jellyfish punta cana wedding. {michelle + alan}

July 30, 2014

Blondie & Bear (a.k.a. Michelle & Alan) met in the 5th grade in Catholic school. I can totally see them as kids, eyeing each other in suspicious wonder… Alan: ‘I was the new kid in class and she noticed me sketching an airplane.  She asked me if I liked planes and I said yes. She then quizzed me on the spot about the altitude at which planes fly. As I paused to think of an answer, she cut me off and informed me that it was 30,000 feet. Michelle slowly turned back around as if to say, “you don’t know anything about planes.”’

He’s had a crush on Michelle since then and she had no idea – until years later, when Alan contacted her via myspace seeking a friendship. The attraction was instant from the first ‘date.’ Michelle remembers, ‘I invited him to my friend’s birthday party and told her I would make him mine that night. Before the party was over, I kissed him.’

Here are the highlights of their perfect Jellyfish Punta Cana Wedding through our eyes!!

LOVE these guys to pieces.

jellyfish anna nuetjellyfish decorjellyfishjellyfish katya novajellyfishpunta cana wedding dress

With Anna Nuet’s magic touch, the already naturally gorgeous Michelle looked like a movie star! marilyn monroe bridejellyfish punta cana

As a kid, Michelle always wanted to be a costume designer. She now works in fashion … (and WOWZA she’s designing a surprise outfit for me for Burning Man!!!!) Michelle is dreaming of starting her own burlesque costume design business – honey, I’m first in line!! 🙂

As a kid, Alan wanted to be the best guitar player in the world… and he’s made it as an uber talented professional musician.

musician groomjellyfishjellyfish bridesjellyfish bride

An emotionally charged First Look, as we play ‘When We Dance’ by Sting for Michelle & Alan on our little boombox. jellyfish first look portraits

Top three things Michelle loves about Alan: ‘it’s impossible to narrow it down to just three…  I can begin by saying he’s a gentleman, he has his heart in the right place, and he’s a kick-ass guitarist. We share comfortable silences and a love for music and art. Alan & I have a deep spiritual connection that is out of this world!’

emotional first look

Top three things Alan loves about Michelle: ‘she’s a deeply caring and warm person. She’s sassy and knows what she wants. She’s artistic and a lover of music. Each time we speak, I’m reminded that she is not just my true love, but my best friend and soulmate.’punta cana destination wedding

Favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Famiglia’s Pizza (new york slices and a round of garlic knots), followed by a naughty stroll to Pinkberry for some frozen yogurt.’

jellyfish inspiration

Alan, on the proposal:

‘We are big fans of The Police and Sting.  One Christmas eve, after all the presents were exchanged ( yes, latinos often exchange gifts at midnight instead of Christmas morning), I grabbed my guitar and sang, “When We Dance” by Sting.  I repeated the line from the chorus which goes, “I would love you more than life if you’d only be my wife.” I then got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife.  It worked out, though I’m pretty sure the ring had a lot to do with it.’  🙂

punta cana jellyfish punta cana wedding

Alan’s cousin sang a rendition of “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen for the ceremony. It was AMAZING!

jellyfish punta canacreative destination wedding photosdominican republic jellyfish falling in lovejellyfish wedding photospunta cana jellyfish ceremonypunta cana wedding photojournalismlove sign destination wedding

Michelle’s favourite thing to find in the fridge: ‘Whipped Cream… hahaha!’

Alan’s favourite thing to find in the fridge: ‘Coke Cola in a glass bottle.’

jellyfish appetizersjellyfish bridal party

Ideal day together according to Michelle: ‘Either strolling through Central Park or along the Hudson river shooting the shit. Later, binge-watching Law and Order: SVU.’

Ideal day together according to Alan: ‘A beautiful summer day and a long walk on Riverside Drive, nerding out on music, the universe, and figuring out what the hell we’re gonna eat for dinner. You know, life’s tough questions.’

punta cana sunset wedding

Alan’s nickname for Michelle: ‘my nickname is Blondie (sometimes interchangeable with Pain-in-the-ass!) because that’s what he calls me.’

caribbean weddings

Michelle’s nickname for Alan: ‘Bear. She says it’s because I’m huggable and loveable like a teddy bear.’  groom beach wedding

Rocking out to Bob Marley as they dance together for the first time as husband & wife. jellyfish first dancelangosta wedding menujellyfish punta cana wedding partyfire show jellyfish wedding

Meet a new member of the Jellyfish team: this super snuggly kitten!! She shows up like clockwork around the time when bread or first course are brought out, and within moments, is purring in the laps of wedding guests. It’s so cute! Everyone’s got a different name for her 🙂
photojournalism wedding caribbeanOur gorgeous sunrise Rock the Dress session with Michelle & Alan at Macao Beach. LOVE.
sunrise beloved photossunrise champagnesunrise wedding punta cana

Michelle: ‘I love Alan’s corkiness. He’s forever making a fool of himself to make me laugh and I love that about him.’ 

