huracan cafe punta cana wedding. {tanesha + cornelius}

June 29, 2014

Cornelius was a student at a career school where Tanesha worked as a Senior Manager. She had her eye on him, but knew she wasn’t allowed to fraternize with students, so she quietly drooled over this guy from a distance. Cornelius had completed his program and was ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for Tanesha, until her co-worker invited her to a 4th of July cook-out. Tanesha remembers, ‘I didn’t feel like going so I texted my friend that I was not going to make it. BUT, she texted back saying ‘guess who’s here…Cornelius!’ My reply was, ‘girl, I’ll be there in 10 minutes’… LOL!! I quickly got dressed and drove to her house. It was so good to see him, it had been 2 years! After talking it up for a few hours, I invited everyone from the cookout to my house to watch the fireworks from my rooftop.

That night we exchanged numbers and started talking/texting daily. I asked him out to dinner on July 17 (our 1st date). We went to one of my favourite restaurants, where we enjoyed a lovely dinner and talked for hours. The chemistry and sparks were flying everywhere; I thought for a minute that we would set the restaurant on fire!! Ever since that day, we have been inseparable.’

Tanesha’s wedding was so special to me – even though we had never met, I felt a warmth and love from her (and for her) that was extraordinary. {Just to give you an example: when Rob & I were coming back to Dominican from Bali at the end of March and had an overnight connection in New York, Tanesha reached out to me offering to drive over to our hotel and bring me warm clothes because it was really chilly outside. How thoughtful, kind and wonderfully loving is this woman?!} Cornelius completes her so perfectly – his presence is so powerful and noble, yet gentle. Thank God for you two. 

huracan cafe wedding

Here’s another one of Mayte & Natalia’s genius creations at Huracan Cafe: ‘Great Gatsby’ meets Caribbean chic!  🙂huracan cafe weddinghuracan cafe punta canahucaran punta cana weddingpurple silver wedding decor

Tanesha’s daughter wipes tears from mommy’s face – tears of joy at seeing her wedding vision come to life. tears of joy wedding

‘At times I doubt myself and Cornelius encourages me. He pushes me to do what I want and follow my dreams. He is extremely supportive and I love that about him.’

sexy punta cana bridehuracan punta cana

‘With Tanesha by my side, I have someone and something to come home to.  Made me really reflect on life and to have more to live for other than myself.’

destination wedding photojournalismhuracan punta canaIt’s not often that anyone can witness Mayte & Nati taking a break and actually sitting down! LOVE these women to pieces.
mayte mari weddingspurple destination wedding

Tanesha surprises Cornelius with a book of sexy self-portraits… yeah babyboudoir wedding album

Tanesha on the proposal:

‘On December 17, 2012 after a long day at work, Cornelius came home singing ‘Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree,’ which I thought was weird, but he is silly at times. He was singing and smiling. I said to him, ‘wow, you’re in the Christmas spirit!’ As I was watching TV, he came over and bent down on one knee… and laid his head in my lap, continuing to sing, ‘Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree’… LOL! I figured I might as well join in, so I did! We both started laughing … he then pulled out a red box with a bow, opened it and said, ‘Tanesha, will you marry me?’ Like a baby, of course I started crying…. it took me a while to come to grasp that this was really happening. Five minutes later, after lot of laughing and crying, I said YES!!!!’

huracan brides

Tanesha had once mentioned that the song ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ by Stevie Wonder was very special to their relationship. I took note and made sure that song was on special playlist I created for their First Look … It did the trick! first look emotionalhuracan cafe first lookunique destination weddingdestination wedding huracan

Top three things Tanesha loves about Cornelius: ‘I love his smile, his williness to want to be better, and his supportive manner.’

huracan cafe punta cana

Top three things Cornelius loves about Tanesha: ‘I love her cooking, I love our connection, and I love what we have (family).’

punta cana wedding photographerbeautiful black wedding

Favourite guilty pleasures:

Cornelius: ‘Relaxing while listening to Neo-Soul music, enjoying some really good Jamaican food, Grape nut Ice Cream, and a Chocolate lave cake while watching a funny movie that makes my stomach hurt.’

