jellyfish punta cana wedding. {ashley + juliano}

September 25, 2014

Ashley & Juliano met at Boston’s University of Massachusetts in the cafeteria, through a mutual friend. Ashley remembers: ‘I thought he was very cute and had a great sense of style. He was also quiet and shy, which I loved. He told my friend he liked me later on and got her to ‘ask permission’ for my phone number. After he called me the first time, it was official. There was no question about our connection and we starting dating right away.’

How time flew! After so much careful planning and counting down days, their perfect Jellyfish Punta Cana wedding finally came.

Rob & I are so thrilled to share their Story through in this love-filled Feature… Enjoy! destination wedding dress

Top three things Ashley loves about Juliano: ‘I love Juliano’s kind heart, the way he can always make me laugh, and that he is always my partner in crime – no matter what.’

jellyfish groom

Make-up & hair by our fabulous Anna Nuet. jellyfish bridal room different bridesmaid dresses

Ashley: ‘I was 18 when I met Juliano. I remember our first date so well, he picked me up and took me to a really romantic restaurant in Downtown Boston. We ate and talked for hours and had a great time. The memory is so vivid in my mind, from that moment on, there were constant surprises and great moments spent together. It was easy falling in love with him.’jellyfish bridal suitejellyfish weddingsjellyfish wedding flowersjellyfish bridal room

Top three things Juliano loves about Ashley: ‘I love her beautiful green eyes, Love the fact that we get along so well, and her personality.’

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Ashley: ‘I love his smile. When Juliano smiles, his whole face lights up and his eyes become brighter and even more amazing then they already are. It makes me so happy.’

groom palm trees

First Look.creative first look

Ideal day together according to Ashley: ‘There are so many ideal days: bike riding through the city and getting lunch in Cambridge, laying in bed with delicious take out from our favourite place with some good wine, and relaxing in bed catching up on our DVR, going out dancing bachata and being the youngest couple in the crowd, etc. I can’t name one day – there are SO MANY that I just love.’

first look wedding ideas

Ideal day together according to Juliano: ‘Meeting one another after work and going for a walk through the city, making a stop at Smoothie Kings. Hopping on one of the city Hub bike rentals and riding through different neighbourhoods, stopping at pubs for some appetizers and a drink. Then heading home to watch Netflix in bed.’

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Ashley on the Proposal:

‘We went to DC for Labor Day weekend, which is my favourite city! Juliano surprised me COMPLETELY, he proposed right in front of the reflecting pool with thousands of people watching.  He actually got someone to ‘take our picture’ then got down on one knee. It was the most amazing moment and I was completely blown away.’ 

bride down the isle

Juliano on the Proposal:

‘I was so nervous I didn’t know where exactly to propose at first. I knew I wanted to do it somewhere she could never forget. Initially, I was going to do it in front of the Lincoln monument but it was so crowded … so when we walked down the stairs and saw the reflecting pool I knew immediately that was it!’

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Juliano: ‘thanks to Ashley, I’ve been exposed to different music, different ways of thinking, and got my shit together sooner rather than later.’

jellyfish wedding portraits

Ashley’s nicknames for Juliano: ‘There’s a few, but my most often used one is Bayb. I know it’s not spelled right, but it’s what I’ve been calling/writing him for years. It’s stuck.’

ocean wedding punta cana

Juliano’s nicknames for Ashley: ‘Oh yes. Chunky-Butt and Baybz. She still always kind of blushes when I call her Chunky-Butt.’

punta cana destination weddings

Ashley: ‘with Juliano by my side, I am happier, I am more grounded, and most importantly, I am so excited for our future. I don’t want to rush/miss a second of any of it!!’

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Most romantic memory together according to Ashley:

‘After Juliano proposed, he took me to Capital Grill where he had made reservations, they had champagne on ice waiting for us with everyone greeting us and congratulating us! After dinner we went back to our hotel and Juliano had rose petals all over our room. It was so amazing. He is always romantic though, some nights he comes home with champagne or wine and tells me we should dance in our kitchen or he’ll take me out and wine and dine me. I am a lucky girl!’

