jellyfish punta cana wedding. {crystal + terry}

May 17, 2013

Facebook and football brought Crystal & Terry back together after having lost touch for 10 years. You see, they were really good friends in high school and even attended the same classes from grade 8-12. Terry used to pick Crystal up for school many mornings and sat behind her in class all the time. They dated briefly after high school, but both moved away…  but as fate would have it, they were meant to fall in love again!

Terry was trying to figure out a way to propose for a weeks, but his every attempt was sabotaged. ‘One morning after a camping trip we were lying in each others arms, cuddling as we always do and talking about how much we love each other, how happy we are to be together.’ Then suddenly Terry jumped out of bed, supposedly to grab some water… ‘I thought it was a bit weird,’ remembers Crystal, ‘but I really had no idea what he was up to.’ Terry moulded back into her embrace and proposed right there, with a sweet heart to heart. Intimate, personal, a perfect moment.

Crystal & Terry – you really are perfect for each other… smoking hot, passionate, driven and super fun!! Sweetest CONGRATS! xoxo K+R.

My favourite Jellyfish gazebo to date… Isn’t it breathtaking? You’re amazing, Mayte!

First Look, Crystal walks out to ‘Unthinkable’ by Alicia Keys… At first, Crystal & Terry were hesitant about the First Look because they wanted the walk down the aisle to be special… but I used my magical powers of coercion and they couldn’t be happier with the memories.

‘We really wanted to have that personal moment that is special and only for the two of us.  We also wanted those pictures on the beach with the beautiful blue water, which wouldn’t have been possible with our later sunset ceremony. Lastly, we didn’t want to be rushed and wanted to enjoy every moment….so thank you Katya for that wonderful advice!’

‘I love Terry’s ability to make me laugh (even if I am mad he can still make me laugh), his smile, and he’s loving & caring towards me… also, I really love his muscles’ 🙂 

‘I really love that Crystal is a strong, beautiful, independent woman. I also love the way she looks. She is soooo sexy!’

‘Terry is a true gentleman and always makes sure I’m okay – whether that means holding on to me while I’m rocking my super high heels, carrying my bags, or just loving me like crazy.’

‘I love that Crystal loves me for the man I am and that she doesn’t want to change me. I love that we can tell each other anything. We have no secrets.’

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