jellyfish punta cana wedding. {nicole + devon}

April 22, 2015

Nicole & Devon met at a friend’s house in Los Angeles, as fate would have it. It didn’t take long for them to fall in love – the chemistry felt obvious and perfect.

The proposal came at a gorgeous beach in Malibu, California.

They did a lot of online research to find their perfect Wedding Destination and settled on Punta Cana, it just felt right! Jellyfish was the natural choice, known as the most spectacular venue on the island.

What a beautiful Couple, inside and out! It’s pure joy to watch them dance and make each other laugh. When they gaze into each other’s eyes, the world around them softens and melts away, an electric, unshakable connection seems to bind them. It’s inspiring. Nicole & Devon – we absolutely adore you and really look forward to keeping in touch!!! Please come back and visit us! xoxo K+R.

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Devon: ‘I’m the happiest I’ve ever been since Nicole walked into my life.’

jellyfish punta cana bridal suite

Nicole: ‘With Devon by my side, I live a healthier life now. We make it a point to eat healthy together, work out, and laugh together.’jellyfish weddingjellyfish wedding decorationsmodern vintage decor jellyifish restaurantjellyfish restaurant punta canawelcome table wine bottlesgroom punta canajellyfish groomsmen

Nicole: ‘I absolutely love his eyes – they are so honest and I feel I can see his soul.’

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Top three things Nicole loves about Devon: ‘He is so caring, a caregiver to everyone. He always makes sure everyone is okay. Devon is very optimistic and outgoing. I also love how talented he is, dancing makes him so happy and that makes me happy.’

Devon loves about Nicole: ‘I love her laugh and how she cares for me, among many other things.’

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Most romantic memory together according to Nicole: ‘I remember one of the first times I went to his house… Devon cooked me seabass and we sat in the dark with only candles, I’ll never forget that.’

Most romantic memory together according to Devon: ‘Going on vacation to Jamaica together.’

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As a kid, Nicole wanted to be a dancer and an architect! ‘I had an obsession with houses. I wanted an architect program that was ridiculously expensive, so my parents bought me the Sims instead.’ Nicole is now an excellent dancer … and a Book Keeper. As a kid, Devon dreamed of being a professional dancer and dancing all around the world. He accomplished just that and enjoys a career as a Dance Instructor and Choreographer.

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Ideal day together according to Nicole: ‘waking up early to see the sunrise, breakfast, lunch, dinner and playing games.’

Ideal day together according to Devon: ‘waking up beside each other, making breakfast in bed.’

punta cana destination weddings

Nicole: ‘The little things are the big things… I love that Devon makes me lunch every morning before work!’

punta cana beach weddingpunta cana wedding photos

Devon: ‘Her eyes and smile are everything!’

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Nicole: ‘I called him “love bug” and he started calling me “love dove.” He also calls me “Sugar” and my family always mocks him and calls me Sugar now too – haha!’

Devon: ‘Sugar! Our dance at the wedding is to “Sugar” by Maroon 5.’

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First dance song is ‘This is the Way it Should Be for Lovers’ by Paul McCartney.

destination weddingsfather daughter dance jellyfish fire show photojournalistic punta cana weddingpunta cana wedding party

Nicole & Devon blew everyone away with their perfectly executed, high-energy, passionate dance! 

And a surprise tap dance! jellyfish love signA day later, we met on the beach for one of our famous sunrise Rock the Dress sessions – it especially memorable because we got caught in a rainstorm!!! I LOVE the dramatic sky … almost as much as Nicole’s incredible dress!!!

punta cana rock the dress

Nicole’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘mint chocolate chip ice cream and chips!’

Devon’s favourite guilty pleasure: ‘chips! We’ve probably tried every chip flavour!’

punta cana intimate portraitspunta cana brides

If Devon had a magical power, it would be … ‘defying gravity.’

If Nicole had a magical power, it would be … ‘to fold her laundry without having to actually fold it!’

punta cana rain weddingpunta cana sunrise wedding photostrash the dress rain photostrash the dress wedding rainbow

Nicole’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Grapes!’

Devon’s favourite things to find in the fringe: ‘Grapes!’

sexy trash the dress photosrock the dress punta canapunta cana rock the dresspunta cana intimate portraits


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

If you can stay longer for a little “honeymoon” after your guests leave, do it! Some alone time as Mr. and Mrs. is important.’

 Most memorable moments from the Day / Wedding week?

Walking out of the bridal suite to meet my dad is one of my favourite moments of the day/night. He turned around to greet me and I just lost it and started crying. He was wearing a shirt he had custom made and on it was a photo of me as a little girl. He started to tear up too and Gianna and Clara asked if I wanted a shot. I said ” Yes! Vodka”  My dad said “make it two!”

Also, my bridesmaids and Devon’s cousins surprised him with a dance and his face was priceless the whole time we performed it. Then him joining us on the dance floor and busting out to Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ at the end was perfect! All of us girls had to sneak away to practice our choreographed dance at the hotel while being inconspicuous – a nearly impossible task with almost 20 girls… but we pulled it off pretty fantastically.

We loved our First Dance together. My bridesmaids stood at the edges of the stage and held sparkers. It felt like a movie – but it was REAL! lucky us  🙂

The whole week was filled with memorable moment to share with all of our friends and family, we love them all so much!’

Comments about vendors, resort etc 

Our guests stayed at the Melia Caribe Tropical and we fortunately got upgraded to stay at the Level, which is the adult only section. Check-in was a tad overwhelming arriving with such a big group and was a bit slow, but hey-  you are on vacation! When we first arrived, the hotel felt a little intimidating because it’s MASSIVE – but once we got into the groove, everything fell into place. (There is a lot of walking involved, so if you feel that isn’t for you, I would consider other resorts). The wifi does not work well, so trying to gather a large group was difficult at times. My guests ALL raved about the food and the absolutely exquisite grounds of the hotel. It really is a beautiful resort. The Level was very nice because we could wake up and the dining was steps away from our room. All in all, we would definitely go back!’ 

Katya & Rob: where to start with the dreamiest couple… we couldn’t have gotten enough compliments about these two. Us and our guests are their number one fans! Our guests adored them and mentioned how they have never seen photographers take so many pictures at a wedding. SO hands on with every moment. We truly felt the love from both of them and know it will show in the photos, they made everything a breeze! A few male guests even mentioned they would marry Rob 😉  hehe.  For our Rock the Dress session, we got caught in the rain and we will never forget those memories we shared, sooo unexpected and wonderful! We are forever grateful for them and hope to cross paths again in this lifetime.

Jellyfish: everything you’ve heard about this venue is true! Our wedding was an absolute dream and its all owed to the dream team at Jellyfish. Thank you all! ou rock! xoxoxo

Sanael Catamaran: This was the highlight of the week for most of our guests. To thank all of them for sharing the Wedding Week with us and for taking time out of their busy lives, we invited them out this catamaran adventure. I worked with Jennifer to arrange this excursion; she was so attentive and made sure everything went smoothly. She was always there to answer any questions I had and was so pleasant to work with! All my guests said they felt like celebrities, haha. It is a very nice new boat. The drinks, food and Dj/music were fantastic. The trip included snorkelling and a stop at the shallow ‘natural pool.’ We all had a blast and would highly recommend this. (If you have a larger group I would recommend three hours, we did two hours and some guests didn’t get to go snorkelling because there wasn’t enough time).

Pastor Rick York: Phenomenal. Heartfelt and funny – what more could you ask for!’

Any advice for future Brides / Grooms! 

‘Any spare time you have – sneak away with your wifey/hubby.’  🙂



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