huracan punta cana wedding. {lori + ross}

May 4, 2016


Lori & Ross met at a local tavern in a neighbourhood where they both lived at the time. Their first real date was at the Panthers game 3 days later!!

Lori is a medical esthetician, Ross in an Attorney. They currently live Charlotte, NC with their fur babies Jersey, Lori’s cocker spaniel, and Carson, Ross’s “original” personality dog!!

They envisioned an intimate wedding on the beach with unique decor, delicious food, a starlit dance floor and all their favourite people celebrating them. What an unforgettable Day, a truly beautiful reflection of their genuine hearts!

Destination wedding inspiration: “I found Katya Nova’s blog while researching for our destination wedding… she was the main reason we chose Huracan and Punta Cana!!!”

Amazing decor by Nati & Valentina at Huracan Cafe Punta Cana. One-of-a-kind stunning dance floor by EPC Events. Enjoy!

 Dearest Lori & Ross, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing memories!! Wishing you all the joy and prosperity! LOVE, Katya, Rob & baby Zion.

rustic wedding welcome tablehuracan cafe weddingshuracan cafe punta cana vintage weddingvintage rustic wedding huracanpunta cana rustic vintage wedding

The top three things Lori loves about Ross: “1. How he always wants to take care of me & our 2 dogs.  2. His generosity.  3. His ability to be goofy at random times.”

nh hotel groom getting ready

Bridal gown: Modern Trousseau “Kendra.”

punta cana bride huracan rustic vintagerustic vintage beach wedding punta canadestination weddingrustic beach weddingpunta cana rustic beach wedding

The top three things Ross loves about Lori: “1. I love it when she stays up late watching TV and we fall asleep on the couch together with our feet in each other’s faces. 2. I love that she loves my cooking. 3. Her tight little gorgeous body.”best destination wedding punta cana

Lori on the Proposal:

“It was unexpected.. we were in Dallas for his cousin’s bar mitzvah and went outside to a beautiful lake in a park, and when I sat down on the bench he got down on one knee and proposed… a couple visiting from England, who were on their anniversary trip were walking by and took photos for us! Then we got to go back into the party and celebrate with his whole family!”

punta cana destination weddingsi do sign wedding photos
hello friday shirt

Hair & make-up by the lovely Indira Sanchezindira pelao wedding makeuphuracan brideshuracan cafe beach wedding

Ideal day together according to Lori: “Workout, brunch, then anything outside and wine on a patio and then a movie at home.”

huracan beach punta cana wedding

punta cana beach wedding huracan

Ideal day together according to Ross: “On the Couch with the dogs, a movie, and pizza.”

punta cana wedding photographerbest punta cana wedding photographers

Most romantic memory together according to Lori: “When I got home from work and was about to head out of town, he had left a letter with 100 reasons why he loved me on legal paper (funny bc he is an attorney).”

unique punta cana weddingshuracan cafe bridal party

Most romantic memory together according to Ross: “The evening I proposed.”

huracan cafe beach wedding

If Ross had magical powers: “he’d be able to eat all the junk food he wants without gaining any weight!”

If Lori had magical powers: “she’d have the power to put things away and perfectly clean anything inside the house just by turning the key to the front door.”

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Lori’s favourite guilty pleasures: “trash reality TV, cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries.”

punta cana wedding photography

Ross’s favourite guilty pleasures: “bacon, cheesecake, and just about anything I end up cooking.”

i do sign beach wedding huracan punta canapunta cana wedding cake

Thank you chef Tommaso and Nati for putting so much love and effort into creating a VEGAN menu for us!!vegan menu punta cana weddinghuracan cafe wedding photographerpunta cana huracan weddinghuracan cafe bodas

First Dance: “Better Together” by Jack Johnson. first dance starlit dancefloor cold fireworkscreative first dance photos punta canacrazy hour punta cana wedding huracancrazy hour huracan punta cana

Huracan Cafe Crazy Hour. punta cana crazy hour

Huracan Cafe Fire Showpunta cana fire show huracan

When you are upset or irritated, what’s a way your fiancée can make you melt?

Lori: “his big “bear” hug that lifts me off the ground.”

Ross: “when she says “pppplease,” like Roger Rabbit.”

better together wedding signsunrise trash the dress

Lori’s favourite things to find in the fridge: “almond milk, apples, sweet potatoes, hummus, burgers.”

Ross’s favourite things to find in the fridge: “meat, cheese, and Cadbury Crème Eggs!”

macao beach rock the dress

Lori: “With Ross by my side, I feel safe and incredibly happy EVERY day! I am more focused and content with my life now.”

sexy trash the dress punta cana

Ross: “Lori has changed my life for the better. I barely socialize or try to make new friends anymore, because she is my best friend and as long as I have her I don’t need anybody else, I now have a family close by and a large one at that, and BITMOJIS…a whole lot of them.”

punta cana macao trash the dress

Lori’s favourite gift from Ross:100 reasons why he loves me letter!! And my engagement ring of course!”

Ross’s favourite gift from Lori: “My gold watch and briefcase that I use almost every day, and Lululemon is close second.”

rock the dress punta cana

Lori: “From when we wake up, to when we leave for work, to before we go to bed, Ross is always telling me he loves me! I love it when he cooks for me (which is almost every night). I love way he LOVES my dog Jersey and sings to her every morning! Last but not least, I love that he deals with my obsession with Jack Johnson!”

punta cana beloved intimate portraits trash the dress

Ross: “What I really appreciate about Lori is that she just puts up with me in general, cleans up after me, listens to me even though she may not really hear me, brings me dinner home when she goes out, and tells me she loves me every day.”

mimosas made me do it wedding


Favourite moments:

Ross: crazy hour! also, Lori in her dress and speeches from everyone.”

Lori: walking down aisle with my mom to Ross and having my brother Vinny officiate… Made for a memorable and personal ceremony. And of course the crazy hour!! Had no clue how fun it was and I love how shocked all our guests were!

When I got to Ross at the altar and he whispered to me that I looked absolutely amazing. First dance with Ross to “Better Together” and the sparklers going off and everyone jumping back! And having ALL my girls, including my mom on the dance floor dancing to Guns & Roses!

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

Ross: “nothing… to me everything was perfect.”

Lori: “Definitely regret not getting video.”

Advice to future Brides & Grooms?

Ross:  “have the cigar roller after crazy hour or later on in reception. Also, wear light weight suits and flops.” 

Lori: “get a photo booth and wait to look at the pictures until the next morning… We had a blast doing that!! Trust the vendors that Nati uses like DJ, MC, Cake and flowers as they were all amazing! Work out the morning of your wedding to get nerves in check and then relax and don’t worry about any details for the whole day. Let everyone do their job and you enjoy every minute!  

Definitely hire amazing photographers… The day goes by way too fast and having incredible pictures keeps the excitement going!!

Do a Trash the Dress (or Rock the Dress how Katya calls it)… If you do, make sure you wear a fitted light weight dress!”



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