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November 7, 2014

Deana & Jimmy met at a restaurant in Philadelphia but did not fall in love until years later. In fact, over the course of their four-year friendship they unsuccessfully tried to set each other up with friends! Luckily, those dates led nowhere. ‘We kept seeing each other around often and decided to go out on a date,’ Jimmy says. ‘The rest is history!’ 

These two amazed Rob & I with their warmth, compassion, caring nature and endless positivity. I loved being there for Deana through the wedding planning (including the hiccups!) – but it’s obvious when you pour so much love into livin’ life, everything works out, hehe!!

Jimmy proposed to Deana at Jellyfish Restaurant on their first big trip together … so being back here for their Wedding was extra special.

jellyfish weddingsdominicanpunta cana beach wedding

Deana had a very unique vision for the theme & wedding decor: Little Mermaid!!! Gianna & Clara did a fantastic job bringing it to light!

jellyfish mermaid theme weddinglittle mermaid wedding decor

Top three things Jimmy loves about Deana: ‘Her laugh, her love and compassion for animals, her adventurous spirit.’

punta cana bride

Bridal gown: Temperley London Marguerite.

destination wedding dressjellyfish restaurant weddingbridesmaids at jellyfishcustom welcome bags punta cana cute flowergirl jellyfishflower girl destination weddinglittle mermaid wedding decor

Top three things Deana loves about Jimmy: ‘I love his weird sense of humour that compliments mine, his optimistic outlook on life, and his dedication to everything that is important to him.’

groom with moetjellyfish punta cana bridal partyjellyfish destination wedding

Hair & make-up by the legendary Anna Nuet. anna nuet bridewedding veil punta canaall you need is love

First Look. dj-7677 blll

Deana’s fave gift from Jimmy: ‘For my birthday this year Jimmy took me to trapeze school! It was the best birthday ever! The trip to Punta Cana & sick engagement ring are a close second.’

Jimmy’s fave gift from Deana: ‘My watch.’ 

jellyfish first look

Jimmy on the proposal:

‘I was extremely nervous! We actually got engaged at the Jellyfish Restaurant in Punta Cana where we’re getting married. A car from the resort drove us there and Deana was talking to the driver the entire 20 minutes about basketball, while I sat in silence trying to figure out what I was going to say. We got the restaurant and I immediately went to the bathroom to get my thoughts straight. Before coming back to the table I slipped our waiter a $20 and my camera to take picture of us at the right ‘moment.’ Then I told Deana I had something on the beach to show her, but she thought I said “I got us a table on the beach.” Either way, she followed me and that’s where I got down on one knee. Both of us “blacked out” because neither one remembers what I said but know that she said yes. Then we ate dinner and celebrated all night.’

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Most romantic memory together according to Deana: ‘Jimmy once had the idea to stay awake until the sun came up so we stayed up all night and then went down to the waterfront with a bottle of champagne and toasted to the sunrise. It was awesome.’

jellyfish restaurant weddingsfun destination wedding photos

Most romantic memory together according to Jimmy: ‘It was a few Valentine’s Days ago. I surprised her back at my apartment in the city with a ton of balloons, flowers, wine, and her favourite Blockheads Mexican food … then we watched a movie.’

jellyfish weddings creative destination weddings

Deana’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Reality TV, HGTV, glitter, Real Housewives of BH and NY, The Spice Girls.’

Jimmy’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Wine and cheese.’

punta cana jellyfish restaurant weddingromantic wedding photosprofoto b1 destination weddingjellyfish beach bridal party

Deana: ‘ I love that Jimmy always supports me. I tend to be pessimistic and hard on myself; he always makes me feel like I can do anything.’

jellyfish beach bridal portraits

Jimmy: ‘I love how Deana always pushes me to try new things.’

dominican republic wedding portraits

Deana: ‘I love how Jimmy always gets up to fill my wine glass.’

destination wedding bridesdestination wedding punta canajellyfish punta cana dancefloorjellyfish punta cana wedding party

Deana’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Wine & chilled dark chocolate.’

Jimmy’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Candy.’

jellyfish punta cana weddingjellyfish lobster weddingfun destination wedding partypunta cana fireshowpunta cana wedding fireshow

Behind the scenes: Lola, the Jellyfish parrot, snacks on the keyboard in the office. lola parrot jellyfish punta cana

It seriously was the hottest day EVER. Deana took it like a champ! destination wedding photos

Ideal day together according to Deana: ‘Grabbing an iced coffee, taking a long walk along the Hoboken waterfront, then laying on the couch watching Netflix and snuggling.’

jellyfish punta cana wedding

Ideal day together according to Jimmy: ‘Wake up late, take a walk around Hoboken on a sunny day with a couple iced coffees, then a late boozey brunch with a few mimosas and bloody mary’s, followed by a fun night out to a movie or a concert.’

unique destination weddingspunta cana destination wedding

First sunrise as man & wife. Macao Beach, Uvero Alto.
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They now share a beautiful home in Hoboken, NJ: Deana is a television producer / video editor and Jimmy works with an IT company. Also, they are perfect for each other.

punta cana couples photographer


What did you love most about your Wedding? 

