huracan cafe punta cana wedding. {lisa + rick}

April 30, 2015

Lisa & Rick had known each other in elementary school, but it was only about 7 years ago that they actually said hello to one another for the first time… Lisa was 24 and Rick – the ripe old age of 22. Lisa remembers, ‘the first few times we all went out with a mutual group of friends, I just kept wondering who this guy was that was just so damn FUNNY. He made me laugh constantly and I found myself wanting to be around him more and more. Rick is great at everything he does, he is charismatic and charming. Before you know it, he draws you in without even trying. The first time he caught my eye we were all tailgating at a Phillies game in the parking lot – and he was the best damn whiffle ball player I had ever seen in my life. I was hooked.’ Rick adds, ‘I had always known who she was, but once she actually got a hit off me in a whiffle ball game, I was hooked. Love at first pitch.’

This wedding was really special to me and finally meeting Lisa was very emotional. We had exchanged emails for many months and felt a kindred connection; how amazing it was to be there with her and all her favourite people! Lisa & Rick have been through so much together and big-time radiate kindness, compassion, and good humour. The real stuff, the good stuff.

Lisa & Rick stayed at Now Larimar, but chose the wonderful Huracan Cafe as their actual Wedding Day venue, which was masterfully transformed into a breath-taking space of Lisa’s dreams by Mayte Mari & Nati of Amore Weddings. Just wow.

My sweet Lisa – you smell like pine needles and you have a face like sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for anyone who thinks this a weird compliment, do yourself a favour and go watch Bridesmaids immediately). Our dearest Lisa & Rick, you and your families are absolute gems – thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing wonderful memories of this epic celebration with us!!! xoxo K+R. 

huracan cafe beach ceremony

Okay – so ‘Bridesmaids’ is by far one of my favourite comedies of all time. I’ve watched it more times than I’m willing to admit and can pretty much quote the whole film. It absolutely made my day to see all of Lisa’s bridesmaids rocking custom-made shirts with funny quotes from the movie on the back! What a fun idea! bridesmaids custom shirtshuracan cafe beach ceremony

Stunning decor by Mayte Mari & Nati huracan cafe pink gold wedding decorpunta cana destination weddingsvintage rustic chic wedding decorbarefoot wedding signdiy wedding signsmayte mari wedding decor

Top three things Lisa loves about Rick: ‘What a great father he is, his humour & personality, and his enthusiasm for life.’

huracan cafe groomhuracan cafe bridal suitehuracan cafe bridal suite

Baby Ryan on FaceTime! Lisa: ‘He brings us so much happiness it makes us forget about the heartache that encompassed last winter. It’s amazing to see how someone so small can bring such joy to so many. Simply stated: he rocks!’  🙂

wedding day facetime

Top three things Rick loves about Lisa: ‘I love Lisa’s outgoing personality. I know she can hold her own in any situation, either with strangers she just met, or friends we’ve known for decades. I couldn’t have picked a better mother for my son. We all fit perfectly together. And, well, just look at her, she’s gorgeous.’

huracan cafe bridesemotional first look fatherhuracan cafemayte mari nati amore

Lisa: ‘Rick works so hard every day for us. 6 days a week, 14 hr days. It’s insane but he won’t have it any other way. I appreciate his motivation and determination and love that keep us going.’ 

huracan cafe weddings

Rick: ‘Lisa puts everyone else first. Almost to a fault. Her love and sacrifice are unmatched and I try to live my life in the same manner – though I know I can’t come close to her huge heart.’ huracan punta cana bride

Lisa: ‘Rick keeps me laughing no matter how sad or mad. He always helps me see the silver lining – even when I’m absolutely convinced the storm will never end.’ 

first look destination weddinghuracan cafe punta canapunta cana beach wedding

Lisa, on the Proposal:

‘We’ve seen everything together. After 7 years of knowing and loving each other – we’ve been through it ALL.  Last year, things were pretty difficult for us. Two of my closest family members were diagnosed with cancer. No doubt was it the hardest time of my entire life. There are no words in the dictionary that can begin to describe the desperation that gripped my soul. Rick was my rock. Always there. Laying next to me when I was in the fetal position on the floor. Softly rubbing my back at night while I would cry myself to sleep, or just simply sharing the silence with me – when there were absolutely no words left. It all conveyed one thing to me: I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. 