Tanesha: ‘I am a fanatic for mac & cheese (even though it’s so fattening).  I think my boo makes the best in the world.’

dominican destination wedding

Never before have I been jealous of a man’s hair. Until I met Cornelius!! 🙂  Glorious, glorious locks!dreadlocksblack destination wedding

‘I appreciate how Cornelius pushes me to follow my heart and my dreams. He believes in me when at times I don’t believe in myself.’

dominican republic brideshuracan wedding ceremonywedding ceremony huracanbeach wedding punta cana weddingshuracan weddingshuracan cafe weddingsfun punta cana weddingshuracan cafe katya novadominican republic huracanhuracan beach weddingpurple destination wedding

Cornelius has a way with words … which come from the heart and open everyone else’s hearts at once. Here, he expresses gratitude to his Mom – there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire restaurant. emotional weddingmother son danceemotional first dancemayte nati huracanfeathers destination decorhuracan wedding foodhuracan cafesweets table wedding huracancut the cake huracanhuracan fire showhuracan punta cana brides


What did you love most about your wedding?

‘I loved how Mayte & Natalia transformed a simple restaurant into this breathtaking, magical and captivating venue. As I walked into Huracan on my wedding day, it completely took my breath away. It was more than I ever dreamed! I cried like a baby! I also loved the fun we had with all our family and friends.’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

‘NO regrets, none at all! One thing I would have done differently: either have Mayte put some cocktail hour food and drinks aside for us to eat, or I would have taken some time from pics to eat. The food is so GOOD there!!’


Most memorable moments?

‘Our ‘First Look‘ – this was by far one of the most emotional parts of our day! It was very special to hear Katya play a surprise song that is very sentimental to us, this just made us both cry. It took us to a place where it was just us in that present moment and no one else was there. It was truly amazing. Cornelius looked so handsome in his suit and I loved his reaction to seeing me for the first time in my dress. It was AMAZING to share such a beautiful moment together.’

Also, all the decoration and the ceremony area at Huracan. Mayte and Natalia out-did themselves. It was so magical and more beautiful than I had ever imagined. Mayte is my fairy-godmother!!

Our ‘cake cutting‘ was fun – Cornelius smudged the cake in my face…LOL!!’


Comments about vendors / resort etc

‘We had our DREAM TEAM which consisted of: Katya & Rob, Nikolay & Asia (videographers), and Mayte & Natalia.
When I first got engaged, I searched and searched for a photographer that would be able to capture the love that we have for each other and to also capture our special day. I came across Katya’s blog and at that point my search was over. I found who I wanted. Her images spoke volume to me, just by looking at her work I could feel the love between the bride and groom. Throughout the time leading up to my wedding, Katya has been extremely helpful and kept in communication with me. I felt as if she was an old girlfriend….and she is! When I met her and Rob for the first time, I gave them the biggest hug and cried. Katya and Rob are masters at their craft. Throughout our wedding day they made us feel comfortable and we truly enjoyed their company. They were just like a part of my family.

Nikolay & Asia were amazing. They are just the coolest people we have ever met. I am very happy to have had them capture my day.

What can I say about Mayte & Natalia. These women are truly amazing and blessed with a special gift. They can turn an ordinary vision into a extraordinary fairytale. I will forever be grateful to them both for making my dream come true. It was more than I EVER imaged.

We stayed at the Melia, which was a very nice hotel. It was very close to Huracan and Jellyfish. Everything was perfect.’


Any advice for future brides?!

‘Enjoy each and every moment because it will go by so quickly. Remember why you are there! Take this time to be present with your husband and to enjoy each other’s company. Do not allow the small stuff to stress you out! Take yourself away from the stress and drama. Remember, this is your day and one of the most memorable days of your lives. So ENJOY IT & most of all HAVE FUN!!’


P.S. Dear Tanesha & Cornelius – hope you feel the love in this post… you two are rare gems! Thank you for everything that you are – and for your wonderful and super thoughtful gifts!! xoxo K+R.

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