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March 25, 2015

How is it possible that we are always a part of weddings of such incredible Couples!? Whatever this magic is all about, Rob & I are SO GRATEFUL.

Here we are, after a little break from blogging, with Heather & Dave’s gorgeous wedding at Huracan Cafe, Punta Cana. They met when they were just 13 and couldn’t stand each other at first! Somehow, as the story goes, they slowly became best friends and the rest was history.

Dave: ‘When couples say they feel like they’ve known each other for life I laugh, because I’ve actually known Heather most of my life, and I hated her at first! She always used to make fun of me around friends. Now we’re spending the rest of our lives together, and I can’t wait!’

Heather: I’ve always wanted a destination wedding for as long as I can remember! And Dave always wanted something low key and personal. But Katya’s blog is what made us decide Punta Cana and Huracan were the perfect spot!’

As always, Mayte Mari & Nati went above & beyond to create the perfect setting for Heather & Dave’s vision… vintage glam with accents of white, gold & blush.

Heather & Dave — thank you for sharing your kindness, love, easygoing spirit and infectious laughter with us! You two are incredible and we wish you a lifetime of joy!!!! xoxo K+R

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Top three things Dave loves about Heather: ‘her laugh, how mad she gets over the dumbest things, and how much we have in common.’

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Top three things Heather loves about Dave: ‘how he can make me laugh by doing the dumbest things, that he can calm me down when I worry over the little things, and how after all these years he can still give me butterflies.’

punta cana wedding photographer

A spontaneous First Touch we created for Heather & Dave just before the guests arrived… so special!! first touch huracan cafefirst touch punta cana weddingpunta cana beach wedding

Heather on the proposal:

‘We were staying at Now Larimar in Punta Cana for the first time ever. At this point we were together for 9 years (two months shy of 10 years!!) It was our first night at the resort and I wanted to go to the beach party. The server at dinner, however, told us the party was cancelled because it was supposed to rain. After dinner Dave insisted on going down to the beach just to be sure. When we got to the beach it was pretty dark except for one spotlight. Dave started dragging me down half the beach and I saw what looked like a person laying in the sand, but Dave said I was crazy! Next thing you know, a head peaks out from the sand and it turned out to be a dog! I got scared and started running back towards the resort. I could heard Dave chasing/yelling after me to stop and that it was a friendly dog. When I finally stopped to turn around and yell back at him that he was nuts, he was already on one knee, ring in hand. Here I was leaving him for dead and he’s chasing me to ask me the most important question of our lives! (He must really love me huh?) That trip remains our favourite and most romantic memory.’

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Heather: ‘I can’t even begin to imagine life without him. He makes every day better. He’s my best friend.’

dominican republic beach weddings

From the first moment I laid eyes on this gorgeous chaise, I knew it belonged on da beach! Thanks Mayte & Nati for indulging my crazy ideas!  🙂 mayte mari wedding plannerhuracan cafe wedding

Dave: ‘I wouldn’t be anywhere near the person I am today without Heather, she has made me who I am today.’

chaise beach wedding photospunta cana destination wedding

Heather: ‘I love that he… makes it easy for me to be myself around him.’

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Dave: ‘I love that she… is always there for me, no matter what’s going on.’

punta cana wedding photos

Ideal day together according to Heather: ‘binge watching shows on Netflix with a bottle of wine!’

punta cana weddings

Ideal day together according to Dave: ‘just laying around the house all day.’

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Heather’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘wine, vodka, and lemonade! And maybe some pizza too!’

Dave’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘beer and corn dogs.’

punta cana huracan cafehuracan cafe wedding lobster

Heather’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘white wine and any reality show on bravo!’

Dave’s favourite guilty pleasure: ‘Taylor Swift.’ 

huracan cafe wedding cakehuracan cafe first dance

First dance song: Julia Sheer “Still Into You.” 

first dance punta canahuracan cafe fire show

Heather: ‘I love it when he curls up beside me and holds me in bed! Never gets old.’

punta cana wedding fire showhuracan cafe weddings

Dave: ‘Heather can always make me feel better by making me a grilled cheese and bringing me a beer!’

punta cana wedding photospunta cana wedding photographer


What did you love most about your Wedding?

‘The decor Mayte and Nati made! The feathers above our sweetheart table were amazing! The First Touch Katya orchestrated for us at the last second! It was so nice to have that to help bring some calm to us before walking down the isle! And the food! The food, the food, the food every single bite was amazing! We could eat that lobster everyday!’

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

‘No regrets! We had the MOST amazing team!!’

Most memorable moments from the Day /  Wedding week?

‘1.Our First Touch…

2. Losing power! We almost had the car on the beach to power everything! (Mayte and Nati are freakin amazing)…

3.The first step onto the isle when Dave and I saw each other for the first time!! He almost cried when he heard our song start to play!!’

Comments about vendors, resort etc

Nati & Mayte: absolutely amazing! From the second I was in contact with Nati, she put me at ease.They made our day exactly what we wanted (actually a million times better!) and they are the sweetest, funniest, and prettiest wedding planners you will ever meet!

Anna Nuet: so sweet and awesome! My hair and makeup was everything I asked for and more! She was so funny and sweet! Everyone’s hair an makeup turned out perfect!’

Juan from CoresFilms: He was super nice and sweet!! We can’t wait to get our video back!!

Katya & Rob: where to begin! Two of the most genuine, sweetest people we have ever met! Katya if it wasn’t for your amazing pictures on your blog, we would never have found our wedding venue! You were so unbelievably helpful! You and Rob take the most stunning photos and bring such happiness to wherever you are! All of our guests absolutely loved you too! {and your amazing baby bump!}’

Any advice for future Brides/Grooms?

‘Enjoy every second of the day! Don’t stress the little things!’



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