in-law Helen made her stunning wedding gown. ‘In a matter of days, and a few sleepless nights… she had my DREAM DRESS!! Helen is a very talented designer, she was on the show ‘Project Runway’ (season 12) and was in the top 5. I am forever grateful for her making my one of a kind custom wedding dress!’

destination wedding dresses

Make-up & hair magic by Anna Nuet. jellyfish bridal suitebadgley mischka wedding shoes

Wendy: ‘The night I reconnected with Carlos is so memorable. I was out with my girls that night. I noticed Carlos and thought to myself ‘damn he still looks good,’ haha. It was Karaoke night, so my friend Cristina wanted to go up to sing – she asked me to join her, but of course me being super shy I didn’t, so she proceeded without me. Sure enough, she picks a Biggie song – so I got closer to the stage and started singing along, cheering Cristina on. I look over and Carlos is doing the same! We smiled at each other… At the end of the night we exchanged pin #’s and began flirting through blackberry massager. Carlos was such a gentleman throughout our entire time getting to know each other; I was the first to make the convo steamy, lol.’

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Incredible surprise. Until this very moment, Carlos was convinced his mama wasn’t able to make it to the Wedding! mother son wedding moments

Amazing First Touch. unique first touch wedding photos

Wendy: ‘My son Kylar reminds me of my dad and that is why he is walking me down the aisle…’

punta cana brideswendy carlos weddingcaribbean weddingsunique destination photosbaby toms

Top three things Carlos loves about Wendy: ‘I love her smile, humour, and her cooking. I also love what an amazing and caring step-mom she has been to my daughter.’

jellyfish beach ceremony

Top three things Wendy loves about Carlos: ‘I love his pure kindness, silliness, and his ability to always always make me smile! I smile every day because of Carlos.’

jellyfish beach ceremony

Wendy, on the Proposal: 

‘It was on Christmas Day and apparently everyone knew except me. It was so special! Carlos ALWAYS knows how to surprise me and I ALWAYS have no clue too. Every year on Christmas morning we wake up early and go to the living room to open gifts with Jaida. But that year he suggested that we wait until after we come back from his dad house (it’s been a family tradition to go to his parents’ house for brunch and exchange gifts). When we arrived home, all of a sudden my sister showed up with my niece and then Carlos’ sister with her husband and the girls. Our apartment is small so we usually don’t have that many people over. At first I thought it was weird but didn’t pay it much mind. Then I saw a pretty white box with a big gold velvet bow under the tree, which was not there when we woke up that morning!! Sneaky Carlos… I was confused at first because I saw rose petals and the entire box inside was a collage of pictures of us and the family. The top of the box was a huge picture of my parents on their wedding day. I looked up and Carlos is on his knees!! I started to cry and of course said YES! The whole thing was being recorded by my sister. Jaida is so funny because after I said yes she exclaimed: ‘my dad and Wendy are married in the living room, how cool’ Haha! I couldn’t stop looking at my beautiful ring the whole night – it was perfect!’ : )

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Most romantic memory together according to Carlos: ‘One of our most romantic moments was on a Halloween when I asked her to be my girlfriend for the first time. Love was definitely in the air that night.’

romantic wedding photosjellyfish lobster appetizers

Most romantic memory according to Wendy: ‘There are so many but I remember one in particular – it was in the beginning when we started dating. We were hanging out at his apartment one night with a bottle of tequila and were doing shots (we drank the whole bottle)! We talked about everything and anything and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. It was just us being silly and making love. I knew Carlos was the one – he always makes me feel comfortable around him. He also makes me feel beautiful all the time – I love that no matter what we can always be ourselves around each other.’

romantic wedding photos

Wendy: ‘I love the way he holds me. I love his lips and how he kisses me…’

best punta cana weddings

Carlos: ‘Her sexiest, most irresistible feature is her lips. Wendy can make me melt with just a kiss.’

sexy destination weddings

Carlos: ‘My life is different with Wendy by my side because she makes sure that I am organized. She always makes sure we don’t forget anything and everything gets done.  She has given me a family. She has made me a better man.’

sexy destination weddings

Wendy’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Reality T.V. (Carlos hates it) and online shopping.’

Carlos’ favourite guilty pleasures: ‘My favorite guilty pleasure is sports. I can watch sports anytime, anywhere at any moment!!!’

dominican republic weddings

Wendy: ‘Carlos makes me feel beautiful all the time, even on my worst days. Everything in my life has changed for the better because of Carlos. I feel protected with him. He pushes me for the better and always encourages me to go out there and try. Carlos is my ROCK!’

best punta cana wedding photographerpunta cana wedding photographerwc-7767 bljellyfish first dance

With their beautiful kids Kylar and Jaida.punta cana wedding photographerjellyfish langostinos wedding

Wendy’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘cold wine and cheese – yummmmm!!!!’

