jellyfish punta cana wedding. {alicia + jeff}

May 13, 2015

Alicia & Jeff met through a friend who was dating Jeff’s roommate at the time. For Alicia, it was a well-planned night out, beginning with purchasing a new outfit… and Jeff describes that night as a last minute decision! Either way, sparks flew and their lives were destined to change.

Jeff: ‘I fell in love with Alicia sitting on the bed, listening to music. We would spend hours lying there, sometimes not even talking, other times talking about nothing at all.’

jellyfish punta cana

Surprise gift from Alicia – a hand-made scrapbook journal celebrating their love. jellyfish groomunique groom giftsjellyfish punta cana bridal roomjellyfish bridal suite

Hair & make-up by our genius Krystie Ann. krystie ann punta cana

Special hugs & kisses to Melaina & her 4-month old son, who were missed greatly on the Day! Melaina is Alicia’s best friend, they have been through everything together. Melaina – we tried to FaceTime you!   🙂jellyfish punta canajellyfish bridespunta cana destination weddingspunta cana jellyfish weddingjellyfish weddings

Top three things Jeff loves about Alicia: ‘she is easy going; generally and all around happy; her fiery determination (aka stubbornness) balanced with a peaceful presence.’  

jellyfish brides

First Lookjellyfish punta cana

Top three things Alicia loves about Jeff: ‘I love Jeff’s infectious smile and laugh; I love his brilliant mind, ambition, and business skills (he can always teach me something new); and I love his ability to instantly put me at ease. He has the ability to make you feel like you have known him your whole life!’

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Alicia: ‘Jeff has helped me through some of the toughest times of my life. Without him, I’m not sure I would have made it to the other side as gracefully. He keeps me going, keeps me grounded, and helps me see life through different eyes. Jeff is very good at reading people and helps me understand people and situations better. Even more importantly, Jeff understands me completely, knows me fully, and loves me anyway. His support, love, and acceptance make the good and bad in this world a little sweeter.’  

jellyfish punta cana brides

Ideal day together according to Alicia: ‘a relaxing day at the beach with good wine or beer, great food, and listening to music.’

jellyfish punta cana wedding

Ideal day together according to Jeff: ‘a day at the beach.’

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Alicia: ‘Jeff calls me Bird. I’m not really sure where it came from, but I like it. He says it’s because I am always ‘doing stuff.’ I do tend to stay very busy!’

katya nova jellyfish weddings

Jeff: ‘Alicia calls me Tang. It came from the side of a fortune cookie that teaches you Chinese. Tang means ‘sugar’ in Chinese.’

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Alicia’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘playing Call of Duty after a long day at work, drinking a glass of wine while cooking dinner and blasting music, and doing nothing productive and everything enjoyable. Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.’

punta cana wedding photos

Jeff: ‘I really appreciate that Alicia doesn’t try to mould me into someone I’m not. She allows me to be uniquely who I am.’ 

jellyfish beach bride

Jeff’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Playing Call of Duty and eating frozen yogurt.’

punta cana beach weddings

‘If Jeff had a magical power, it would be reading minds. He is able to read people very well and instantly knows how to react to them, making him easy to get along with!’

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Alicia: ‘Jeff has a smile, laugh, and eyes that light up. His happiness is contagious. Of course, his musculature doesn’t hurt either! I also really enjoy his butt in dress pants! Shh.’

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‘If Alicia had a magical power, it would be the power to heal because she is naturally such a nurturer.’

off resort punta cana weddingAlicia, on the Proposal:

Jeff took Alicia to South Beach in Miami, Florida for a much needed vacation, and what Alicia thought was an early 7 year anniversary celebration. ‘The second day in Miami began with an incredible breakfast outside our boutique hotel, followed by relaxing on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and exploring nearby eateries. Jeff took me to a wonderful dinner, where we tried ceviche for the first time. He is not the most romantic person, so his sudden desire to reminisce surprised me. We then walked back to the hotel after dinner and made our way to the romantic roof-top bar. Somehow, I got on a tangent about how sure I am that we will be together forever… At the end of my ‘love speech,’ Jeff asked if I knew the real reason he took me to Miami. Trying to steady his nerves, he reached into his pocket, further confusing me, before getting on one knee and asking me to marry him. It was perfect because the moment was ours and only we know how that incredible moment felt.’

