huracan punta cana wedding {mae + alex}

September 12, 2015


Mae: ‘We met on my 15th birthday. My friends and I were going to the movies and one of my friends invited her boyfriend and his friend (Alex) to come, without me knowing. Luckily, I was pleasantly happy with him crashing my birthday at the movies! We fell in love really young, I remember saying I loved him when I was 15. He lived over an hour away on the bus and without fail, he would always come see me every week. I loved how he always made the effort and time for me.’ 

What inspired you to have a destination wedding?

‘Affordability and much deserved vacation! We absolutely LOVE Punta Cana, so it just made sense to us.

We fell in love with Dominican Republic and the resort we stayed at the past two times (Bavaro Princess), so we decided to get married in Punta Cana. While researching on Pinterest, we stumbled upon some BEAUTIFUL wedding photos taken at Huracan Café by none other than Katya Nova, so we decided right away that Huracan was the perfect fit for us! We also met with Mayte and Nati on our trip last year and they stole our hearts right away!’

Decor & planning by the incredible Mayte Mari & Nati at Huracan Cafe, Punta Cana. 

Alex: ‘I was introduced to my amazing fiancé through a mutual friend when were both still in high school. We all got together to watch a movie at the mall, and that’s when I met Mae. We hit it off right away, and ended up exchanging our email addresses. After a month of exchanging emails and talking on the phone, we got together with some friends to go skating at a downtown skating rink. At the end of the night I pulled her aside and told her, “You know you’re my girl now, right?” She smiled and nodded her head.’


Top three things Alex loves about Mae: ‘1. I love how weird Mae can be, she truly is one of a kind. 2. I love how tough she is, how she defends herself and her loved ones. 3. I love her sense of humour, and her ability to make me laugh.’

Top three things Mae loves about Alex: ‘1. I love that Alex gets me, like truly gets me. He knows what I’m thinking just by looking at my face. 2. I love that he is the most patient person with me – I am not the easiest person to deal with and 3. I love that he accepts and embraces my weirdness and quirks.’

Touching First Look.

Ideal day together according to Mae: ‘We would sleep in and then go for brunch. Hit up the gym, then head to Marcello’s (my fave Italian restaurant!), then we’d grab coffee, and watch a movie at home.’ 

Ideal day together according to Alex: ‘Working out at the gym. Eating at one of our favourite restaurants for dinner, and watching a movie before going to bed.’

Alex on the Proposal:

‘I took my fiancé back to the same skating rink, it was 10 years since the day I said to her, “You know you’re my girl now, right?” After a quick lap around the skating rink (it was really cold!), I got down on one knee and proposed. Afterwards I smirked and said, “You know you’re my fiancé now, right?” It was awesome.’

Most romantic memory together according to Mae: ‘Alex gave me a promise ring when I was 16. It has my birthstone (topaz) in the middle and 12 halo diamonds around it. He said that the 12 diamonds were for the 12 months we were together and the big topaz stone is for the many years to come. It happened over 10 years ago, but I still remember it till this day.’

Most romantic memory together according to Alex: ‘The first time we went to the CN Tower 360 restaurant.’

Mae’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘I love to eat Nutella, in bed, out of the jar, and watch Netflix.’

Alex’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Binge watching Harry Potter movies.’

Alex makes Mae feel better: ‘when he kisses my forehead and brings me a coffee or takes me out to get some food. He knows eating makes me happy.’

Mae makes Alex feel better: ‘by making me laugh with one of her ridiculous dance moves.’

If Alex had magical powers: ‘I’d like his superpower to be kisses on the forehead – they always make me feel better, no matter what mood I’m in.’

If Mae had magical powers: ‘it would be the ability to make food appear without cooking it.’

Mae: ‘I like to think I can sing – karaoke. I try to sing songs on the radio in the voice of the artist. Alex always gets a kick out of this!’

Alex: ‘I’m very good at flip cup. My favourite hobby is reading.’

Mae’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Mango juice!’

Alex’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Babybel cheese!’

Mae: ‘Alex & I have pretty much spent half our lives together. We grew up together since we were teenagers, so I don’t know life any other way but with him by my side! I can say that because of Alex and all of his support and motivation, I feel that anything is possible in life.’

Alex: ‘My wardrobe and style have definitely improved because of Mae. More importantly though, my life has changed to a life full of love, compassion, purpose and inspiration.’ 

Mae: ‘I appreciate that EVERY Saturday and Sunday morning, Alex gets me a Tim Horton’s coffee! I also love that he kisses me every morning before he leaves for work, while I sleep.’ 

Alex: ‘I really appreciate the freedom we have to be open, silly and weird with one another.’


… and here’s a slideshow with more gorgeous highlights from the Day:

Mae & Alex:

“We are absolutely SPEECHLESS! Words cannot describe how incredibly PERFECT every photo is!!! We spent hours reliving every memory of every photo. I definitely cried more looking at the photos than on the wedding day. The lighting, colors, angles were amazing. The candid photos were my absolute favorite to see!!! We loved seeing the genuine emotions, huge smiles and happy tears in every one of those photos.

Tamara was absolutely amazing at capturing every moment of our special day. She was so much fun and our family and friends loved her! The pictures show everything we love about Punta Cana. And there aren’t any words to express how thankful we are to have met such amazing people!! You guys mean more to us than just being our wedding photographers, we absolutely love and adore you guys!!  Alex and I look forward to seeing you all again (hopefully soon) in Punta Cana!!!”

All the love in the Universe right back at you sweet souls!!!!! – Tamara, Katya & team.  🙂



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