jellyfish punta cana wedding. {jolene + eddie}

June 16, 2014

Don’t ever underestimate teenage crushes! Jolene & Eddie’s beautiful love story is a testament to that.

‘We initially met in grade 9 in high school, he was labeled as the ‘jock’ and I was an ‘art geek.’ He walked past me every day and I would swoon, while he didn’t even know I existed. I told my friends that one day I would be with him and they laughed and said I had NO chance. One day I dropped my art pencils and pastels all over the ground in front of him – he walked by without even blinking! I was still so infatuated with him, regardless of his ignorance. In grade 11, I got a makeover from a friend and the following day at school I actually had a few boys arguing over who would date me! Eddie piped up saying that it was ridiculous of them to think I would ever date any of them and that they should just leave me alone. The swooning over him continued, but it turned out we were both too nervous to talk to one another. A few years after high school, when we were 19, my brother and I were at the mall and noticed Eddie with his sister, whom my brother knew very well. I told him to go talk to her in hopes that I could get Eddie to finally talk to me. Sure enough we hit it off right away and spent endless nights talking, laughing and falling madly in love with one another.’

Jolene beamed with so much excitement sitting in Anna Nuet’s chair at the Jellyfish Restaurant bridal room – it was infectious!

Here’s their gorgeous wedding, at Punta Cana’s most beloved off-resort wedding velue, Jellyfish.

Big shout-out to all the incredible vendors: Alexandra from Luxe Destination Weddings (you’re still yet to come down here to visit us!), Anna Nuet hair & make-up, Diego & Jose of Cores Films, new wedding decorators Gianna & Clara, and last but not least, my amazing husband Rob, whom I don’t thank enough – what a WICKED team!

Jolene & Eddie – you are such beautiful human beings. We’ll always think of you when we hear Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody! Hope you feel our love through these images! xoxo K+R.
anna nuet punta canajellyfish bodasjellyfish bridesjellyfish new decorationsEddie proposed durning their first romantic Caribbean trip together, in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

While Jolene was busy putting on her water shoes (this was a River Falls excursion), Eddie had taken the friendly Jamaican guide aside and asked him to please give Eddie a signal when the perfect time to propose would be. She remembers, ‘we had a blast climbing up the falls – nearly fell a few times – so much excitement going on! When we finally reached the last waterfall, that’s when the Jamaican man brought me and Eddie to the front of the group, in front of the waterfall. I was so confused … why we were heading to the front of the group? I looked back to see some disgruntled faces as we cut the line. I looked ahead again to see Eddie… DOWN ON ONE KNEE!!! I was sooooo surprised!!

After 7 years together, he placed a beautiful ring on my finger! He looked up at me with his gorgeous, sincere eyes & asked “Will You Marry Me?”Surrounded by many screams & cheers from our fellow group members, I looked down as he opened the box and my eyes grew wide! It was the most romantic moment of my life.’ 

weddings rings‘Eddie’s smile lights up my life, and happiness is something we cherish in one another. He really is my other half, as I am his!’

dreams palm beach weddingdreams palm beachi canetsy wedding signsmom daughter weddingjellyfish bridal roomjellyfish signs etsy

Meet Gianna & Clara, the new wonderful decorators for Jellyfish Restaurant! Aren’t they sweet?!gianna clara jellyfish wedding plannerspunta cana drum steel bandjellyfish wedding ceremony

‘Our lives have intertwined infinitely and we truly support and encourage each other in all of our goals & ambitions in life. We are a team; we have established a solid foundation of love & support together, which only grows stronger day after day.’jellyfish punta cana weddingjellyfish group photosjellyfish restaurant punta cana

Favourite things to find in the fridge:

Eddie: ‘steak marinating!’

Jolene: ‘a bottle of red wine. Also, I couldn’t live without my Green Tea Ice Cream or Lemon Italian Ice.’ 

jellyfish restaurant wedding photosbeach wedding partydiego cores filmsdominican republic wedding photospunta cana wedding photographer‘We feel confident, strong & capable of doing anything together. When we wake up in the morning, I may be grumpy because I am not a morning person, but we always look at each other with great appreciation. We know that whatever the day may throw at us, together we will have the strength to look past the problems and come up with solutions as a couple.’

caribbean beach wedding photosjellyfish katya novathank you wedding umbrellasunset punta canapunta cana wedding sparklersdestination wedding foodpunta cana weddingsjellyfish langostajellyfish restaurant wedding photospunta cana bouquet tossjellyfish fire showjellyfish bodas

Sunrise Rock the Dress session … Dreams Palm Beach! sunrise rock the dresssurnise dreams palm beachFavourite guilty pleasure: ‘getting a bunch of our favourite treats and cuddling up to watch a funny movie while pigging out’.

sexy punta cana couples photospunta cana couples photosMost romantic memory:

‘Valentine’s Day 2010, I had an exam during the day that I had been really stressing about as I was worried about my grade in this class. Little did I know that Eddie was planning a special surprise for me back in my room. After the exam, I headed back and to my room and as I opened the door, I noticed the rose petals on the bed, hearts hanging on strings covered the room/ceiling, and there were 2 adorable red wine glasses in the shape of hearts, with a big bottle of champagne and my favourite treat, chocolate covered strawberries!!’

creative trash the dress‘I love Eddie’s eyes, his smile, his lips, his laugh… I just lose myself in his presence.’

sexy trash the dress‘I’m so grateful for way Jolene loves me unconditionally, she makes me feel wanted, needed and loved regardless of my faults.’

sexy couples boudoir



What did you love most about your wedding?

‘The decor and flowers were perfect, the music, LED floor and Fire Dancers were all amazing!! Our wedding team were so very talented and absolutely outstanding!! Everyone worked together and it was a truly magical day!!’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

‘I wish we would have had more time to do some photos with my ladies before the wedding & also the First Touch – but things ran a bit late and we ran out of time…’


Most memorable moments?

‘Seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle was truly magical, the burlesque dance was definitely a pleasant surprise and it added to the wild nature of the party, everyone commented nonstop about how amazing our wedding was and it was so nice to hear that everyone had such an amazing time! Mission Accomplished!’
Comments about vendors / resort etc

Anna Nuet, Cores Films, Katya & Rob, Pastor Rick York, MC Jehison, DJ Ariel, and The Jellyfish Team were all absolutely amazing!!! I honestly could not have picked a better team to fulfill our wedding dreams!! We cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work and efforts!!’

Any advice for future Brides?

‘Make enough time to do everything you want to do!’



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