jellyfish punta cana wedding. {susie + andrew}

May 30, 2015

I loooooooooooooove this Wedding so much. Not only are Susie & Andrew a super fun, uber hot Couple … they are AMAZING human beings. Their Jellyfish Wedding was off the hook, truly a reflection of their life-loving personalities, great taste & wicked style.

Andrew: ‘I first saw Susie in the B gates at Chicago International Airport. She was checking me out from across the hallway. I figured I should go over and strike up a conversation with the hot chick who was clearly interested, but I didn’t. Instead I headed over to get a drink from the only place around, Chili’s Bar & Grill. The hostess sat me at a table … and I found myself a table apart from the same hot blonde who was creeping on me from across the terminal. Great, this is awkward, I thought. I guess I should hit on her or something, clearly she wants me enough to follow me around and into this random Chili’s restaurant. So, I did what every normal guy would do, I finished my drink, watched her finish hers and then I left. She finished her drink and resumed gazing at me from across the terminal. I, for the 100th time made eye contact with her and did nothing about it. Boarding time… I got on my plane and sat in the back. Stands to reason, this girl would get onto the same plane. Now I had to talk to her. The flight crew was moving people around to different seats, so I asked the flight attendant to move the blonde girl in the front next to me. It worked. We talked all the way over Lake Michigan to Traverse City. That was 5 years ago and I think we have talked every day since.’

punta cana wedding arch

Susie: “The real story:”

‘I was flying from Las Vegas to Michigan and had a 4-hour layover at O’Hare. I was newly 21, so what better to do than drink? I follow the Chili’s hostess, who seats me at a table facing this hot guy (at the table directly in front of me). Alright, well this is a bit awkward … but could be fun. While looking over the menu I notice this guy is on the phone (probably with his girlfriend). I start eating my food and finish my first drink – the guy is still on the phone. At this point I thought about buying him a drink to start a conversation, but he is still on the phone… Ohh well. He finally gets off the phone, finishes his drink, pays, and leaves. Now at least I can relax and eat in peace. I make it to my gate – there he is again. When the time comes, I walk up the stairs to the plane, turn to walk down the aisle to my seat … and guess who is already on the plane…the Chili’s guy! I think it’s funny and I smile (ahhh I am sure he saw it too, shit). I awkwardly take my seat. The flight attendants start to move people around the plane, I guess it’s not full enough and they need to make things balanced or something. All of a sudden one of the flight attendants comes up to me and says, you don’t have to but the guy back there would really like you to go sit by him. He says you-know-who. Sure, I think, why not! I mean, if I don’t like him, I only have to deal with him for another 45 minutes and then I will never see him again. Perfect! I take a seat next to him … we begin talking….and the rest is history!’

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Top three things Andrew loves about Susie: ‘she has the perfect personality (compliments me flawlessly), she is driven, and she is HOT as hell … duh.’

punta cana dominican republic

Top three things Susie loves about Andrew: ‘I love how ambitious, funny and dedicated Andrew is.’ 

jellyfish punta cana groomsmen

Gorgeous decor by our talented Gianna & Clara. jellyfish punta cana gold decorjellyfish punta cana photosjellyfish wedding menupunta cana destination weddinglouboutin wedding shoesjellyfish welcome table jellyfish brides

Make-up by the fab Anna Nuet + hair by Susie’s talented friend Krystal.
jellyfish bridal suite punta cana

Andrew on the Proposal:

‘I told Susie we were invited to a dinner party at my mom’s best friend, Susie’s house. She has some badass gardens that have been photographed and featured in a few magazines – I used this fact to my advantage and told my Susie that the dinner party was happening while a photographer from a garden magazine was at the house taking pictures for an upcoming article. As Susie & I walked around in the gardens, the “dinner party guests” were busy lighting about a thousand candles in a secret secluded spot. The trap was set, candles lit, photographer in place, and Susie and I walking right into the perfect proposal scene. As we stepped in, the “guests” hit the lights, I went down on one knee, and she said YES. Perfect.’

jellyfish wedding ceremony

Susie adds, ‘I looked around and there were candles everywhere … even a candle chandelier, it was beautiful. Before I could move or speak Andrew was down on one knee, holding open a box, and asked if I would marry him. It was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The photographer was really there to take pictures of our engagement!!! Also, I was super impressed because surprising me is usually a real challenge. I know Andrew really had to work to make this a surprise and he executed it so perfectly!’jellyfish punta cana wedding ceremonypunta cana destination weddings

Ideal day together: ‘Cuddling on the couch with Netflix, a fire, it snowing outside …and lots of alcohol.’

punta cana beach weddingboda en jellyfish

Susie: ‘My most romantic memory together was when Andrew proposed to me – I could tell that he put a lot of effort into making sure that everything was perfect. It was also really cute because he was super nervous, he couldn’t get the words out very well and put the ring on the wrong hand!’

punta cana jellyfish weddingpunta cana wedding photographerdestination wedding photos

Favorite guilty pleasures: ‘Pizza & Netflix.’

sunset punta cana wedding

Andrew: ‘I find Susie’s dimples absolutely irresistible.’

Susie: ‘I love Andrew’s beard (when he has it) … and his chest/abs. So sexy.’

