jellyfish punta cana wedding. {ashley + louis}

February 9, 2015

As fate would have it, one day Ashley was in desperate need of a reliable plumber and some friends from work recommended a ‘Joe Russo.’ ‘He was fantastic, personable, and wouldn’t stop bragging about his son!’ Ashley remembers. “You would love him,’ the man had said. ‘I can tell. He’s nice… but not a wimp. He’s smart… but not so smart that it’s annoying.’ Almost a year later, they finally met at a mutual friends’ kid’s party. It was love at first sight. Ashley hasn’t stopped thanking Joe ever since.

Lou: ‘When I fell in love with Ashley I remember feeling like everything was going to be ok. Like I could be myself around her and she would still like me.’

Here’s their perfect Jellyfish Punta Cana wedding … enjoy!

jellyfish bridal suite

Ashley, on the Proposal:

‘In lieu of Christmas gifts, we decided to do a fancy date night. When the night came around I was sick and didn’t feel like going anywhere.  Lou INSISTED that I get out of bed and get dressed. Before we left the house, he started talking about how much he loved me. Then he kneeled down and pulled out a beautiful ring! When we got to our favourite restaurant, the whole staff knew and was congratulating us. Lou had a beautiful table set up with flowers and a bottle of champagne waiting for us! It was an amazing night.’

anna nuet hair makeup

Fabulous Anna Nuet on hair & make-up.jellyfish anna nuetbridal suite jellyfish girlsbest destination weddings

Ashley: ‘This year I was lucky enough to get a job teaching first grade at John M. Marshall Elementary School in East Hampton. I also bartend and waitress at a family restaurant a few nights a week. I love being at school and waving to Lou out the window while he’s working outside.  It’s great to know he’s close by!’

Lou: ‘I’m a grounds worker for the East Hampton School District. I take care of all of the maintenance and landscaping for the three schools – elementary, middle, and high school.’

jellyfish bridesjellyfish punta cana weddingsdreams palm beach grooms

From Dreams Palm Beach to Jellyfish Restaurant. jellyfish restaurant wedding

Ashley: ‘When I was four, I wanted to be the first famous Asian country western singer.  My mom always had country music playing and I loved to sing along!’

Lou: ‘I wanted to be a professional baseball player for the Yankees!’

jellyfish wedding photoswedding drink mugsjellyfish welcome tablejellyfish punta cana weddings

Ana Bello and her famous wedding cake! cake studio bavaro

What a great idea for the bouquet – a little less than half of Ashley’s flowers were real, so the bouquet smelled and looked amazing, but lasted much longer! unique destination bouquet

Top three things Ashley loves about Lou: ‘He makes me feel special every minute of every day! He also makes me feel safe and always knows what I’m thinking.’

jellyfish weddings jellyfish wedding

Top three things Lou loves about Ashley: ‘Her ability to make me a better man, her honesty towards me, and the way she loves me.’

katya nova jellyfish weddingsjellyfish beach ceremonypastor rick york punta cana jellyfish punta cana weddings

Ideal day together according to Ashley: ‘Cuddling all day! We would watch movies, talk, and eat delicious food!’ 

Ideal day together according to Lou: ‘Sleep in, nice brunch, go to the beach, and go out to a fancy dinner.’

unique beach weddings

Most romantic memory together according to Ashley: ‘We went on a vacation to Mexico for our one year anniversary. It was our first time staying in an all-inclusive resort.’

Most romantic memory together according to Lou: ‘The night I proposed.’

jellyfish beach weddingkatya nova jellyfishromantic beach weddingpunta cana family portraits

Val & Maria of Val’s Weddings, always a few steps ahead! vals weddings jellyfishjellyfish bridesmaidsbridesmaids black white jellyfishjellyfish sunset weddingsgroom with dominican policesunset beach bridesmaidsjellyfish bridal party photosunique beach weddings

Ashley’s favourite guilty pleasure: ‘Taco Bell.’

Lou’s favourite guilty pleasure: ‘Watching The Walking Dead.’

love sign wedding photosdominican republic beach brides

Ashley’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘A Starbucks coffee frappucino that Lou has snuck in there for me.’

Lou’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Leftover Chinese food.’

jellyfish wedding dinnerjellyfish wedding lobsterjellyfish wedding cake

Ashley: ‘With Lou in my life, I’m happier! I am very goal oriented but he has taught me to slow down and enjoy the journey.’

Lou: ‘With Ashley by my side, my life is full of love, passion, and motivation.’

cake studio bavaro jellyfishjellyfish wedding photos punta canajellyfish first dancejellyfish love sign photos


What did you love most about your wedding?

Ashley: ‘Jellyfish was breathtaking! The decor, the ambiance, the food, and Lou all came together to create my dream wedding.’

Lou: ‘My girl walking down the aisle.’

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

Ashley: ‘Everything was more perfect than I could’ve imagined! If anything, it would have been to find a way to stay in the Dominican Republic longer.’

Lou: ‘I don’t have any regrets about that whole day.’

Most memorable moments from the day/wedding week?

Ashley: ‘The only moment that really stands out in my mind is walking down the aisle towards Lou. I thought I’d be nervous but everything else seemed to disappear into the background.’

Lou: ‘Seeing Ashley for the first time on our wedding day.’

Comments about vendors, resorts, etc?

Ashley & Lou: ‘I really felt like we had the dream team! Everything was perfect with Clara decorating Jellyfish, Val coordinating, Katya & Rob as photographers, GT Modern Creations filming us, Anna Nuet doing hair & makeup, and Ana Bello making our cake. Everyone was amazing and so helpful. It felt like we were planning a party with old friends. We also loved Dreams Palm Beach! It was a relaxing and intimate resort for our guests to spend quality time with each other.’

Any advice for future brides/grooms?

Ashley: ‘This sounds so cliche but try to relax and just enjoy it all! The whole weekend flew by!’



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