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Most romantic memory together according to Juliano:

‘Our first date, I would say. I brought her to a nice Italian restaurant in the city with the perfect lighting and intimate setting, and a table in the corner reserved for us. It wasn’t because it was the best restaurant in the city – it was the look in her eyes that said – you did good. I knew that night that I liked her a lot. We joked, we laughed, we drank, and had yummy food.’

gorgeous jellyfish bride

Cana Beat Reggae Band. So good! cana beat wedding band

Breaking it down to ‘Murder She Wrote’ … Sizzling!
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Rock the Dress session next morning at Macao Beach! macao beach bridespunta cana weddingmacao wedding photosdestination wedding photosmacao wedding pictures

As a little girl, Ashley always wanted to be a judge or an attorney.  ‘I love to speak my mind and am great at arguing my points across well,’ she says. She now loves her career as an Investigator.

macao beach wedding

As a kid, Juliano wanted to be an architect. He now rocks a career in Real Estate.punta cana photographerdominican republic weddings

Ashley’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘skipping a workout and eating junk food in bed. Juliano hates the crumbs but always joins me when I bask in bed with Sex and the City reruns and takeout.’

Juliano’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘when we say okay we are going to do a 30 day challenge and not eat junk food and then we order pizza and buffalo tenders from our favourite mom & pop restaurant in the neighbourhood.’ 

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What did you love most about your Wedding?

‘EVERYTHING. Is that a bad answer?  It’s true, haha!’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

Ashley: ‘The only thing I would’ve done differently is not believe the “island time” theory. I was a little too laid back thinking things would be handled more smoothly and day of/up to ceremony – and I had to be on my game. I wasn’t able to sit back and really relax until dinner.’


Most memorable moments:


‘1. Our First Look – I totally recommend it! We had a few minutes to ourselves and it was the BEST way to start the day. It was so emotional and relaxing at the same time… it was perfect. Seeing my honey and being in the moment and realizing our wedding was HERE… after months and months of planning and waiting… IT ARRIVED. And was so SO perfect. I could relive that moment a million times.

2. Our reggae band Cana Beat playing Shabba Ranks at cocktail hour – I die. It’s an oldie but a goodie and just has so many great memories for us. It’s one of my favourites and always gets everyone ready to party… to hear it on our wedding day – no words. 

3. My Nana and Mom walking me down the aisle and giving me away to Juliano. His face was so bright, smiling with joy, I felt so beautiful and full of love.’


‘1. First look…

2. My mom dancing…

3. First dance.’


Comments about vendors, resort etc

Jellyfish – beautiful venue, delicious food!

Pastor Mark – great ceremony, only down side is he double-booked himself, so we were running a few minutes late and it became chaotic.

Anna Nuet – AMAZING. Beautiful inside and out and rocked all of our hair/makeup. She was like one of the girls as we were getting ready. 

Katya & Rob – I have to say, I cried when I met her at our tasting (she happened to be shooting a wedding downstairs). I know it sounds ridiculous, but the aura is true – she (Rob, too) makes you just feel so at ease as if you were at home when she enters a room. Incredible.

Cana Beat – AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG. They made my wedding dream come true and I cannot say enough fabulous things about them. There aren’t many YouTube videos online, but if you are looking to book a reggae band – DO IT.’


Any advice for future Brides?!

‘Read reviews, be prepared, and know what is important to you. All that mattered to us is we got to marry each other with our closest family and friends, on a beautiful beach, with delicious food and drinks.  As cliche as it sounds, it was incredible and wouldn’t change a thing.


P.S. It was a great pleasure to work with Dave & Yuri of Together Forever Films from Boston!  http://vimeo.com/105784982

Our dear Ashley & Juliano — we can’t think of you without a huge smile and our hips rocking to the sexy reggae beats. You two are amazing and we feel so friggin’ lucky to have been a part of your MAGNIFICENT Wedding!! LOVE, K+R.

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    September 25th, 2014 at 20:11

    your work is always so beautiful! it’s hard to explain the stages i go through when i read your blog posts. happiness, wonder, excitement to name a few.

    forever in awe,

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