jellyfish punta cana wedding. {lena + stas}

July 12, 2013

Stas was in college, and Lena was still finishing high school when they met at a social event on a boat. The connection was instant and it wasn’t long before the infatuation grew into their first true love and a ‘real’ relationship. However, after three blissful years together, Lena & Stas felt that they were no longer wanting the same things, and parted ways.

As fate would have it, they just couldn’t stay away – their friendship grew and became stronger over time. Lena recalls, ‘Stas moved to Germany for a few months for work, and I came to visit. He provided moral support when I started the challenge of medical school. I kept in touch with his family throughout this time and even delivered his niece!’ Eventually, they started to realize that nothing (and no one) could match up to the way they felt about one another. ‘We ‘moulded’ into one another,’ Lena laughs, ‘all of a sudden, it was as though only we could understand each other’s jokes and hardships.’

Lena, on the proposal: ‘Stas made an entire day’s celebration out of it! First, he greeted me with a beautiful basket of pink roses. After that, we went to an animal shelter to adopt the cat that I’ve been wanting forever! We spent the day together, and in the evening he took me to a fancy dinner downtown. Just as I thought the night was over, Stas took a detour… and pulled up to the Trump Tower! He brought me up to a gorgeous honeymoon suite overlooking the Chicago river, set up with champagne & strawberries. As I was enjoying the view, he got down on one knee to pop the question. It was perfect!’

Their vintage-inspired Jellyfish wedding combined a laid-back Caribbean atmosphere with traditional Russian flair. They pulled this off beautifully! What a treat it was for me to lip-sync behind my lens to the Russian beats of their uber talented DJ Dmitry (KGBeats), who came along for this destination wedding all the way from Chicago.

Stas & Lena – you two are perfect for each other and are such beautiful people! Warmest wishes, you are truly meant to be. xoxo K+R.

Decadent menu… Russian-style! 

‘Looking back, it all seems so obvious, but it must have been fate – what are the chances that we would end up together after such a rollercoaster? Words really cannot describe how lucky I feel to have Stas, my one and only love, back – this time for good.’ 

‘I have always been in love with my wife, since we first started seeing each other, but my love has gone through a long-winded evolution process over the past ten years. I went from being infatuated with Lena to not only continuing being love-sick for her, but also finally beginning to understand what her presence in my life truly means to my future.’

‘Because of Lena, I want children and a large family. I am more driven and motivated to be successful. I continuously want to work on myself and be the best husband for her because she certainly deserves it.’

‘I just love how Stas does the groceries while I’m at work or sleeping after a night shift. He always get the stuff I love… like French Macaroons!’ 🙂

‘Just starting into his eyes puts me at ease. I always know that I am safe with Stas. He’s my brick wall.’

Lena is an amazing dancer and made Stas look (and feel) like the king on that dance floor during their first dance. Ssssssssizzling! 

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