jellyfish punta cana wedding {brit + corey}

August 7, 2014

Britt & Corey knew from the start they were perfect for each other.  ‘We both had just gotten out of long (not so fun) relationships, so we took our time getting serious. The timing wasn’t perfect, as neither of us were big into settling down right away, but we just knew this was something different. We left our options open for a few months and went on dates with other people, but long story short, kept coming back to each other. It’s been bliss ever since!’

As a kid, Brittany always wanted to be in the medical profession. ‘It’s so fascinating to me,’ she says … ‘blood, guts and all!’ As a kid, Corey knew he would enjoy helping people. ‘I would be a Veterinarian though, if I could do it all over.  I love animals.’ Now Britt & Corey work at the same hospital, as a Speech-Language Pathologist and a Hospital Administrator, respectively. ‘We are both mobile, so we get the pleasure of bumping into each other every once in a while.’

Here’s their picture-perfect Big Day at Jellyfish Restaurant in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, an absolute wedding dream-come-true. Brittany & Corey are such an amazing,  warm, and beautiful Couple … LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

jellyfish wedding dress

The wonderfully talented Krystie Ann on make-up and hair. krystie ann makeup

Three things Britt loves about Corey: ‘He is so thoughtful, treats me like a queen, and makes me laugh every day!’

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Three things Corey loves about Britt: ‘I love her amazing eyes and how absolutely gorgeous she is. As beautiful as she is outside she is even more gorgeous inside. I love how loving and easy going she is. We never fuss and just truly enjoy doing any and everything together.’

groomsmen jellyfish

Beautiful First Look.jellyfish first lookfirst look jellyfish

Ideal day together: ‘We could do anything together and we’d be happy. We are both very busy, so we cherish any “days off” we get with each other. We love getting fresh air or going out to wine and dine.’

jellyfish first look

Britt, on the Proposal:

‘I had just finished graduate school and Corey planned a trip to Jamaica for us. We had talked about rings for over a year, but he knew I didn’t want to plan a wedding while in grad school. So… I just knew it was going to happen in Jamaica. About a week before we left, we both had a day off so we were out running errands all day. I went for a run when we got home and Corey went to get our favourite Thai take-out. I had just showered and was already in pj’s. We were watching the Voice and eating our Thai food on the couch. He said he had dessert and I thought nothing of it… Until he got down on one knee and realized that my dessert was a big beautiful diamond! It was perfect.’

punta cana wedding photosjellyfish bride photos

Favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Food and wine & lots of it! Along with that, being lazy on rainy days and watching movies on the couch.’

dominican republic weddings

Britt: ‘I love that Corey can always make me laugh no matter how upset or mad I am. I try to fight it sometimes, but he always breaks me down!’

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Britt’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Wine & cheese… or an avocado.’  🙂

Corey’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Any of Britt’s leftovers, she is a fantastic cook!’

wedding appetizersjellyfish destination wedding

Corey: ‘Brittany is a very caring and sweet woman. I need some TLC from time to time and she is always there to listen and comfort me when I get overwhelmed in work and life. A hug and a kiss from her always makes my worries fade.’

katya nova punta canajellyfish wedding partypunta cana family photos

‘We challenge each other to be better while still loving and excepting each other for who we are. A day never goes by where we can’t be ourselves, and we make each other so genuinely happy!’

jellyfish beach wedding

First dance song: ‘Into the Mystic’  by Van Morrison.

dominican republic weddingslove jellyfish wedding receptionjellyfish wedding



What did you love most about your wedding, SPECIFICALLY?

‘We loved that it was so unique. We also loved that every detail of the wedding turned out perfectly while the whole process was laid-back and stress-free. BUT most importantly, one thing we’ll never forget is the amount of love and support radiating through the Jellyfish that night.’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

‘None except that I wish I could relive every single moment. The day is truly a blur, and no matter how many times people tell you it’s going to fly by, you never realize how true that really is.’


Most memorable moments?!

‘Holding Corey’s hands as I got to the altar. I swear, my heart slowed down about 20 beats!
Everyone’s excitement during the Crazy Hour and the dance party that followed. Also, watching all of our friends and family meet and become friends like they’d known each other for years.’


Comments on vendors, resort etc

Majestic Elegance: The resort was absolutely beautiful and Elegance club was well worth the small additional cost. The only downside was the food and some of the staff. The food wasn’t bad, but it was just so-so, as most resorts tend to be. And I’d say 80% of the staff was awesome, but it only takes a few with bad attitudes to leave a sour impression. I guess we are a little biased because the staff at the last resort we stayed at (Iberostar in Jamaica) was so genuinely friendly & accommodating.

Jellyfish Restaurant: AWESOME! Everything was absolutely perfect and gorgeous. Our guests were blown away by the decor and the food! We couldn’t have asked for anything more from Isaac, Gianna, Clara, and the staff.

Florian (Video Punta Cana): We got a highlight video from Florian, but he also gave us the raw footage before we left Punta Cana. He was so sweet, great to work with, and we’re looking forward to seeing the finished highlight reel!

Krystie Ann Hair & Make-up: Krystie Ann absolutely rocked our hair and make-up! Two of my bridesmaids were planning on doing their own makeup until they saw her finish the first bridesmaids. Lucky for us, she was sweet and flexible enough to fit them into the schedule on the fly. Our hair and makeup lasted well into dancing the night away.

Pastor Mark Lykins: he was AWESOME and complimented the dream team well. His sermon couldn’t have been more perfect!

Katya, Rob & Lacy: We’ve never met more gorgeous, loveable, talented people! Even our guests kept saying, “where’d you find them?!” because they’d never met more personable wedding photographers. Their talent and love truly shines through in their work!’


Advice for future Brides?!

‘We LOVED our destination wedding and would not do it any other way… especially now that we’ve been through it!

I think one of the most important things is a great photographer and videographer (even if just a highlight video). There is so much emotion and adrenaline on your wedding day that you really are on a high and can’t take it all in, no matter how hard you try! ‘


Britt & Corey – you lovebirds are so perfect together, your Wedding was truly a reflection of who you are as people … down to the smallest detail and kitty snuggles. Warmest CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage!!! LOVE, K+R (+L)

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