Just as I started to come out of the fog, we found out there was a little bean in my belly. I was pregnant. With the unexpected news came many mixed emotions. It was a very hard time for everyone – but we tried to make it easier by shaving our heads. All 3 sisters, Rick and my sister’s husband Jim – we shaved our heads in support of the fight. No one fights alone. That was the day Rick proposed (the ring was actually purchased BEFORE the baby haha – but who cares, it’s 2015, right?)

He drove us to the boardwalk at the beach, where he asked me if I was up for a game of putt putt. Silly question. (We have been known to be a tad competitive and may have played three times in one day trying to beat each other. He always wins. By one or two strokes). I sunk my ball in the last hole, then bent down to get the ball. What I pulled out was a ring box. It was perfect. It was us.

That night we came home and shaved our heads and about 50 of our closest friends and family came over to celebrate. It was a beautiful day and one of the first times I felt happy in a long time.’

beach weddinghuracan cafe weddinghuracan beach weddinghuracan cafe punta cana

Ideal day together according to Lisa: ‘My ideal day would start with sleeping in past 7. That would be a nice change of pace lol – Rick and I love breakfast and trying new diners and breakfast spots. He laughs and makes fun of me for ‘always getting the same thing’ – but why switch it up when you already know you got a good thing going on with this extra cheese omelet, am I right? Then I feel like some sort of tailgating/sporting event is my favourite thing we do together. Rick has it all down to a science – even the perfect way to pack a cooler. Hanging out together in the parking lot, goofing around and playing games – I think we are both naturally fun and we make it a point to thoroughly enjoy life.’

huracan cafe sunset wedding

Lisa: ‘I’m a nurse and deal with a lot of sad and stressful issues. When I come home from a 12 hr shift, there is ALWAYS dinner made for me. Even if he hasn’t yet eaten – or ate somewhere else – no matter what he makes sure I’m fed. Some people think it’s silly, but after taking care of patients all day, it means so much to have someone there who makes sure your belly and heart are always full.’  🙂

huracan beach bride

Ideal day together according to Rick: ‘I’m a very simple person. A day of relaxation together, time to ourselves – a nice dinner out with great conversation. Holding hands on the drive home. Perfect to me.’

destination wedding punta canahuracan cafe wedding menudestination sand ceremony

Most romantic memory together according to Lisa: ‘Sounds strange, but I think it was in the delivery room, when I was having my C-section. I was so tired and scared. Rick never left my side. Rubbing my head and whispering that it was all going to be fine. After what seemed like forever – he looked down at me and said ‘it’s a boy’… his voice cracking a bit. I started crying laying there flat on the table with my arms tied down and he wiped my tears. It’s my absolute favourite memory of my life.’ 

groomsmen beach wedding

Rick: ‘I obviously stayed in the hospital with Lisa while she was in labor with our son. It took over 4 days for the baby to finally get here. Sounds silly, but the moment in the operating room when I looked down at her and told her he was here and that it was a boy was one of the best moments of my life and I will never forget it.’ 

bridesmaids huracan cafehuracan cafe wedding photos

Lisa’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Lobster Raviolli. Homeland. Cracking my knuckles.’

Rick’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Anything with salt. College basketball. Naps with Ryan.’ 

huracan cafe wedding photoswedding photos huracan cafe

Rick: ‘Just as soon as Lisa rubs my shoulders, everything fades away. Could be for 10 seconds or 10 minutes – either way it always works like a charm.’ 

sunset destination weddings

Lisa: ‘Rick’s nickname is ‘Shooter.’ He gave it to himself about a decade ago after watching ‘Happy Gilmore’ and it stuck. He is the only person I know who gave themselves their own nickname.’ 

beach wedding huracanhuracan cafe punta cana

Lisa’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘fresh rolls & lunch meat.’ 