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Alicia: ‘Honestly, when I am upset or irritated, Jeff stops everything to talk to me about it. He knows exactly when he needs to listen and use his sense of humour, and when he needs to give me advice. He helps me with the little tasks that will send me over the edge, like cooking dinner, letting the dog out, or putting away laundry. It’s not just one thing Jeff does to turn my entire day around, it’s all of the little things that mean so much and make me fall even more in love with him.’

jellyfish punta cana weddings

Jeff: ‘To make me feel better, Alicia usually cooks a special meal that involves a tasty dessert.’

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What did you love most about your Wedding?

Jeff: ‘The First Look. Alicia looked amazing and it was nice to spend time alone with her before the wedding.’

Alicia: ‘I loved so many things about my Wedding. I guess what I loved most was being on the beach in the Caribbean! Jeff and I love the beach so much, it allowed us to be in our element, have a small wedding, and enjoy a vacation! Having the wedding at Jellyfish, I didn’t have to worry about a thing, and everything turned out perfectly. Very low stress!’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

Alicia: ‘My only regret is not testing Facetime before getting ready for the wedding! My best friend was unable to attend the wedding so we were going to Facetime before the ceremony. Sadly, I was unable to reach her! She has been a sister to me and we have been inseparable since meeting our second year of college. 

Also, it’s not a regret, more of a lesson learned. It would have been a good idea to have a seating plan because it took 5-10 minutes for everyone to sit down! Even with a total of only 24 people.’


Most memorable moments from the Day / Wedding week?!

Alicia: 1. T’he First Look was very special. It was a time for just Jeff and me, and allowed us to admire each other before the wedding events! It also really helped with pre-wedding jitters. 2. I also loved my walk down the aisle, a moment I never thought would mean so much to me because I don’t enjoy being the center of attention. I will cherish the memories of my Mom and Dad walking me down the aisle, seeing Jeff standing at the other end, and the look on my guests’ faces. It was such a small wedding (22 guests), I still remember where everyone was sitting during the ceremony – a memory most brides and grooms don’t have! 3. The first dance was memorable because it felt so awkward for us! 2 minutes of dancing awkwardly in a circle wasn’t our thing, but I am glad we had that moment.’  🙂

Jeff: 1. ‘The First Look. 2. Seeing Alicia walking down the aisle. 3. Cutting the cake. (Oh yes, we love cake!’


Comments about vendors, resort etc

Alicia: ‘I can’t thank everyone enough! Krystie Ann did my hair and makeup. I never knew my hair could look so great. I felt beautiful and my look lasted long after the wedding! Krystie Ann also coached me through day, informing me of what to expect. 

Katya & Rob were so much more than photographers at our wedding. They are such amazing people, they felt more like guests. They did a lot of the “coordinating” during the wedding, and it was obvious that Jellyfish and Katya and Rob have a system down. Katya & Rob made Jeff and I feel comfortable in front of the camera – where we tend to look like deer in headlights – bringing out the best in us! Days after the wedding, Katya and Rob came up in conversation with guests, they left a lasting impression on everyone! 

Jellyfish is a gorgeous location inside and out. The decor was amazing, the flowers were perfect, and the food was fantastic! There was a communication breakdown making us feel as though parts of our wedding were forgotten, but Jellyfish is a place you go when you want to be on the beach with the ones you love and don’t want to micromanage the process! Jellyfish is so laid back, there was no pressure. Thanks, Angel, Gianna, and Clara! 

Pastor Rick York was so fun and personable, we loved that he was our officiant. 

We stayed at Secrets Royal Beach Resort and some guests stayed at Now Larimar. Some family stayed at Barcelo and really enjoyed it! Both great resorts with good food. The beach was busy in the afternoon where beach activities, parasailing, and boating really ramp up. We loved it either way!’

Jeff: ‘Thank you to all who made our wedding day so special: Everyone at Jellyfish Restaurant, Katya and Rob, and Pastor Rick York!’


Any advice for future Brides/Grooms! 

Alicia: ‘The best advice I can give is, find out what you see behind your groom when you’re walking down the aisle and figure out how to make it happen. Planning a wedding can start to feel like you are planning it for your guests, so find out what you want, what is most important to you and go for it! For Jeff and I, it was being on the beach and having a small wedding.’



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