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Andrew & his mad skills. groom juggling coconutsfun beach wedding photos

Andew: ‘With Susie by my side, EVERYTHING is different and better in my life.’

punta cana wedding photographerpunta cana weddings

Susie: ‘My life is different because now I know what it is like to truly love someone besides myself and how to share that love, while finding myself at the same time.’dominican republic destination weddingsdestination wedding photosbridesmaids beach wedding

Andrew: ‘What do I appreciate most about Susie?! She is perfect in every way. (Seriously, I cannot type out all the stuff I appreciate about Suz without it being as long as a book).’

jellyfish beach groomsmenpunta cana bridespunta cana weddings

Susie: ‘He is super loving and caring. I love that he goes out of his way to make sure I have everything I want or could ever need.’

destination weddings dominican republicdominican republic wedding photographerwedding love signjellyfish punta cana weddingsjellyfish wedding receptionseafood platter jellyfish weddingfull moon destination weddingjellyfish wedding reception2015-05-26_0015jellyfish first lookjellyfish punta cana jellyfish fire showjellyfish wedding partypunta cana wedding party

Oh, and then… jellyfish wedding partyjellyfish wedding ocean swimming


What did you love most about your Wedding?

Andrew: ‘Seeing everyone arrive at Jellyfish, witnessing their reactions, especially after how awesome we told them it was going to be.’

Susie: ‘Seeing everything come together, writing our own vows, sitting at dinner and overlooking everyone enjoying themselves, while we were able to share a few moments together alone.’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

Andrew: ‘More organization on transportation provided by Jellyfish, I didn’t really know what to expect but I would have liked to have more of an idea on when people wanted to go home and what they needed to do to get back.’

Susie: ‘Honestly, I wish I would have relaxed more about all the small details. I don’t remember any of the table settings, other than I know they were amazing and really none of this matters. I had to ask my mom what the cake looked like afterwards because I forgot. I was the girl who spent hours upon hours on pinterest trying to find what was best. Once I was at Jellyfish and going over everything I kind of just said … you know what – do what looks best. They did an amazing job and I wish I would have just let them do their thing from the beginning. It would have saved me a lot of stress.’


Most memorable moments from the Day / Wedding week:

Andrew: ‘Watching my wife walk down the aisle in her gorgeous dress; Susie and I swimming in the ocean near the end of the reception; and our vows.’ 

Susie: ‘First seeing Andrew while I was walking down the aisle, reciting our vows to each other, and the boat we chartered for our group the next day.’  


Any comments about vendors, resort etc

Katya & Rob – if you have not yet booked them … stop reading and do so now, seriously! They are truly an amazing duo and you will not regret your decision at all. Whether you have to save for 6 months or change your wedding date, do it. The first and really only decision I was one hundred percent certain on was them and I had never met either of them. Katya’s blog is wonderful and was my saving grace. She responded to my emails in record time and I felt like she was my personal wedding planner. None of their suggestions were wrong. Together, they make you feel so special and really give you the best day of your life. They go above and beyond as far as photographers go. They took the time to get to know each and every one of our guests. Our guests really could not get over how awesome they both were. They both are amazing souls and are the happiest, most life-loving couple I have ever met. I can’t wait to see the beautiful munchkin they produce!! My only complaint is they live so far away and we can’t hang out!

Anna Nuet – She did an amazing job on make-up & hair!! She was suggested by Katya and was 100 percent amazing. All of my girls were a little nervous that I hired someone I didn’t know in another country to do our makeup. She was great and everyone love love loved her work!! I was nervous too, not having done a trail beforehand, but fear not, she knows what’s up!

Pastor York – He’s a pro. The ceremony was perfect in length and he knows what he is doing. You would never know we met only 5 minutes before. He is funny and sentimental at all the right times.

Jellyfish – An amazing venue. All of our guests could not get over how great everything was, the food in particular. We had a lot of hard-to-please guests and they loved all of the courses! Seafood grill is amazing, you can’t go wrong. For everyone who worries when they don’t answer your emails the same day, relax, they really have things under control. Give them time and they will deliver. My best advice with décor and set up – they are pros, let them do it, they know what’s best. Give them a basic idea of what you want and I promise you, it will be amazing. Janet is an amazing asset to Jellyfish. We first met her at the tasting. She was there the entire time, from 10am – I don’t even remember when we left, but it was late. She was my go-to person the whole day and made sure everything was on point. Also, the DJ! He is great, I was worried about music choices I had made and he nailed it!! The fire show was also a great add on. All of our guests really enjoyed it and it was a nice break of entertainment for everyone. Hands down a great venue and you can’t go wrong.

Excellence Punta Cana – Also, a recommendation from Katya. Seriously, an amazing resort. It is adults only resort and sooooo great. They have great service from top to bottom and really make your stay “Excelente.” It is a bit of a drive from both Jellyfish and the airport, but very much worth it! You can’t go wrong.’


Any advice for future Brides/Grooms:

Andrew: ‘The valuable lesson I learned – pay the professionals and let them do their thing! They know what they are doing and how to do it.’

Susie: ‘Similar to Andrew, If you are going to plan a wedding in another country: really, it is best to pay the professional. They know how things roll and will deliver the ultimate experience. I know everyone says it but honesty relax…. everything will be perfect and if not you have a great story later. Also, hire Katya and Rob!!’



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