Deana: ‘I was absolutely blown away by our flowers, decor and gorgeous pops of colour. I gave Clara and Gianna an overview of the theme we were going for, and they went above and beyond, creating what we didn’t even know we wanted.The staff at the Jellyfish really took care of us as well. Angel and the other restaurant managers checked in with us all night to make sure our glasses and bellies were full. Our cocktail hour appetizers were amazing and dinner was wonderful! The DJ was incredible and kept everyone on the dance floor.’

Jimmy: ‘I think the whole week was an amazing experience. If I had to pick one thing, it would be how beautiful the Jellyfish was and the awesome job Clara and Gianna did transforming it into everything we wanted it to be and more.’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

Deana: ‘If I could do the planning all over again, I would have chosen a more intimate resort for my guests to stay at because the size of the Bahia Principe caused a lot of headaches (due to running back and forth). We had some guests stay at the Bavaro complex and some stayed at Ambar. Everyone really enjoyed the resort, the food was amazing, and there was a TON of things for kids to do all day, but it would have been nicer to be more together. I also would have extended our vacation by a few days. We ended up heading home the day after all of our guests left and I felt like I didn’t fully relax until everyone went home and I wasn’t entertaining anymore.’

Jimmy: ‘I would have tried to do some more fun “pre-wedding” stuff with my groomsmen. It felt too rushed getting ready before coming to the Jellyfish.’


Most memorable moments?!

Deana:    1. ‘Our Catholic wedding ceremony at Jesus Maestro and “rehearsal” dinner at Huracan Cafe were magical. Mayte was a life saver in offering to come with us to the church and prevented a lot of panic by getting in touch with Father Lacaille and helping us coordinate everything. Our dinner was absolutely incredible. Mayte put out beautiful decor for us and created a beautiful menu even though that wasn’t part of our package.’

     2. ‘Arriving at the Jellyfish the day of the wedding was very emotional. Walking into the restaurant and seeing our decor coming together was an out of body experience! Walking around discovering all of the little details was so much fun and realizing that people did all of this work for us made us very grateful. I also loved that all of our nieces and nephews were a part of the wedding. Having them involved made everything that much more special because we got to see the excitement through younger eyes and it cranked up the energy! 

     3. ‘Our First Look definitely took off the edge. It was a completely different experience from walking down the aisle, which is something I was concerned about. Even though we were as hot and sweaty, just being able to hug and see each other for a few minutes prior to the ceremony was comforting.’

Jimmy:    1. ‘Huracan Cafe rehearsal dinner blew everyone away. Mayte went above and beyond to help us with not only the dinner but even coordinating our priest for our church wedding!

2. The First Look was awesome. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m so happy we did it. It was a great experience and I will always remember seeing my beautiful bride for the first time.’

3. My father as the officiant of the wedding. He was given a really big task and he knocked it out of the park. I’m so happy that we asked him to do that, it worked out perfectly.’


Comments about vendors / resort etc. 

Deana: ‘Our vendors were absolute rock stars! Anna Nuet set the tone for my whole day when she arrived at the resort. She kept me calm and positive all morning. I never wanted her to leave. She went above and beyond for my family and I would recommend her to everyone. Diego & the CoresFilms team were so nice and professional, they managed to be around at all times but were also unobtrusive. We really enjoyed the ease of working with them. DJ Ariel Perez was so helpful leading up the the wedding. He was emailing and sending Facebook messages to ensure we were all set for our day. He even managed to find, download, and mix in a song for us during our wedding party and our own personal reception entrance in a matter on minutes. All of our guests raved about the music. I highly recommend the fire dancers. They were an exciting addition and our guests were thoroughly impressed. 

Katya Nova & Rob … it was literally like meeting up with old friends. When I walked into Jellyfish and I saw Katya’s smiling face and arms outstretched for a big hug it was like “wow … it’s all happening …”  They definitely were able to make us feel comfortable in all of their photo ideas and made us feel like we were gorgeous.’

Jimmy: ‘I feel like we couldn’t have put together a better team of people for our wedding day. Everyone was so professional, yet friendly and compassionate. Katya & Rob were definitely highlights and great to work with. We could really tell they both cared and wanted to make our day special and beautifully capture it forever!’


Any advice for future Brides?

Deana: ‘You need to CHILL OUT and ENJOY THE RIDE! The biggest source of anxiety for me the entire week leading up to the wedding day was giving out all of the welcome bags to our guests because everyone was coming in at staggered times. Try to relax and enjoy yourself. This is your week and you need to not be stressing out about how much fun everyone around you is having. I wish I would have been able to follow my own advice. Everything will work out, everyone working for you wants you to have the day of your dreams. Don’t sweat the small stuff, it won’t matter in 20 years. Hearing guests tell us this was the best wedding they had been to made all of the worrying worth it.’

Jimmy: ‘Relax and have fun! It’s your big day and if you spend time worrying you’re going to blink and miss it. And for grooms, support your bride. She’s going to freak out, it’s inevitable, so just be helpful and have her back.’


Deana & Jimmy: we hope you felt our hearts in these images. We absolutely adore you. Thank you for the cookies. Thank you for your love & presence. See you in NYC!!! xoxoxo K+R.



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