Carlos’ favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘cookies & cream ice cream!’

punta cana off resort weddingjellyfish cake decorbest wedding cake momentsjellyfish crazy hourcrazy show punta canajellyfish fire show

Wendy: ‘Before I met Carlos I was not complete, there was something missing in my life. He is very affectionate, caring and loving. I know this might sound corny but I feel like my mom sent him to me from heaven. Because when we started dating my heart began to feel happiness. Carlos is my best friend, lover, and my one and only true love.’

jellyfish fire showjellyfish wedding reception unique destination wedding


What did you love most about your wedding?
Carlos: ‘I loved the breeze from the ocean, décor and being with family and friends in paradise.’

Wendy: ‘Everything! Everything was so incredibly beautiful. Getting married on the beach and sharing it with our close family and friends.This was exactly what we wanted, thousands of miles away from home, sand between our toes, beautiful breeze, hearing the ocean as we say our “I do’s”. I love how much fun and excitement everyone was having. The entire day was AMAZING!!!’

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?
Carlos: ‘No regrets!’

Wendy: ‘Yes, stress less! I spent most of the time worrying about my toddler son, our guests, vendors etc… I wish I had stopped and let go on the day and had taken a deep breath so that I was more in the moment. Other than that, everything was absolutely perfect!’

Most memorable moments?
Carlos: ‘My wife walking down the aisle with my son, the beautiful weather and the carnival (Crazy Hour)’.

Wendy: ‘Seeing Carlos at the altar, the whole ceremony we were holding hands and staring into each other eyes; seeing my son waiting for me to walk me down the aisle (he looked so adorable and he walked with his mommy very well) and the crazy hour – it was so awesome to see everyone’s reactions to the surprise.’

Comments about vendors, resort etc
Carlos: ‘The resort and vendors were great!’
Anna Nuet – this woman is amazing and sexy! My hair and make-up were both fantastic. I didn’t ask for any specific look and just let her take full control. just sat on the chair and let her do her magic. I have never felt so beautiful. Thank you Anna!

We stayed at the Melia Punta Cana; it was a great resort for us and our guests. Good within the price range for everyone. Everyone enjoyed it – not one complaint – some of our guests are already looking forward to booking their next return to Melia. The resort is large and beautiful. The grounds are very clean and well-maintained. The service staff were very friendly.

Jellyfish & staff: The JF is absolutely breathtaking and the staff were so accommodating. Everything was perfect. Isaac, Gianna and Clara were great and understood my vision. The food and drinks were “ohhh sooo yummy!!!” All of our guests commented nonstop about how amazing our wedding was.’

Ana from Cake Studio Bavaro: The cake and cupcakes was exactly like the picture I sent her and it tasted amazingly delicious!!!! I still think about those yummy cupcakes.

Katya Nova & Rob: I cannot describe the feeling when I first saw Katya and Rob, but when they walked into the bridal suite I instantly started to cry. First of all, they are such a beautiful couple and they have this warm and positive spiritual energy that makes you feel soooo at ease and calm. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and so did all our guests. They are truly passionate about what they do. Katya and Rob are so amazingly talented!! They make such an incredible team together.

Words can’t describe how grateful we are for all of our vendors. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!’

Any advice for future Brides?
Carlos: ‘Do not stress everything. Enjoy every moment because the day goes in a flash.’

Wendy: ‘Enjoy the day to the fullest and don’t stress about the little things. At the end all the stressing was not even worth it. This is your day and it will be beautiful because you are marrying the love of your life at the end of day. The day was such a blur to me, it really went by in a flash. So, enjoy every moment, stay positive – have fun, relax, let loose and party hard!!’


Dearest Wendy & Carlos: you two have such an amazing family, such an incredible-loving-inspiring relationship… It’s our absolute honour to have celebrated this Love with you… xoxo K+R.

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  1. Lauren Ann Hughes

    September 27th, 2014 at 21:48

    Just beautiful Katya, as always.

  2. Marysol Rosado

    September 29th, 2014 at 18:41

    I enjoyed looking at these beautiful photos thanks for sharing

  3. Ynes Pena

    September 29th, 2014 at 23:38

    This was one of the most beautiful wedding and destination I have ever seen in my life. No words can’t express how much I enjoyed Wendy’ and Carlos wedding!!!!! good job

  4. Anny Juliana Lasso

    September 30th, 2014 at 14:10

    omg this was absolutely gorgeous and touching..made me cry of how beautiful everything was..congrats 🙂

  5. Lindsay

    October 14th, 2014 at 09:36

    I love love love it when kids are part of weddings. It’s their special day too. You definitely captured that! Beautiful work.

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