jellyfish punta cana wedding. {danielle + david}

May 17, 2013

Over the last 2.5 years, Danielle & David have been to 23 weddings (!) As professional wedding guests, they knew exactly what they wanted for their own Big Day. Naturally, they chose the sunny, dreamy Punta Cana and the famous Jellyfish Restaurant. We loved everything about this wedding, especially the part where we got to laugh with them and get to know their awesome friends!

‘It couldn’t have been more of a D.C. cliche,’ David admits, ‘I was a Republican Congressional staffer handling tech issues, Danielle worked for a Democratic tech lobbying group, and we met at a reception hosted by the video game lobby.’  David and his friend saw a pretty blonde across the room standing next to the cheese table. Danielle looked stuck in a conversation she wanted out of, and they quickly extracted her.  Right off the bat there was a definite spark between them, with Danielle being especially interested that David was also from Southern California. Despite the connection, they wouldn’t see each other for another four months until the party Danielle’s company hosted for President Obama’s inauguration. Although they hit it off again, Danielle wouldn’t hear from David for another couple of months… Then one fateful night Danielle & David connected again at another work reception (because third time is a charm), and while enjoying a bar-closing beer, David discovered that he had actually had Danielle’s personal phone number for all those months!! A brunch date followed – and the rest is history.

For the perfect proposal, David had smuggled the ring to Europe in the bottom of his camera bag knowing he wanted to pop the question in Munich, Germany, on a romantic trip to celebrate the marriage of their dear friends. David had selected an apartment-style boutique hotel with a cute rooftop deck and breathtaking views of the city skyline. ‘After a long day of sightseeing, we went to the nearby Viktualienmarkt to pick up some local Riesling wine and cheese. Before a late dinner reservation, we decided to enjoy the picnic and sunset on the rooftop deck.’ As David nervously paced back and forth trying to figure out if now was the time, Danielle, completely oblivious to what was going on, began reminiscing about how she was the last of her college friends to get married … that instant, he dropped down on one knee, produced a ring, and popped the question. Danielle’s first reaction was ‘Are you f-ing kidding me?!?!’ 🙂 but David quickly got the ‘yes’ he’d been waiting for. It was time to celebrate over the meal of a lifetime – a stunning multi-course dinner with plenty of pink champagne, an amazing German Riesling at the Michelin 2-starred Restaurant Dallmayr.

Dani & Q, you two are absolutely FANTASTIC. Wishing you the world at your fingertips – please don’t retire from your wedding-attending hobby – and we’ll see you soon! xxoo K+R

‘David I love her feisty independence, how she can always make me laugh, and that she supports me in everything.’  

‘I love David’s ambition, his big heart, and passion for everything that he does.’

‘David is the most caring, kind and generous person I know. I also really appreciate that he doesn’t really allow himself to sweat the little things.’

It’s all about the Choo’s. 

‘David is my best friend, I love that I have someone special to share travel and so many other wonderful memories with.’ 

David’s best friend Nick officiates the wedding.

Their dear friend Brandon gets a gazebo portrait while attempting to intimidate me with his fancy camera 🙂

As a kid, David mostly wanted to be a doctor.  Danielle alternated between veterinarian (because she loves animals) and pop-star.

 ‘With Danielle by my side, I feel much more at peace with my life; unfulfilled ambition has been replaced with confident contentment.  And I live in a much nicer apartment now.’ 🙂

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