Rick’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘eggs & OJ.’

wedding cake huracan cafehuracan cafe weddingspunta cana wedding menuhuracan cafe receptionhuracan cafe dancefloorpunta cana destination weddingfire show huracan cafepunta cana wedding fireshowhuracan cafe wedding partyhuracan cafe gazebo

Rick: ‘With Lisa in my life, I wake up every morning with a purpose. I live for my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve been through a lot over the years. Ups, downs, you name it. Today and and every day is for us and what we will grow to be. I snagged a great catch years ago and now she has my last name. What more can you ask for?’ 

katya nova destination wedding photography


What did you love most about the Wedding?

‘We loved the fact it lasted for 5 days. Picture the best wedding you’ve ever been to – then imagine it being a week long. All of our friends and many family members had so much fun together all week. Everyone just enjoyed each other’s company and we capped it off with the wedding of our dreams. We could not have imagined anything more perfect.’

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?!

‘We have zero regrets about the Wedding.’

Most memorable moments from the Wedding / Week!?

Lisa: ‘1. As we were about to walk down the aisle, my dad says to me: ‘Lisa, it’s ok, relax… Everyone’s looking at me anyway.’ It made me laugh so hard and all my nerves just disappeared. 2. Being in that perfect setting and staring at Rick while we said our vows. It was better than any dream I’ve ever had. 3. Dancing in the sand with all our friends at the end of the wedding. Everyone kinda bailed on the smaller dance floor and made our own bigger one. It was a workout but so much fun.’

Rick: ‘1. Seeing Lisa walk down the aisle was amazing. She looked beautiful, as always, and I couldn’t wait for her to get to me. 2. The setting and location just put me at ease. It was very laid back and I wasn’t nervous at all. I was with my friends and family, about to marry my girl in paradise. Perfection. 3. The dance party was epic. I had the best moves out there of course, but everyone had a great time trying to keep up. It was definitely one for the books.’

Comments about the resort, vendors etc

Lisa: ‘I had the dream team of vendors: 

Huracan Cafe: Mayte & Nati are dream weavers. Once I saw pictures of the rustic decor of the Huracan I was hooked and once I actually saw it in person – I melted. Mayte’s reputation is on point. They made us feel like family. Our ceremony and reception were UNREAL and by far the absolute best wedding I’ve ever seen. No doubt. I HIGHLY recommend Mayte, Nati and the Huracan – 5 stars! 

Katya Nova: I don’t have enough nice words in my brain to say about Katya & Rob. Honestly – two of the sweetest souls on the planet. Their pictures speak for themselves and though I haven’t seen one shot yet – I already know I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else. Katya kept me in the moment – making sure I came back down to earth and took everything in and appreciated every second. Rick and the boys loved hanging with Rob – as I’m sure they gave him a run for his money (they are a bit wild). My girls loved my Katya. As well as all my guests – I swear 30 people came up to me and said how sweet and kind my photographers were and how much they loved them. Uhhh – that never happens! 10 stars to Katya & Rob – just for being awesome.

Cores Films: Diego knows what’s up. His eye for lighting and shots – he knows what he’s doing and it shows. Their videos are insane and I’m so glad I splurged. I wasn’t going to do video – but after looking at his work I was hooked. He and his partner Juan are on point and very nice. I’m so excited to see the finished product! 

Krystie Ann & Anna Nuet: I needed both these beauties because I had 7 bridesmaids and myself for hair and makeup – and didn’t want to start at 5am to get it all done. Krystie and Anna blew me away. My bridesmaids are beautiful (inside and out) but when these two got done with them – I was working it in a room full of hotties!!!!! Hair, airbrush makeup, lashes – EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!! My bridesmaids were a little nervous as to who the heck I was getting to do their makeup down here and I quickly quieted them down by showing them Instagram pics. Anna & Krystie Ann are fabulous and helped me relax during my ‘vendor fee melt down’ and stopped every couple of minutes to make sure I was sipping my drinks all morning to help with the nerves. They rock.’  🙂

Advice to future Brides?

‘Don’t stress over not being able to communicate quickly. These guys know what they’re doing and will give you the wedding of your dreams. Just savour the moment while you’re in it because before you know it you will be back home on your couch writing your review!’  🙁



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