katya nova punta cana

Michelle: ‘I love how social he is. He’ll make friends with anyone and I find that incredibly sexy. ‘

punta cana couples best photographer

Alan: ‘When I’m with her, I feel happy and safe.’

unique caribbean weddings

Alan: ‘the gift of acceptance is the most precious gift from Michelle. She takes me as I am and wouldn’t change a thing.’sexy couples photos punta cana

Michelle’s most romantic memory together: ‘the first time we made love.’

punta cana couples portraits

Alan’s most romantic memory together: ‘the first time I told her that I love her.’macao beach intimate portraitscouples photographer punta cana

Alan: ‘I love it when she rubs me and plays with my hair.  I turn into a kitten.’

soulmates photographypunta cana sensual photos

Michelle: ‘when I’m feeling down, he sometimes calls me ‘mama’ … and it makes me melt.’

macao beach loverspunta cana intimate portraits

I hope it’s easy to see that Rob & I give our ALL during our famous Rock the Dress sunrise sessions, and it’s truly amazing how different and unique every session turns out. I love that!!! There are things we can control (like our camera settings, the amount of champagne we get our sweet ‘models’ to drink, the romantic & saucy songs we play etc) and there are variables we cannot control – like how ‘awake’ our Couples are, whether they show up on time, and what the sky has in store for us on that day.
It’s always magical – but I must say something extra special about the sunrise we had with Michelle & Alan.

Even before Alan strummed on his guitar, I had shivers being in their presence. The term ‘soulmates‘ is used when we love someone deeply – but when you see these two together … it’s like they’ve loved one another for eternity, times and lifetimes before. {Rob & I recently devoured an amazing book by Dr. Brian Weiss called ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ – and witnessing Michelle & Alan’s love echoed & reaffirmed the author’s words so powerfully.}macao beach



What did you love most about your Wedding?!

Michelle: ‘Feeling the pure love, support, and excitement from our friends and family!’ 

Alan: ‘The air was charged with good energy and vibes.’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

Michelle: ‘I wish we would have started the ceremony earlier to utilize the sun! I would have started the ceremony at 4:00 if I could.’ 

Alan: ‘No regrets!’ 🙂


Most memorable moments?

Michelle: 1. Walking towards Alan and feeling his body collapse when I covered his eyes with my hands during the First Look. 2. Meeting up with our clan at the beach the day after the wedding to talk about our favourite moments. 3. Anxiously waiting in the lobby for the Rock the Dress session and seeing the sunrise while riding in the car with the three most coolest people in world! 4. Jumping into the ocean after our Rock the Dress session and Rob saying that I looked like a Unicorn sneezed in my face! Hahaha.. I had gold glitter everywhere!!’  🙂

Alan: 1. Swimming with my groomsman before getting ready on the wedding day. 2. Seeing Michelle for the first time during the First Look. 3. Seeing Michelle walking down the aisle.’


Comments about vendors, resort etc

‘We stayed at the Majestic Elegance Punta Cana. Pros: The grounds were beautiful and well maintained. The service staff were very friendly. The beach was beautiful and clean. The rooms were clean and the showers were amazing. Cons: Squared toilets… I know. The front desk staff were rude and the staff at the gate were extremely aggressive. The food was the worst from the three resorts we’ve visited. I don’t care to return, but my wedding party had a blast anyway. 

The Jellyfish: this venue is absolutely breathtaking and the staff were so accommodating. Gianna, Clara, and Isaac were amazing! They understood my vision and were eager to please. My family and friends are still talking about how they could never top our wedding! Haha.

Anna Nuet: Sweet, talented, and beautiful! We had a blast in the bridal suite.

Pascal (Caribbean Emotions): Pascal is awesome. He did a great job editing our video and delivering it to us quicker than we imagined. My guests had nothing but great things to say about Pascal. 🙂

Katya & Rob: What can I say?? We felt an instant spiritual connection. You guys are not only sweet and the most beautiful looking couple we’ve ever laid our eyes on, but you guys are extremely talented. Our guests loved you guys and felt at ease taking pictures and letting loose! 

***I call all of you my dream team and would hire you all again in a heart beat!’


Advice for future brides?! 

‘Don’t stress! I know it’s easier said than done, but all the little things that the wedding magazines or sites tell you need don’t matter when you’re there. Nothing’s perfect, so just be sure to enjoy every minute, because it goes so fast! Remember why you’re there and what you mean to each other. I fell more in love with my husband and my loved ones after this experience. 

Also, have your ceremony earlier to allow more fun in the sun. 5pm is a popular ceremony time, but doesn’t allow for any wiggle room. 

Relax, Smile, & take it all in! You’re in paradise marrying your best friend with amazing people that flew all the way to another country to celebrate your love!’


Alan & Michelle – Rob & I feel so blessed … having been there with you on your Big Day, but even moreso – we feel so lucky to connect on the same wavelength with you two in such a short time. It’s a gift. And we can only hope you feel our LOVE in these images!!! xoxo K+R.


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