jellyfish punta cana wedding. {nadya + damir}

May 19, 2014

I LOVE their love story.

Damir will tell you how he got Nadya’s phone number: ‘My neighbor called me one day asking to fix the wireless network in his newly-built house that he was renting out to students. Upon arriving I saw this beautiful girl who came to me asking in broken English if I could fix her laptop. I recognized her Russian accent right away, and asked her back “Ты говоришь по-русски?” (Do you speak Russian?). After I fixed her computer she asked me for my phone number (!), and called me 5 minutes later saying that her laptop was not working again. That’s how I got her number! I tried calling her days later but she did not pick up her phone. Finally, I decided to try and call one last time and she answered. The very next day we had our first date!’

Nadya gives amazing hugs. She is also a creature of delicate sweetness and has impeccable taste. Her savviness and experience in event planning & marketing coupled with Mayte’s genius made for one of the most beautiful set-ups Jellyfish Restaurant has seen.

Nadya & Damir, you are so beautiful together. Hope you feel our love seeping through these images!! xoxo K+R. 

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Top three things Nadya loves about Damir: ‘Love how smart and wise he is about everything from work to everyday life. Love that he is kind and caring. Love how cute he is sometimes when we do silly things together.’

jellyfish bridal roomlove mayte punta canajellyfish weddings

Top three things Damir loves about Nadya: ‘Love how passionate she is about her work and she always wants to do more. Love how patient she is with my flaws. Love how easy-going and easy to be with she is.’

first look jellyfishpunta cana first look

‘We decided to get married while on vacation in Punta Cana last summer. Officially Damir asked for my hand in marriage in front of my parents when they were visiting us a couple of months later. That was a very touching moment for me and my mom and dad.’

jellyfish first look photos

First Look & love letters… unique first look photosjellyfish weddings

‘We find romance in small things such as kissing each other every morning before we go to work and every night before we fall asleep.’

jellyfish beach wedding photospunta cana wedding photographer

Damir’s favourite guilty pleasure: ‘Beer.’

Nadya’s favourite guilty pleasure: ‘Chocolate, ice cream and sunflower seeds.’

creative destination weddings

‘If Damir had magical powers, he would read my mind … but only when I want him to!’

jellyfish brides

‘If Nadya had magical powers, she would turn water into beer!’

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‘I really enjoy watching TV shows with Nadya, doesn’t really matter what it is … “Dr. House” or “Four weddings Canada”’ 🙂

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Damir: ‘When I was little I loved hiding in suitcases because I thought that it was nice and cozy inside it and this way I could travel to other places.’

Nadya: ‘When I was a kid I was super excited about my birthday coming up on February 25th. We had 25 volumes of Gorkiy’s writing and every year starting February 1st I counted days using these books, one book for each day, that was my countdown tool!’

katya nova photographypunta cana sunset wedding

According to a Russian tradition, a loaf of ‘karavai’ bread is served to the newlyweds. Whoever tears off the biggest piece, will be the head of the family! Then each piece is generously dipped into salt and fed to one another – so that the rest of their lives together will seem sweet in comparison!jellyfish russian weddingjellyfish russian weddingfirst kiss jellyfishkids wedding photosjellyfish lobster weddingjellyfish wedding menubest destination wedding menujellyfish cakepunta cana macaroonsjellyfish cake cuttingfunny cake cutting photosjellyfish first dance


What did you love most about your wedding day?

‘Our wedding was everything we dreamed of and even more! The most wonderful thing was that all our loved ones were with us on that special day witnessing our love and happiness. Our wedding was an ideal combination of a perfect group of people who traveled from all over the world to be with us, perfect place (JF restaurant) and a perfect team of professionals working behind the scenes (amazing Mayte, wonderful Anna Nuet, super talented team of Katya Nova Photography, and the entire JF team).’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently?

‘The only regret is that the day went by way too fast. We would do it all over again if we could! We are already planning our 10-year vow renewal! Ha-ha-ha!’


Most memorable moments?

Nadya: ‘seeing my hubby’s first reaction when he saw me in my dress for the first time during the First Look, my parents walking me down the isle, cutting the cake and smashing it into each other faces (we were always opposed to the idea of doing that, it all happened by accident and it was damn funny!)

Damir: ‘seeing our guests gathered all together at a beautiful venue to celebrate our big day, crazy hour show and the fire show was so much fun and it really got the party started, dancing on the sand under the stars was an unforgettable experience.’

‘We cannot thank everyone involved in planning our wedding enough. Planning a destination wedding might be challenging and it’s extremely important to have a team you have faith in. We are absolutely happy with the day we had and let us tell you that no matter what, you are marrying the love of your life and your wedding day will be amazing! As my mom later told me, the wedding is not only about flowers, centrepieces and coloured napkins, it is more about the love and the energy that you are spreading around you, that’s what creates the magic atmosphere and life-lasting memories!’

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    Супер!!! Здорово!!! Молодцы!!!

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